Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Month of Anniversaries and Gifts

The month is winding down, but if you haven't been out to all the Birthday Anniversaries. you need to do so now, before you miss your chance.

I knew I just couldn't blog it all, it has been a busy past 6 weeks, and the time just hasn't been reliable for Free*Style.

So what I am going to do is a List, of all the events that have gifts, and are closing right soon.


Fameshed - Anniversary Round - Ends Today!!! - LOTS of Group Gifts (Free to Join)

Ends May 30th

Anthem - Anniversary Round - Ends May 30th - L$50 and Under Specials by a lot of the designers
Cosmopolitan - Anniversary Round Part 2 - Ends May 30th - Lots of Group Gifts (Free to Join)
 eBento - Anniversary Round - Ends May 30th - Lots of Group Gifts (Free to Join)

Ends May 31st
It's May Lets get Deals - Limited Time Fair - Ends May 31st - Every Booth has a Group Gift (Free to Join)
***ADDED NOTE***There is also discounted Gachas, L$35 items as well as 25% to 75% off items
We Love Roleplay - Anniversary Round - Ends May 31st - L$0, L$1, L$10 and Group Gifts (Free to Join)

Ends in May Sometime ???

The Gacha Garden - May Round - Ends ??? - Almost each designer has a Group Gift near their Gacha (Free to Join)
***ADDED NOTE*** Could not find anywhere(in groups, websites, flickr) a closing date, so I think it is the 31st, but not sure.

Humpday Hunting - Enchantment: Kitsune Tales

On the Hunt
Helena Stringer - FreeStyle - Humpday Hunting - Enchantment May 2020 - 1

Enchantment has always been an event that I look forward to. There is something about stepping into a fairytale, legend or myth, and seeing it come to life. You can take your very own little piece back home with you, to enjoy.

Along with the event, they host a hunt. I thought it was the perfect thing to cover for the Humpday Hunting feature.

Enter Enchantment's Kitsune Tales Photo Contest!

There is a photo contest as well, so be sure to click the photo above, and enter for a chance to win. There are cash prizes, so it is worth a shot!.

Helena Stringer - FreeStyle - Humpday Hunting - Enchantment May 2020 - 2

If you like this guy, there is a miniature wearable version in the Hunt. It sits on your Shoulder. If you want the bigger one, Harshlands has it for sale at the event.

Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Ruin in Night
Hairbase(BOM) - Shave Mah Head - Shaved in Black - FREE on SLM
Mesh Head - Dream - Lisa Head
Mesh Body - Maitreya - Lara V5.1
Skin(BOM) - Stix - Faye Skin in Stardust Tone - Limited Edition
Eyes(System) - The Stringer Mausoleum - S.E. Statue - Enchantment Group Gift (Free to Join)
Eyebrows - Minx Legend - Tintable Midlength Eyebrows - L$30 on SLM
Makeup Markings(BOM) - Venge - The Legend in Scar V1 - *NEW* @ Enchantment
Eyeshadow - Zibska - Cherie Eyeshadow 04 - FREE on SLM
Blush(BOM) - Sweetly - Bashful Blush - FREE on SLM
Lipgloss(BOM) - MOCK Cosmetics - Bellini Lipshine in Lip 0 - FREE Wearable Tester
Nails(Applier) - Montage - Plain Nails - FREE on SLM
Leg Bruises and Marks(BOM) - The Crone - Bully Leg Tattoos - FREE on SLM
Brand(BOM) - The Stringer Mausoleum - Spirit Brand - *PROMO* L$15 @ Enchantment
Tattoo(BOM) - Juna - Carmen Tattoo in Medium
Dressing Gown - Morbid Mausoleum - Una Gown in Sheer Scarlet - Enchantment Hunt
Bodysuit - Morbid Mausoleum - Una Bodysuit - Onyx - Enchantment Hunt
Geta - Gabriel - Geta Heels in Enii - FREE
Hair Pins - Antaya - Half Moon Hairpins w/Hud - Enchantment Hunt
Hair Fan - Epic - Kabuki Cherry Blossom Hair Fan - Enchantment Hunt
Ear Cuffs - Mosquito's Way - Kitsune Ear Jewelry w/Hud - Enchantment Hunt
Collar - The Stringer Mausoleum - Mischief Collar in Old Blood - *NEW* Common Gacha Prize @ Enchantment
Necklace - Jadin Emerald Designs - Dove Cross Necklace in Gold - FREE on SLM
Fish - anc - Fish Shop Daughters Symbiosis Fish in Red - Common Gacha Prize
Weapon - MacMoragh an Gabha - Spring Wind Sheath - Enchantment Hunt
Umbrella - 3rd Eye Perceptions - Oriental Daydream Umbrella - Enchantment Hunt

Poses by Curvosity - *NEW* Basic Pose Set

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Engine Room: Last Chance! - Last Day!

 Helena Stringer - Free*Style - Engine Room Last Chance

It is the Final Hours for the Engine Room event. I hope, when the world starts to turn back to normal, I'll be able to get posts up at a more decent time, but it seems latenight is it for me right now.


Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Helmet Head in Night
Hairbase - The Stringer Mausoleum - Partly Shaved Hairbase [90%] in Black
Mesh Head - LeLutka - Erin Head
Mesh Ear - The White Crow - Diesel Ear w/Hud - *NEW* @ Engine Room
Mesh Body - Maitreya - Laura V5.1
Skin - Stix - Faye Skin in Cream Tone - L$75 @ The Makeover Room
Eyes(Mesh) - Cubic Cherry - Miko Eyes in Blood - L$25 @ Engine Room
Eyebrows(BOM) - j!NX - Shaped Eyebrow v2 in Black
Eyebrow Shape - Loa - X-pressive Brows in Peak - FREE on SLM 
Eyeliner(BOM) - AlaskaMetro - Tightline Eyeliner in Black 03 - FREE Wearable Tester
Eyeshadow 1(BOM) - cheLLe - Dramatic Shadows in Black - L$50 @ Shop Free*Style
Eyeshadow 2(BOM) - Zibska - Coro Makeup 01 - FREE @ Engine Room
Lipgloss(BOM) - M.O.C.K. - Bellini Lipshine in Size 0 - FREE Wearable Tester
Tattoo - Urban Street - Illuminati Tattoo in Dark
Corset - Wicca's Wardrobe - Jess Corset w/Hud - L$1 @ Engine Room
Pants(BOM) - Aniri's Boutique - Sam Bootcut Pants in Darker Black - FREE on SLM
Necklace - Fika - Apis Pendant/Moth w/Hud - L$25 @ Engine Room
Ring - NoLag - Eternity2 Ring Diamond/Black w/Hud - FREE on SLM
Helmet - Peculiar Things - Little Diesel Punk in Thinker - Group Gift @ Engine Room
Floaty Pet - Inner Demons - Wyvern Spawn 1 - Common Gacha Prize @ Engine Room
Bear - Hilted - Two Headed Bear - Black/Gold - FREE @ Engine Room

Pose by Secret Poses - Natalie 7 - eBento Group Gift 

Monday, 18 May 2020

Monday Morning Pinterest - Volumn 26

This week I have some things submitted to the Free*Style Flickr group, as well as some marketplace finds.

Welcome to Monday Morning Pinterest! This is an easy place to find some of the Free/Cheap items I have found while doing what I usually do over the interwebs.

These items are things we either find on the grid, or over the net, which are free or cheap. Please enjoy the Window Shopping!
Not sure how this Pinterest thing works? Here is a handy little Tutorial for you to view, to help you get started.

Utilizing the Free*Style Monday Morning Pinterest Board

Friday, 15 May 2020

Wild Jumo Nix - Stay Home Hunt

Wild, Jumo and Nix are having a hunt, with each item costing L$25.

You are looking for little boxes.

There are outfits, jewelry, hair and shoes to find.

Teleport and Start Hunting!

Saturday, 9 May 2020

New Head Who Dis?

So I finally got over to Catwa only to find out they realized that having their SIMS packed nonstop was not awesome for folks purchasing stuff that isn't their free head. The good news is that they've put FREYA on marketplace for you and and and I'm pretty excited that I picked it up.

This gorgeous cocktail dress is free for you to pick up over at FAMESHED. I do believe you need to be a group member and for the life of me I can't recall if that costs money. Regardless - WOW this month is worth the price of admission. The Haul of amazing and free things is HUUUUUUGE.

This dress is from Valentina E. for Maitreya Body and as with EVERYTHING she makes - it's gorgeous. Perfect for a Saturday Night date.
I really love the head. The lip applier included doesn't seem to work QUITE right - which seems odd. I'm  going to play with some other brands, but this is the applier that came with it for lips. There may be some details i'm missing about making this work right but with that being said - still - I love it.

Whatever, it was free. I'm not even complaining. It's gorgeous.

Free and Discounted Items Worn:
Hair: Besom - Lilly Hairstyle - 50L
Head: Catwa Free head Freya available on MP
Dress: Valentina E.  Demi Dress - Green - Avail at Fameshed Free Gift (must join Group)

Sunday, 3 May 2020

Stay At Home Club Helps With Groceries

Today I'm sharing a couple of awesome pick ups from the Stay At home Club.

This nautical dress is a perfect summer dress for tooling around even if you don't have a beach spot. You're ready for a yacht lunch invitation - aren't you?

Also Secret Poses has out this adorable groceries pose with prop - five separate bento poses for you - all for the low price of free!

Don't forget you need to join the Stay at Home Club group to get the goodies - which is FREE to join.

Free Items worn:
Dress Simply Chic boutique
Groceries and Pose: Secret Poses

Thursday, 23 April 2020

The Fairelands are back for Fantasy Faire 2020!

Fantasy Faire 2020
Relay For Life Charity Event
April 23rd to May 10th

I'm blogging on the official site again, for this year, so be sure to check me out over there! I'll still be doing posts over here for the duration of the faire as well, don't worry.

The Fairelands

Look at all them dots!

Fairelands Junction - The Portals - 1

One of my favorite things about the faire has always been the portals. They are like small little snippets, or windows, that show you a pinch of what the world beyond might be.

I normally take a picture of each, but this year, there was so many sims, the portals are jammed together. Super tall and slim too.

Fairelands Junction - The Portals - 3

There are 18 sims in total this year, which is the highest number yet.

Fairelands Junction - The Portals - 2

Are you ready to start your adventure???

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

More Stores for the Spring Hunt

BeLovely Sim - Spring hunt!

Found the rest of the Hunt Vendors for the Spring Hunt!!!

Sweet Art

Blossom and Seeds




Unholy Duality





Look for little flowers.

All held on the BeLovely Sim.

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Spring Hunt @ Pink Charcoal

Spring Hunt Pink Charcoal

Logins are down, so I can't get inworld to do anything, and saw this on flickr, so I thought I'd just do up a quick post.

Pink Charcoal is a store I have never even heard of. Looking at the flickr feed, they do a range of item, for various bodies. For the hunt, there are 4 bodies supported and each item is L$15.

TP to Pink Charcoal

There are other stores doing hunts too, you can check them out on this flickr posts HERE.