Friday, 12 February 2010

Mystic Sky Valentine's Lucky Cupcake

You can win this fab Belladonna gown in the Lucky Cupcake at Mystic Sky through Sunday.  Here is the deal:  The gown requires two parts to be won.  You are looking for Belladonna Gown Box 1 and Box 2.  The dip is set on a 3 minute timer and there are more prizes than gags so your odds of winning are better than average.  I really like this idea as it could go faster than a lucky chair.  And if you are really impatient, like me, there is a 50% off sale on all Red and Pink clothing items in the store and this gown is included.
You can also win a matching accessory for your hair and a set of red checkered eyes.
Also for pose lovers, FD Poses has included 2 couples poses for 50% off.  You can also pick them up at Mystic Sky.

Thank you, Skyler John of Mystic Sky and Foxx Demonia of FD Poses, for your generosity!

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