Saturday, 28 March 2015

Apocalyptic Ballerina

I can't really say exactly how this outfit happened. It started with a dress, and ended with ballerina poses from Frozen. I usually have a clear vision, based off of an item I find, and what other things i have had sitting, waiting to go up on the blog. This one evolved in a flurry, leaving me more than a bit dazed and even a little amazed, by the styling I created.

Silken Moon has some different sorts of skins. This one I am assuming is inspired by the TV Show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". It is at Skin Fair currently, and is only L$200. I think it makes me look more like a mutant, than a vampire. Love the nose ridges.

Also at the Skin Fair, and previously blogged by me, are these vinyl gloss lips from #adored. I have been having lots of fun with them. I spruced them up with this face paint from no.7, currently at this round of Level Up. This is a gacha prize, and there are a bunch of other game inspired gachas here as well.

I randomly found this dress at a Japanese mall. I did happen to remember to save a land mark this time around, haha. While it might not be mesh, and normally I don't do white, I really liked the felxi textures on this. I like things that are tutu-like, and this was close enough for me.

The designers on the Asylum Sim were also shopping at Level Up. They picked up the new spiders from Silent Sparrow, which allow you to put prizes in them, and have people stomp on them. I bought them as well.  

So tp on to the sim, look for the spiders, they are about twice the size of your avatar's head. Then you just walk over them repeatedly. I went around the sim in a circle and got a bunch of things.

More info on the spider hunt when you land at the sim. There are signs you can click.


Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Helmet Head in Unicorn - Discounted @ Genre
Hairbase - Adoness - Shaved Swirls in White - L$50
Skin - Silken Moon - Clawdia Skin in Veined - Discounted @ Skin Fair 2015
Eyes - Song - Alice Eyes in Ruby - L$50 @ Kustom9
Lashes - La Sylphide - N/A
Makeup 1(Paint) - no.7 - Game Face in Black - Gacha Prize @ Level Up
Makeup 2(Lips) - #adored - Vinyl Gloss Lips in Nebula - NEW @ Skin Fair 2015
Face Teeth Thingy  - [ni.ju] - Cheeky Chompers - Group Gift
Hands - Slink - Casual Pose - Not Free
Nail Applier - AlaskaMetro - Candy Apple Nails - L$10
Dress - aF - Fuwa-yura Dress in White - Free
Stockings - Tilly - Lace Stripped Leggings - Free
Boots - Baby Monkey - Harper Boots with Colour Change Hud - Not Free
Helmet - Queen's - Royal Death Helmet - Free
Pauldrons -  Keystone - Auranist Pauldrons in Dark - Gift @ The Secret Affair
Necklace 1 - Edenia - Pentacle Necklace - Free
Necklace 2 - Forsaken - Spooky Cameo Necklace in Raven/Black - Random Gift @ Asylum's Spider Stomping Hunt
Bracelet - Plastik - Bonedaddy Bracelet in Pitch/Silver - NEW @ The Secret Affair
Finger Claws - Zanzibar creationZ - Cap Claws in Red - Random Gift @ Asylum's Spider Stomping Hunt

Poses - Frozen @ Color me Project, Kirin and GlamRus

Location -  Port Seraphine

Friday, 27 March 2015

All Aflutter

Skin Fair is coming to a close. If you haven't visited yet, this weekend is the last weekend. There are many awesome deals at the fair, as well as a few booth gifts. 


Shape - Deesses - NEW @ Skin Fair 2015
Hair - Milana - Subscriber Gift
Skin - Deesses - NEW @ Skin Fair 2015
Eyes - Insufferable Dastard - Free Instore Gift
Makeup 1(Under Eyeshadow) - AlaskaMetro - Wearable Tester @ Skin Fair 2015
Makeup 2(Over Eyshadow) - Elymode - L$1 Sampler @ Skin Fair 2015
Makeup 3(Eyeliner) - no.7 - NEW @ Skin Fair 2015
Makeup 4(Eyelashes) - Lumae - Group Gift (Free to Join)
Dress - Vero Modero - Group Gift (Free to Join)

Pose can be found at Shop Free*Style, where there are a bunch of pose packs ranging from Free to L$50.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Seldom Blue dollarbie set

Seldom Blue is one of my favourite lingerie brands in Second life.  It gives you collections of very feminine bra and pantie sets, garters, corsets and much more. I just received a green set which is available as a dollarbie at the moment. It comes from the latest Hannah collection. I am not sure how long it will be available as the dollarbie is a limited offer so I advise you not to wait:)

Seldom Blue - Hannah Limited Edition Lingerie Set, dollarbie

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Strapless Dress & Minishorts - Color me Project group gift, thanks to Willow Markova
Jewelry - YS&YS, dollarbie

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


  I just a couple little things I wanted to share this morning before I go to the dreaded dentist for a cleaning and check up.  NOOOOO!  I have these eyes from InkHeart that were 9L on the marketplace BUT you can get them as a group gift in store if you aren't as lazy as I am.  My lipstick is one of SIX free gifts you can get at the Adam n Eve both at Skin Fair 2015.  They are labeled as "testers" and contain full wearable color options of the items instead of a normal demo.  They contain system layer and Slink applier versions.  Also check on their marketplace store for more freebies and cheapies!

