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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Ridin' High

The new group gift skin from PXL Creations is to die for; a Valentine's Day version of Kate with kissable lips and the brightest pink shadow and brows.  So much fun!  There is a $L250 join fee for the group but totally worth it - a steal just for this skin and the gifts are frequent and darn tootin' good!
Also totally loving the hoochie cutie outfit from Sassy! for the Jack or Jill Hunt.  I usually don't dress like this in SL - as I am a bit reserved - but I had so much fun dressing this up.  The 70%  hair sale at Elikatira continues until later this month and its such a bargain that even some of my poor unloved alts got updated hair!  I finished off the look with some non-freebies that did the trick: Boots and Bolo from HANDverk and awesome ring from Remarkable Oblivion.

Hair: [e]: Claim - includes hat and hatless versions - big sale!
Skin: PXL: Kate VDay 2013 Group Gift - join fee (worth it)
Outfit: Sassy!: Cali Cutie (Mesh): Jack or Jill Hunt
Shoes: HANDverk: Western Ankle Boot: Ostrich/Pink - not free but sooo cute
Bolo: HANDverk: Rio Grande Bolo Tie - not free
Remarkable Oblivion: Bitch Ring: pretty good deal at 99 L for gold and silver and two hand versions
Prop: Adorkable Poses: Phoney Pony: sadly it's been retired :(

Friday, 1 February 2013

Cupcakes, anyone?

I've always been a supporter of Cupcakes from way back before Mimi Coral and Rosemary Galbraith merged their two stores many years ago.  They have recently undergone a complete sim rebuild with new shops and every shop has some kind of opening special.  You need to hit it this weekend or all the items will return to full price.  I adore the new Emilia skin, which is a complete steal at 70 Lindens, and each tone includes oodles of makeup layer options.  The mesh scarf is also a great deal at 50 L for 3 pastel colors: blue, pink and lilac.  Both are original creations which I just love.  Also, I've not done justice to the dress but it's from coldLogic who is having a huge 1 year anniversary sale with this entire store half off through February 10.  Santé!

Skin: Cupcakes: Emilia: new line - limited edition at 70 L
Scarf: Cupcakes: Braided Scarf - pale blue - 50 L for 3 colors
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Fay Mesh Hair - @ FaMESHED: new release
Dress: coldLogic: Holly - slate - 50% off sale! 
In background: HANDverk: Longchamp Skybox: new release

Friday, 22 June 2012


Good day! Sorry I've not been posting a lot here but I sure haven't been slacking. In addition to my own blog and other projects, I've been doing a lot of background work for Free*Style, including finding the right place for our new store!  That has been accomplished; and we are starting over from scratch so finding great items will be my next task.  In addition to free items we are including newer items that will be 25 L or less.  I will do an update post on the specifics very soon.  There are great bargains to find all over the grid and I wanted to share of few of my favorites.

Second Life is celebrating it's 9th Birthday and though Linden Labs did not officially sponsor the event this year (hmmmm) a group of lovely people took on the task.  KittyCats has a darling area that includes gifts and a competition for the best KittyCats display.  Do check them out and vote for your favorite.  The gifts are scattered around the area.  Right at the landing point KittyCats is offering a completely free limited edition kitty for SLB.  It comes with a free week of food and other cute decorations.   A.D.D. Andel has a free SLB version of it's kitty bed and it comes in 3 sizes.  Funky*Junk offers a totally adorable cat tree complete with ladder, floating butterflies and a swing.  It's just precious.
Somehow I stumbled upon a cute hunt being sponsored by Rockberry and Twilythula.  The hunt is free and at both stores.  Rockberry has a bunch of skins in the hunt and a huge set of lovely eyes.  Twilythula has lots of goodies, from skins to clothing.  I find that exclusive store hunts can be very charming.  Jane is having a great clearance on all her mesh clothes that predate Standard Sizing and I snagged several fatpacks.  Free demos are available.  I have adjusted my shape for an XS in Standard Sizing and I had no problem getting the two smaller sizes to all depended on the item. 

