Friday, 29 April 2016

Party Girl

Long time no see!
Today's outfit is a big collaboration with each item available under 100L yay!

The lovely dress is from Pixicat for this weeks Fifty Linden Fridays, the hair is part of Truth's variety pack sale on the marketplace, boots are from ROC and only 99L with multiple colour options on the HUD!
Make up is from Glamorize which is always my favourite as it's cheap and looks lovely. (The lids are from slink and aren't free but are well priced!)

Wednesday, 27 April 2016


Fantasy Faire
April 21st to May 1st
A Charity Event for Relay for Life

Helena Stringer - Fantasy Faire 2016 - Powercourse - 1 
Some beings just can't help it, and are drawn by the power. It swirls elegantly, butterflies forming as manifestations, fluttering in looping rings around the core crystal. Darkness and Light are trapped within, combating for supremacy, an ever present struggle mimicking that of the world.

Few can harness but a fraction of the power within. Few can gently glide a finger across the crystal, and come back unscathed.

It is a treasure, this crystal, and all it's power. It is also a bit of a curse, the denizens of the area now being forced to not only maintain their own lifestyle, but protect and take care of this embodiment of power. It protects them, and they protect it.

A few times every century, the power trapped within starts to leak. This attracts all manors of nasty creatures, from the depths of the waters the crystal gently whirls above, to far off lands, so different from those here.

In these times, they ask for help, gathering their strongest allies, from far and wide, to siphon off portions of the power.

Zet'streya was one of the few who could touch the power full on, and has touched multiple times over the years. She is very old, though her body may seem youthful and toned. Not much is known of her kind, other than to her people. It is said she holds a part of the divine, and she has a hand in both side, to better able her in restoring the balance of darkness and light. She also holds a piece of every creature of her homeland, big or small, within her, which leads to why she has such a unique appearance, even to her own people. It is also said she looked fairly normal(by her peoples terms) when she was but a child, a priestess of her peoples Deities.

When the time is near, and the call goes out, she always comes. Maybe once, in the years past, someone knew the reason why. Her people say she has never traveled to any other land, for any other reason.

A festival is always held, for she is one of the few that people enjoy to see come siphon the crystal. She is kind, even though she never talks. She seems to enjoy children and the small sprites and fae the most.

The time always comes, when she cannot help herself any longer, and she leaves the square, alighting with wing, to fly to the crystal. This is what the people wait for.

For some who can harness the power, they capture the power rings that flow outwardly from the core crystal. Zet'streya goes right to the core, touching it with hand, and all manor of light encases her. It is different than that of the manifestations the crystal seems to make. It is like a beam of light, hued nearly to her own colour, with sparks that burst off wherever it touched her. As she siphons, it gets brighter and brighter, until she seems to be encased in fireworks.

The people cheer, beholding the wonder that is she. Some only ever get to see this once in a lifetime, so it is a rare wonder to behold.

Once she harnesses all she can hold, she drops to the water, walking upon the surface, as she heads back to shore. If anyone ever paid that much attention, you could surmise it is the only hint as to how tasking it is to gather that excess power. I am sure she would fly, if she could, at that point.

She stays with us, for a week or so, after that. It is said she wants to make sure others don't overly collect from the crystal, once they arrive. It is said she does it to protect us, in the short time she is away from her own homelands. Some even whisper is it the crystal, that keeps her here, until she can unbind herself from the seductive threads or power.

Whatever it may be, the help is always there, and we are grateful. Interwoven is she, with our crystal, with our people. Horror the day that she does not heed our call. We say a prayer, a small thing,

Crystal Powercourse,
tendrils build and grow,
oh, the powerful force,
eager to let go.

Lady of Farlondun
heed our call,
oh, winged one,
so we do not fall.

Long Live Zet'streya.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

SL Free*Stylist - Lucky Board of the Day: Amazing Creations 002

Amazing Creations has over 300 prizes, mixed up in a bunch of Lucky Boards at the shop. You have to join the group to click the boards, but it is free to join. The timers are short, and there are lots of Question Marks, so you can easily win a few things within 10 minutes.
There are items for girls, guys and some include items for both!

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Fantasy Faire 2016 - Bunnahs!

Cherelle Capra of [CIRCA] Living has created a very cute booth gift for you all to enjoy and pick up at Fantasy Faire. It's a tree stump with bunnies, grasses and mushrooms. Perfect for decorating your outdoors this spring season.

I love the peaky little bunny.

Fantasy Faire 2016 - Sun Worship

This outfit it a bit more revealing than what we normally show here at Free*Style, but that is the great thing about Fantasy Faire. You can do something a little bit different than normal, and it is okay.

I am mostly wearing Relay for Life Exclusive Charity items from the faire today. Poet's Heart has this skimpy little number as their Exclusive Relay for Life 100% Charity Item. There is another colouration up for grabs as well, done up in purples. I paired it with another charity item, the Corsair Jewelry set by Oxide. The coins can change faces, there is a super cute pirate one I really like. 

Wasabi Pills has one of their colour packs for each of their new hairs, set out for Relay for Life. The pack is called Solar, and has all sorts of fun colours on the hud. I am wearing Kai. Finally, I put on the new Something Wicked Nails by Dark Passions/Koffin Nails. All proceeds for to Relay for Life, and they are priced at at discount as well, you save L$75!


