Friday, 30 January 2009

still a distraction?

I even put on clothes for this one.
Even though, there's probably a bunch of people screaming 'GET YOUR TOOSH OUT!'

Forgot to mention these boots as well.
You can get them at the same place you can get the purple boots are from. So yes, take a look at the store. You've got two awesome pair of boots. So LOVES Vixen fashions, I tells ya!

These boots are HOT. Like, As soon as they rezzed I was like, Kinky!
Ha ha, not reallz, but they defiantly do make a statement.


Head down to Vixen Fashions. Worth a visit and you might even buy some other hot boots while you're there!!!

Hair (not free): Fascino
Swimsuit: Free in the fatpack at Lya Shoes
Boots: Vixen Fashions at Vinyl Cafe

Ps. SL is being a meanie-poo and my map isn't working. You do the work, kids, Hit up search and get shopping!

Thursday, 29 January 2009

to put it plain, clear and without any distraction:

I've gone naked for this post.
But never fear, my dearly beloved anti-naked avatar people out there, you can only see ma toosh.

These GORGEOUS boots were dropped to me today and OH MA GOD.
I seriously had nothing to wear with them, that would work. Because these boots are just so damn hot I want to squeel and jump up and down.
In world, of course.


These gorgeous boots are available at Vixen Fashions. You need these boots. Seriously.

Here's what's on the notecard I recieved!!
'Vamp Fashions is offering another great FREEBIE! Come down to our display at The Dominion Fashion District and get your FREE pair of SEXY purple patent leather stiletto boots with laced detail! These boots are fully sculpted in luxuruious black patent leather with wicked 4 inch heel!. Beautifully styled and FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!'

I didn't have a chance too look, but I hear there are some other cheap shoes and ladies items around the area so go for a shopping expedition with your girls!

You need:
Hair: Aoharu (not free)
Skin: [42] (not free, but cheap!)


So it started on Plurk (I wonder how many of my posts will use that opening line from now on!) Addison posted the new releases from A-Bomb, and I'm all like WANT, and she's like cool, and I'm like, fucking love those shirts and she's like, I'll drop em on ya, and I'm like, SHWEET.


Before we get to the shirts though, check the boots (yells "SURI")! A-Bomb's released a whole load of fetishy goodness by way of Ballet boots. These ones aren't free, but the black versions are 50% off till the weekend. You know you want them :P The yummy cami is from Hanamachi. You'll find this is the lucky chair, Riko Kamachi was kind enough to let me know.


And here they are, the new loves of my slife. Rude, obnoxious shirts with some very apt sayings ;) Shown here with a skin I call "You Got Shanked" in honor of our main store moving to the HORST sim. It features cuts, bruises, broken ribs, ass bruises (at Abra's request, she's like twisted yo), vein stuff ooh and the bestest bush you ever did see! No landing strip here, cos the last thing one does when being a prison junkie is have a wax. When we're done building and put stuff in the store, this will be there too, it'll be pay what you wish, and will have all 5 tones from the Timeless range.


Also in light of the recent, ahem, dramz in our comments, this shirt is quite possibly my all time favie ever. Check out Sileny's take here. Welcome back btw missy ;) Also it matches our new tagline for the blog, cos it's all about matching! Ash out.

Hair (not free)

Oh hurrah

Finally, after days of waiting and queuing, I get to sit on the Romi Juliesse camp chair for this gorgeous skin. Only 20 minutes camping time!!


Condescending rant ahoy :-
Everyone be nice and take your turn though if there is a queue for the chair, or you may incur the wrath of someone like me :D

There was a really sweet Japanese girl waiting whilst I was camping, then another girl appeared, and when I had finished camping she jumped on the chair rudely - even though she knew the other girl had been waiting longer. I wished I had my Mystitool (I was on an alt). Jumping queues is one of my pet hates.

Probably the whole world knows this gorgeous hair with beret which you can get from the Sixty-Nine group by now, the WIFE was supposed to blog it days ago, but she's been way too busy gesturetarding *sighs and rolls eyes*

Spexx has a lovely high waisted skirt with bright blue leggings and funky sunglasses for 1L outside the store (also a teeny camp chair with some retro glasses inside the store)


This top is a 1L from Yome Shoujo (many more dollarbies there too). There is also the most gorgeous outfit on the lucky board, which I waited for ages for but didn't get. You can see it here on This doll has handbook, Welmita looks so cute in it.