KittyCat: SLB9 exclusive Kitty: one per avatar and as starters they are non-transferable: free @ SL9B
Cat Tree: Funky*Junk: Kitty Tree Fort free @ KittyCats SL9B
Cat Bed: A.D.D. Andel: SL9B Kitty Bed - free @ KittyCats SL9B
Skin: Rockberry: Watermelon Hunt #3: free
Eyes: Rockberry: Watermelon Hunt #12: free
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Princess Mesh Hair: New at Fairy Tales 2012 event
Top: Twilythula: Boho Corset: Watermelon Hunt #10: free
Shorts: Jane: shorts.ginham: huge markdown
Shoes: Ingenue: Jive Wedge: exclusively @ Collabor88
Necklace: Carolines: I <3 Cats: free @ KittyCats SL9B
Pavillion: Trompe Loeil: Rustic Pavillion: exclusively at Collabor88
Picnic Blanket: Artilleri

Friday, 27 April 2012

Deco: 48 Hour Tree Spree! Weeeeee!!

Until Saturday, April 28 at 10 PM SLT, Deco is having a huge sale on every item in it's greenhouse.  Everything is 48 Lindens including the greenhouse itself, which has an original sticker price of 4200 Lindens!  I took a series of photos at the greenhouse to give you a quick indication of some of the wonderful items you can pick up at only a fraction of it's usual cost.  I've admired Deco creators, Orchid Zenkova and GutterBlood Spoonhammer (such a fetching fellow) for their keen design eye, sculpting skills and attention to detail for ages and this is a sale not to be missed.  Visit the sale here: Deco Greenhouse
Greenhouse filled with bargains
So adorable
Hats and Galoshes
Trees, rocks, buckets. flowers, grasses
Look closely and you can see drips in the greenhouse!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Creatures were Stirring

Almost everything is marked down by 50% at Evie's Closet right now.  Some of the most gorgeous, delicately textured fantasy clothes you will ever find and so many at half price.  The outfit I'm wearing above happens to be FREE.  It is the Midnight Mania there which when I looked just a little bit ago still had lots of slaps left...probably because you have to find it!  Look for the Vintage section and you will find it.  It is a special version of Amerie's Bower, which I fell in love with at Fashion for Life earlier this year.  I picked up the crown and collar set for some ridiculously low price.  There are some exclusions to the sale: the newest release, bridal, kids, vintage (which is already inexpensive).   Before I forget, there is also a sale at Red Mint and includes even her newest skin, No. 07, which I am wearing above.  I love it's fierce realism.  I'm a sucker for my sweet faced Eden but sometimes I just need to be something else and this skin gives me that without having to slap you in the face with it.
If you ever see me out and about in SL I'm usually in some mishmash from blogging and sorting and often shoeless, sad to say but true.  But I could not, would not resist the Lumina Nymph outfit from Evie's.  I am ready to forsake all my clothing and spend the rest of my SLife in it even though I have nowhere to wear it.  The textures are divine, the dainty placement of beads that resemble droplets from the sea, the flow as it moves and no fish feet!  I am sure there are some of you out there who understand completely that love of something so beautiful it MUST be in your collection.  I suggest you all go down to Evie's and get one before the sale ends.

Outfit: Evie's Closet: Amarie's Bower (Midnight Mania Version): Free
Jewelry: Evie's Closet: Tuala -Antique: 50 % off
Skin: Red Mint: No.07 (1) Tan: 50 % off
Hair: LOQ: Liquer: not free
Outfit: Evie's Closet: Lumina Nymph - Aqua: 50 % off
Skin: LAQ: Tess2
Hair: [e] Break

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Sin & Secrets Opening Dollarbie