Hair - Wasabi Pills - Kai Hair with Solar Hud - *NEW* 100% RFL Charity Item @ Fantasy Faire 2016
Skin - zOdiacO - February Gift Skin - L$1 SL Marketplace Promo
Eyes - [b][s] - Earth Eyes 03 - Free SL Marketplace Gift
Lashes - the Maiden's Room - Natural Mesh Eyelash - L$10 SL Marketplace Deal
Hands - Slink - Casual Pose
Nails - Dark Passions/Koffin Nails - Something Wicked Nails - *NEW* 100% RFL Charity Item @ Fantasy Faire 2016
Outfit - Poet's Heart - Joy outfit in Fiesty - *NEW* 100% RFL Charity Item @ Fantasy Faire 2016
Jewelry Set - Oxide - Corsair Coins Jewelry Set - *NEW* 100% RFL Charity Item @ Fantasy Faire 2016

Pose Prop can be found at this awesome free Photo Studio. Please be considerate of the sim's rating, don't do nude shoots.

This post features an items from the wonderful collection of fantasy designers who are a part of the Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier group.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Fantasy Faire 2016

Fantasy Faire 2016 has lifted the mists another year, with 14 new magical worlds popping up out of the sl waters.

Fantasy Faire is primarily a charity event, involving well over 200 of the best Fantasy Designers on the grid. While raising money for Relay for Life is a large portion of what the event is about, there is so much more, that sets this faire apart from your standard charity events.

There is daily music being spun by various DJs, Live Performances, guided tours of the sims live readings of stories; poems and the like, as well as roleplay opportunities, among other things. To view the sheer mass of things you can do at the faire, you really need to head on over to the Official Website:

I am an Official Blogger/Writer for the site, so look out for some of my unique coverage and stories there.

Want to see visually what some of the fuss is about? Some of your fellow SLers have created some videos, to show of a bit of the wonder you will encounter at the Faire.

Fantasy Faire Preview by

Fantasy Faire Teaser by

Monday, 18 April 2016

SL Free*Stylist - Shop Free*Style Item of the Day: Spyralle

Today's Item of the Day is by Spyralle. This lovely tie dyed looking fractal dress will brighten up your spring morning!
It is only L$50, so enjoy the sun rays in this dress today!

Monday Morning Pinterest - Volumn 20

  Sileny and I both pinned a bunch of stuff for you this week, and Sileny was busy pinning hunt stuff last week, which I didn't manage to get put up on the blog. So there are lost of things for you all to look at. I also found a rather cool blog, which posted a bunch of free hair from this month. Check out Virus Writer's blog HERE, there is a lot more free stuff to enjoy.
These items are things we either find on the grid, or over the net, which are free or cheap. Please enjoy the Window Shopping!
Not sure how this Pinterest thing works? Here is a handy little Tutorial for you to view, to help you get started.

Utilizing the Free*Style Monday Morning Pinterest Board

SL Free*Stylist - Lucky Board of the Day: Amazing Creations 001

Tuesdays will now be Lucky Board/Lucky Chair Day! I got a little excited while taking pictures though, so I thought I'd slip one in today, haha.

Amazing Creations has over 300 prizes, mixed up in a bunch of Lucky Boards at the shop. You have to join the group to click the boards, but it is free to join. The timers are short, and there are lots of Question Marks, so you can easily win a few things within 10 minutes.

There are items for girls, guys and some include items for both!

This dress is just one of the offerings. There are a bunch of variations of this mesh in that particular lucky board.

Deadly Beauty

Helena Stringer - Free*Style - Deadly Beauty - 1

I'm like uber glam today. So in love with this outfit. I hope you all enjoy!

Helena Stringer - Free*Style - Deadly Beauty - 2

The Epiphany is open, and Plastik has a wonderful gacha chalk full of goth/alternative items. I had so much fun creating a look for these items.


Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Operetta Hat Hair in Night - Free @ Genre
Hairbase - Amacci - Hairbase Tattoo 2 in Black Coal - Free
Skin - alterego - Taryn Skin in Lomo Tone - *NEW* @ Mainstore
Mesh Lips - Soul - Kissers Lips in Doll Vampire
Lipstick Applier - SlackGirl - Passion Red Gold Snake 04 - Group Gift (Free to Join)
Mesh Hands - Death Row Designs - Demon Hands - L$60 @ Mainstore
Tattoo - Endless Pain Tattoos - Sleipnir Tattoo - *NEW* @ Totally Top Shelf
 Gown - MoDANNA - Leather Gown - Group Gift (Free to Join)
Earrings - AvaWay - Nicole Earrings - On9 Birthday Hunt
Necklace 1 - Plastik - Throatcut Necklace in Noir - Common Gacha Item @ The Epiphany
Necklace 2 - Plastik - Vudu Necklace in Noir - Common Gacha Item @ The Epiphany
Hat - The Stringer Mausoleum - Operetta Hat in Tweed Film Noir(Tinted Flower) - *NEW* @ Genre
Sunglasses - Plastik - Cateye Glasses in Noir - Common Gacha Item @ The Epiphany

This post features an items from the wonderful collection of fantasy designers who are a part of the Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier group.