  The skin I am wearing is also from Adam n Eve at Skin Fair and it's so, so cool.  (I am also wearing the Visage applier here on my mesh head, which is sold separate from the skin but also at Skin Fair.)  The skin is not free but it does have lots of options for brows/cleavage/makeup and is a great deal because of that.  Check it out while you are there grabbing your gifts. :)
Skin and Visage Applier: Adam n Eve @ Skin Fair 2015, event exclusive
Lipstick: Adam n Eve, free wearable demo @ Skin Fair , other gifts available as well
Eyes: InkHeart, 9L on marketplace or group gift in store
Hair: Magika
Mesh Head: SLink

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Three Looks With One Shape

It always amazes me how one shape can change so much and make you look completely different just by putting on a different skin.  If only we could drastically change our looks so quickly in the real world!

Today's post I just wanted to point out three free skins you can go and pick up right now, both groups for the group gift skins are free to join which is a bonus as well.  From left to right - the Happy Valentine skin from Lara Hurley with it's rosy lips and eyebrows is quite nice for those that have red/ginger hair already.  It's not the palest of skin tones but it's still a nice porcelain shade.  I'm not sure how long it will remain out as it was a valentine skin, so last months group gift, so if you want this skin run over to the main store now, join the group and grab it from the wall at the front near the information signs.  The LATE BIRD skin from Enfant is a freebie you can pick up at the event Kustom9.  I love the unique make up around the eyes and the lip stripe.  It comes with three eyebrow options as well as a TMP applier. Lastly the group gift from Lumae, there are other group gifts you can find there if you are a member of Fabulously Free SL and one other freebie group (sorry ladies I forgot to write the name down before logging out *smacks wrist*) but I decided just to show you the one for the actual store group.  All skins for these various groups are this skin I am wearing just different skin tones in each.  The running mascara is already baked on so if this is something you like to wear, hooray you now have one free make up layer free!

Three Looks With One Shape

Make sure you run and grab yourself some free skins before they are swapped out and you miss out completely.

Skin:  Lara Hurley - Amber (Group Gift) Happy Valentine
Hair:  MINA - Jacky  (mesh)  *Shiny Shabby*
Eyes:  [Buzzeri] - Lillian Eyes - Angel
Body:  SLink - Physique Mesh Body
Top:  dimma - Cropped Tank - Star  (Mesh)  *Recent Release*

Skin:  Enfant - *LATE BIRD* Free Gift  *Kustom9*
Hair:  MINA - Kaya  (mesh)  *Shiny Shabby*
Hairbase:  [ MUDSKIN ] - HairBase2  *Group Gift*
Eyes:  [Buzzeri] - Lillian Eyes - Angel
Body:  SLink - Physique Mesh Body
Top:  dimma - Cropped Tank - Fleur (Mesh)  *Recent Release*

  Lumae - Star ~ Heartache (Lumae GG)  *Group Gift*
Hair:  MINA - Ariana  (mesh)  *Chapter 4*
Hairbase:  Eskimo Fashion - Lace Front Closure - S1
Eyes:  [Buzzeri] - Lillian Eyes - Angel
Body:  SLink - Physique Mesh Body
Top:  dimma - Cropped Tank - Skull (Mesh)  *Recent Release*

Pose:  !bang - mini series - without purpose 4

Darkness Encroaches

Just did this up quick, as there is something sort of limited going on in SL right now, and I know some of you might benefit from it. Mayfly just updated their Luminous Eye Series. They have converted it over to a mesh system, and the eyes now have a hud. This means the packs are much smaller, and there is more customization per eye, making for a more unique experience.

There is a Free tester, as well as a limited time group gift to pick up. That isn't the best part though. For a limited time, you can update any of your luminous eyes, you might have purchased, for free. Beside the main shop is the update stations. You simply stand on the green X, rez our one of your Luminous eyes on the round platform, wait for the local text to prompt you, then click the platform.

It took me less than 5 minutes to update all my eyes.

Also, because it wouldn't be a post, without some Skin Fair items, Elymode has some of their Makeup packs on for a discounted price, in their event booth. This discount is only available for the duration of Skin Fair, which ends on March 29th. I paired the Starshine Eyeshadow with the Vinyl Gloss from #adored, which is a Skin Fair Exclusive. I also threw on an eyebrow tat from Mua, which is a Skin Fair booth gift.

Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum  - Hugely Studded in Black - *NEW* @ Genre
Hairbase - booN - Tribal 1 Shaved Hairbase in Black - Not Free
Skin - RazzaNova - Stripped Skin/Oshin in Milky Tone - *NEW* @ Skin Fair 2015
Right Eye - Mayfly - Luminous Eyes in True Grey - Group Gift (Free to Join)
Left Eye - Chop Shop - Frozen Lake Eyes - Hunt Item
Lashes - La Sylphide - Natural Prim Lashes - N/A
Makeup 1(Eyebrow Tat) - Mua -Tattoo Stars Left - Booth Gift @ Skin Fair 2015
Makeup 2(Eyeshadow) - Elymode - Starshine Blue B - Discounted @ Skin Fair 2015
Makeup 3(Lips) - #adored - Vinyl Gloss in Orion's Belt - *NEW* @ Skin Fair 2015
Tattoo - PixyStix - Always Tattoo - Group Gift (Free to Join)
Top - Sn@tch - Suspect Latex Bustier in Black - Lucky Board
Earrings - Plastik - Mystic Shot in Silver/Smoke - *NEW* @ The Secret Affair
Nose Spikes - Impose - Regal in Black - Hunt Item
Chin Labret -The Stringer Mausoleum - Super Spike in Black - Wearable Texture Tester @ Genre
Necklace - Dirty Stories - Emo Collar - Group Gift (Free to Join)

Pose from Kirin

Location - Death Row Island

*Note* I went back to recheck for the hunt items, they are still our, so happy hunting! Hunt ends for both locations on the 28th of March.