Those of you that have been around SL for awhile are likely to recall Sin & Secrets.  I used to shop there a lot and I was tickled when designer, Leila Dix, sent me her the dollarbie dress for their new store opening.  I particularly like the textural details at the waistline and the fluttery effects of the skirt.  The color changing hairband on the hair which is D!va's 10 K member gift worked so well with it as did Nushru's little black garter.  The blue rose gave it the color accent I was looking for.  You can pick it up for only 1 L for a few more days at Snow Bunny.
Dress: Sin & Secrets: 075 Brise: 1 L (there are also skins in group archives)
Hair: D!va: Mai: 10K members group gift (also 4 lucky boards and more gifts here)
Garter: Nushru: Black Fur Garter w/ Bluekiss Roses: 1 L (also includes garter in a different color)
Skin: Dutch Touch: Josje: not free but one of several on sale right now
Stockings: Sheer: Knee Highs: free
Shoes: theosophy: Cearau Ribbon Pumps: not free (this style was in a past Project Themeory)

Thursday, 18 November 2010


Greetings from Gaylord! 
Warning! This is not a planned fashion shot.  I was shopping at Thimbles with my whif Whisper when Tesh and Gavin and my pal Evangeline all showed up at the store.  This would not be newsworthy except that the lovely and truly charming, Apatia Hammerer, announced today a huge sale at both Pig and Thimbles.  As most of you probably know, many of the Starlust sims are being sold and Gaylord is one of them.  Pig will be moving to Lloyd in the future but Appy and Melatonin Hax are closing Thimbles so this is your last chance to get some of the funnest, most creatively named clothing on the grid.  Enough fangirl (I could go on for a long time) so here is the scoop: Some items at Pig are being permanently retired and marked down to 25 L (fatpacks been marked down to 99 or 150L.  Also anything black and grey has been marked down to 50L in honor of Appy's dog.  Everything in Thimbles has been marked to 25L and will remain 25L until the Gaylord sim gets sold.
Credits: I'm only mentioning the Pig/Thimbles items so if you want other info feel free to contact me.
Gavin: We just wanted him in the photo
Evangeline Schism: Shirt: Pig: from the Georgia outfit: 25 L
Panties: Pig: from the Daylillies set: 25 L
Socks: Pig: Argyle Sock M. Suspender - Zigfield 25 L
Teshan2222 Wycliffe: Coat: Thimbles:  The Angel of Your Plaid Nightmares Coat - Black 25L
Whisper Despres: Shirt: Thimbles: I <3 Plaid - Murphy J: 25 L
Me: Thimbles: Saturday at the Bowling Alley: Robin's Egg: 25 L

Friday, 12 February 2010

Mystic Sky Valentine's Lucky Cupcake

You can win this fab Belladonna gown in the Lucky Cupcake at Mystic Sky through Sunday.  Here is the deal:  The gown requires two parts to be won.  You are looking for Belladonna Gown Box 1 and Box 2.  The dip is set on a 3 minute timer and there are more prizes than gags so your odds of winning are better than average.  I really like this idea as it could go faster than a lucky chair.  And if you are really impatient, like me, there is a 50% off sale on all Red and Pink clothing items in the store and this gown is included.
You can also win a matching accessory for your hair and a set of red checkered eyes.
Also for pose lovers, FD Poses has included 2 couples poses for 50% off.  You can also pick them up at Mystic Sky.

Thank you, Skyler John of Mystic Sky and Foxx Demonia of FD Poses, for your generosity!

Saturday, 7 November 2009

!WigWamBam, Thank You, Maam!

Actually, the thanks goes to Joodle Fadoodle, the clever and talented designer of !WigWamBam.  JoJo is one of those uber talented creators who has always been so generous in sharing her work with us frugalistas.  However, this is one of those posts that I am truly saddened to have to write because WigWamBam will be closing in 6 days.  Everything in the store, including new releases has been marked down to 5, 15, 25, or 50 Lindens, randomly.  There are also many wonderful dollarbies, of which I am only showing the skins.  I'm showing some examples of JoJo's range of talent and I will leave the price checking to you as I don't want to give away her prices.  In a week where we've considered the cost of content theft on creator's spirits and pocketbooks, I have heard of several store closures of truly talented people and this particular one saddens me a lot. All the hair in my post are from Truth's Clearance Sale, with hair packs only 25 L on certain styles

WigWamBam Pied de Poule Jacket
L'Abel Bibbi black pants - not free
WigWamBam Kylie Skin: Veiled 1 L
Truth Antonia - 25 L

WigWamBam Red Lotus Dress - I love the collar!
WigWamBam: Kylie Skin no veil: 1 L
Truth Morgan 25 L

WigWamBam Cherry Jeans
WigWamBam Sequin Top
WigWamBam Sky Mask Skin: 1 L
Truth Carrie: 25 L

WigWamBam Paris Sweater Dress
WigWamBam Kylie Skin No Veil : 1 L
Truth Morgan : 25 L

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Orange Not!

I thought it time to show something beyond orange since most of the world does not celebrate Halloween like us in the States.  Sari's has an adorable dress out that is free right now called Lil' Lilac.  It is simple (but very well made) and bursting with nice because you can dress it up with an array of accessories.  The flats I am wearing are free color change flats at Baby Monkey, which is also having a half-off on all pink shoes until the end of the month with funds going towards breast cancer awareness. Sari's dress would look great with dreadlocks and a bulky scarf but I went another way with it because I went on a spree last night at Festivale, which is marking it's one year anniversary with lots of sales.

Tiny Bird has all it's hair packs (men's, too) marked half-off right now.  I am wearing Into My Arms and I love the extra hairpin you can wear in your mouth.  Orchid Zenovka of Deco has to be my one of my all time favorite jewelry makers and I was stoked when I found she had new items that were half price.  I am wearing the Cerebellum Charm set which includes little brain earrings and a necklace with skulls, spiders and a brain as charms.  She made the coolest "Jackie O" style glasses that I am in love with.  Also, if you are collecting Halloween items she has a great pair of pumpkin earrings that are only 25 L right now at the Festivale sim.

Don't forget to go to Long Awkward Poses, too.  All pose sets are half off and this is the last week you can get the pose packs with both priority 3 and 4 poses (P4 overrides your AO).  Beginning Monday the only P4 will be available so it's a good time to stock up.  I am using poses from the SLex and the City and Red Carpet Diva sets.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Pretty Church Fuses Melons and Cupcakes

Definitely a crazy name for a post but how else do I recognize all the great finds I have to show you?  Aemilia Case, of Philotic Energy fame, has opened a new sim and has started a new brand called Fusemelon, selling a wide range of products including hair, clothing, accessories and builds.  The PE store has moved there but with reduced stock. There are great wearable color demos for both men and women in the hair section.  I'm wearing the women's demo, Taken All.  It's so fab!  There is also a gift bag in the shop (you can't miss it - it's everywhere).  Walk around the sim and find the exclusive freebies from Sugar Mill and there were some cheapies at Philotic Energy that were new to me. Omaire Abattoir from O-Magine Homeworks and Ravyn Hynes from Mudhoney did a fantastic job on the builds.

There are some great sales going on now that I have really enjoyed.  Church of Luxe has almost everything on sale for 50 L right now and fatpacks are a steal.  Pretties by JB is rebranding to ala mood Boutique and all shoes are currently 25 L with supercheap fatpacks.  Cupcakes now has 15 gift bags out at 250 L each which includes an exclusive skin in all tones, an outfit and eyes.  You don't need to be a group member to purchase these and it's a great way to try out their skins for very little cost.  The collar I'm wearing is part of an amazing Roman collar/cuff set currently in the Midnight Mania board at Inca Temple.  The board only needs 100 slaps to get the item and when I checked a little while ago it was about halfway there.  It has intricate engraving and is fully scripted.

Hair:  Fusemelon: Taken Away: Wearable color demo: Free
Dress: Church of Luxe: Colleen: 50 L
Shoes: : ala mood :Khea Summer Heels: 25 L
Skin: Cupcakes: Gift 10: Seduction in Cameo: 250 L for the set plus a lingerie set
Collar: Inca Temple: Roman Collar: Midnight Mania Prize: Free

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

Here I was, minding my own business, communing with nature and hanging out with my pet Ibex, Craig, when my camp was savagely attacked by wild animals. I had heard stories about this happening in SL but I rebuked them as old wives tales. However, my vast knowledge of zoology reminded me that Tyrannosaurus Rex is terrified of the color red so just in case I pitched my red tent from Mudhoney and wore the duster I won in the lucky chair at Nomine. Just as the Rex was coming towards me he was attacked by other brave creatures who rescued me from certain death.
Outfit: Nomine: Upstairs Duster Set in Red: one of the several amazing outfits in the Lucky Chair
Tent: Mudhoney: opening gift -- also 50% off the entire store as well as across the water at Sugar Mill for sets until the 15th of August
Animals: Neon Frog: The Ibex is the current Midnight Mania prize. Check back often for other animals. (Sileny has her food obsession; mine is animals)
Hair: Diversity Hair: Natsumi: Not Free
Skin: Tuli: Hope: Group Gift: 250 L to join
Stockings: Pig: Knee Sock Mit Suspenders: Not Free

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Friends Don't Let Friends Shoot In Low Res.

If you're a fellow blogger, SL photography enthusiast, or you just like clicking buttons and having pictures of your avatar, this may be a familiar, fateful fable. Maybe it happened like this...

*cue Scooby Doo doodle-ooh doodle-ooh doodle-ooh sounds and the wavy yet groovy screen*

You found the outfit. You matched the clothes, the hair...and of course, the shooz. Don't forget the accessories. You have your smexy self and/or photogenic friend poised and posed with you. The camera's ready. You take your shots. Hell, if it was anything like you see on TV, you'd be bustin a move irl with an expensive camera and looking ridiculously cool while doing it. You check your pictures on the hard drive. They're made of awesome. That's a wrap.

And then...

*cue more Scooby Doo music*

You take a break. Maybe grab a beer, an Evian, a diet soda. Snag a munchie. You come back to your 'puter and you click open Photoshop. You're in the zone. You're ready to rock with your awesome pictures. You open the first one, and...

*cue the movie "Psycho" and the REE REE REE! music!*

IT'S PIXEL MAYHEM! Pixels are hither and thither, and your masterpieces are reduced to original Nintendo Mario Bros. quality. You realize, all of the sudden...

You forgot to click "Ultra" in your Graphics Preferences before you took your pics.


And then, if you're really like me, you convince yourself that it would be madness to simply retake the shots. Oh no. You're going to be the next "Photoshop Picasso" and "fight the man" and "fix" these pictures, dammit! You get back in the zone. You smooth every little pixely edge and liquify the Hades out of almost every body part. You lean back with triumph when you hit save and upload to Flickr. look at the clock. And you realize you could have retaken about 20 beautiful, "Ultra" graphics enabled shots in the amount of time it took you to fix just this one and it would have looked 10 times better than what you were able to produce.

Now, you may be wondering by now...Adaire, why the heck are you going on and on about this? You probably wasted even more time crying about your original Nintendo-quality shots instead of just retaking them.

Yep. I sure have.

But here you have it anyway, and no extra charge for the pixel tragedy when I say that Sn@tch has got an awesome freebie out this week. It's called "Backstage," and the pants in particular are to die for. It's among the regular vendors in the brand new Sn@tch City shop. Be sure to grab it soon, as I think it's going to poof around Thursday-ish.

Annnnd...if you dig the fortune teller thing, you can score this outfit on the free too, called "Half Dressed." The skirt is color and texture-change with a click, making it uber versatile.

Ooh! And there is a "Condom Quest" event in the Sn@tch sims that starts this Friday, April 17th and goes through the weekend. It's apparently in honor of "STD Awareness Month," so I'm sure all kinds of "love" will be spreading. Stay tuned for details. (But not gory details. I'm a mostly decent person. Mostly.)

And...while not free, all the hairstyles you saw above are a part of the Philotic Energy sale going on now. All styles ('cept for the latest release) are between 25%-50% off, like the "Teagan" I'm wearing in the first pic and the gloriously sapphire "Dakota" in the second one. (Gecko has on Kannon and Kam, also on sale!) If you wanted to score some seriously amazing hair on the cheap, head on over before the sale is over!

And...if you put Philotic Energy in your profile pics, you can get "Shelly" in Mochachino for free!

So remember kids...friends don't let friends take photos in SL in low res. Or, they'll end up like me, hunched over a keyboard, nose an inch from the screen, yelling at Photoshop like it is a sentient being and it is somehow completely responsible for all of your life's troubles.

Style Notes of the Free and Not-So-Free:
Picture 1 ~
April Skin (Freckles): Atomic Kitty (Group Gift - $250 to join, beautifully blogged by the Creamster here)
Teagan Hair (Charcoal): Philotic Energy (25% off!)
Starlight Tattoo: Sn@tch ($200L)
Smash Kicks Shooz (Black Canvas w/Scripted Texture Change Laces): Sn@tch ($250L)

Picture 2 ~
Daktota Hair (Sapphire): Philotic Energy (25% off!)
Misfit Platform Boots (Black): Sn@tch ($275L)
Modeling 15 Couples Pose: SEmotion ($210L)

Picture 3 ~
Shelly Hair (Mochachino): Philotic Energy (Picks Reward)
Butterfly Attack Tee: Kunstkammer (Albero Hunt Freebie)
Nana Choker: Ultra Kitty (Bunny Hop Hunt Freebie #76)
Rust Bracelet: Kosh (Bunny Hop Freebie #281)
Street Meat Jeans (Black): Sn@tch ($250L for 6 color fatpack)

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Ssshhh, spot the green!!

As I've mentioned before on the blog, if you're a hard core RP type, finding "your look" can be terribly hard on a budget. Recently there have been some incredible packs floating round the grid, covering all sorts of looks/avatars. So today it's the turn of the vampire. Fitting as one of the terribly good looking undead has joined our ranks :P

Lunas Boutique is a store I've blogged a few times, discovered through Fashcon around the New year. Do a search for the LL group, there are some super cool gifts in the archives. Including a pose hud stuffed full of poses, total must have. But these outfits are what I'm stoked about, a gift from Candy Shop (in the Lunas Boutique group archives). They are complete vampire avs, including skins (not shown) shapes, teeth, emote hud and all the clothes shown. So many options and stunning pieces, to say I'm blown away is an understatement! Skins! The skins worn with the red outfit are from the Imagen hunt. You're looking for 20 teeny shamrocks, and you'll get 19 skins and some eyes. If anyone needs a hand, drop me a line inworld and I'll be happy to help. None are hidden in walls or anything like that, lets just say that sometimes the most obvious hiding places are the hardest to find :P The skin worn with the black outfit is a gorgeous dollarbie from Domestic V. There's a huge sale going on also, and loads of freebs on the ground floor (you'll find the skin shown upstairs).

I had to sneak a wee bit of green in here!! This beauty is a group gift from Fairytails. You'll need your group tag activated, then snag this for an L. The skin I'm wearing here, and for the rest of the post are part of the Rockberry gift for the most random hunt ever. I love love love them!

I saw a small post about this store on the Freebie Telegraph, and had to go have a nose for myself. Nah! is a new to me store, and all these outfits are free from there, unbelievable! The brown dress also comes with super cute cowboy boots, not sure if you can see them too well. I can't wait till the store is fully stocked so I can go spend, as at the moment, everything is free. Now I'm off to try and give mini Ash a bath, hard at the best of times, but the little princess is sick, so I anticipate much sadness! Ash Out.

Non Free Awesomeness
Gritty Kitty
ETD (still closed?)
Dejavu (some avail to buy, 2 are old group gifts)

Lazy Places

Ballet Boots

Monday, 10 November 2008

Brain Freeze

Ya know how your head goes when you eat ice cream too fast? That's how my head feels after seeing all the amazing clothes on sale at Brain Restriction for 5L. Yup 5 lindens per outfit.


I got Q there quicker than she could say "sold"!


You'll find everything from outfits, dresses, accessories and shoes, all for 5L, as well as the usual freebies which I've blogged before.


I don't know how long the sale is going on for, so best to get there um..NOW!! Don't feel much like talking so.....Ash out.

Other Shit
Hair (not free)

Jeans (old gift)
Girls Style

Finger Tape (not free)

Shoes (not free)
Unique Needs