Top: Yome Shoujo
Skirt/Leggings/Glasses: Spexx
Hair: Sixty-Nine group gift
Romi5 Skin: Romi Juliesse
Eyes Venus -Blue- FREE! Redgrave

Accessorize your boi

Whether you are a boy, you play at being a boy or you want to dress your boyfriend up, I've got a couple of cool accessories for you.

Here's my extremely effeminate looking boy avatar. I find it impossible to make him look butch, he wears the full shebang...guyliner and guylashes, I would put lipstick on him if I could.

Chicanary is giving a regular Mystery gift, and today is this skull beanie hat. Perfect with this free hair from KMADD at Fabulous Fashions , which Suri blogged HERE. Only needed some minor adjustments to fit with the hair.


This supremo stylish messenger bag is a group gift from Aitui, look in the notice archives.

29-1 bag

Beanie: Chicanary (0L)
Bag: Aitui,(group gift)
TShirt: Mechanism at Fabulous Fashions (0L)
Hair and Eyes: KMADD at Fabulous Fashions (0L)
Guylashes, Minnu (prev group gift - not sure if still available)
Justin Skin: Good Life (not free)

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Cute New Store

Oh happy day. I woke up to extremely good news today, so I'm in an awesomesauce mood! I also had the pleasure of being dropped a folder by a new designer Viviane Hobble. She's not been designing long in sl, but seems to have made a really nice start.


At her store Viviane Fashions you'll find an array of dollarbies, some of which I'm showing here. The sim has only the one landing point, so you'll need to turn round when you land, to find the store.




A girl can never have enough swimmers or undies! (I was moaning to Sasy the other day that out of a 42,000 item inv, I had only one pair of undies, and they're guy's y-fronts!)


This gorgeous gown isn't a dollarbie, it's free!! And oh so pretty. I feel a wee bit like a princess!!


And this beautiful dress landed in my inv via Sysy's subscribo. Aren't the feathery bits gorgy! This was a gift for the massive EFA-AIFW2009, which unfortunately I missed (cursed rl work pft) Speaking of rl work, it's about that time, Ash out.

Hair (not free)
Philotic Energy

Pssst look

Brain Restriction has has as floofy pink new dress as a group gift. It couldn't suit Syphi less, don't you think? Pink is not her colour, but she just loves it so. The shoes are also free in store at Brian Restriction.

28-1 br

Now this is more Syphi's style, this outfit shows off her freakishly long legs and slender hips perfectly. This outfit is a free gift at IBizarre. 3 bags by the customer service desk which contain leather pants, a jacket and a pretty pink top.


This skin even makes Syphi look pretty, it's a group gift from Baistice (Dahlinda has also shown it in her previous post).



Pic 1:
Pink Dress Brain Restriction Group gift
Shoes: Brain Restriction free gift in store

Pics 2,3,4:
Clothing by IBizarre, free in store
Shoes: as before

Hair and skin worn throughout:
Hair: Digital Eyes (not free)
Skin: Biaistice group gift

Get Well Soon, Dahlindah!

Poor baby, you have been ill!
Is it my eyes are you look extra sexy when you are ill?!

Here's my contribution for the day, I had to reminded it's my rezday so we're gonna go and do the celebrating thing, lots of chocolate and cake feeding! Yum yum!

Rival? What rival?

I met up with Renee from FabFree yesterday during my trip to the Fabulous Fashion TV Studio to pick up my gorgeous MAD Designs hair. Those of you who don't have it, go get it now! I TP'd a bunch of my guy friends to get them but they sure look hot on girls too! There are a bunch of other freebies as well, don't forget to look on the lower level!!

Lady Gaga Shades with MAD Design hair

On Renee:
1. SYSY’s AIFW 2009 gift - Beautiful Red Gown
2. Milk Motion - Huge Necklace (avaliable in various colors, not free)

On Suri:
1. Hair - Part of the gift pack from MAD Designs.
2. Shades: Fame (Diamond On Jet) from Vintage Wear, not free!!

Stalking the camera!

Here I am, stalking the SLCN camera while Renee gets her gift! Is it on?!?!

Dress: Seldom Blue - Gabriella Fishtail Gown, $0L
This is a limited time offer so hurry!


A quick shapes alert!
You can get this shape for only $25L for the next 2 week, from Sinuous Shapes. There are some lovely shapes here and I saw a box for a free halter neck top there as well. Ambrosia Dance Club is nearby, so go and dance away if you like! Or just go to the next aisle and drool over the .:Indyra Originals:. clothes, ;p


So I've basically disappeared off the face of the SL-world for the past week or so. I've been sick. I know, It's Summer here, I don't cope well in extreme heat and bllaaaaah bllaaah.

But something from Baiastice is always a good pick-me-up.
There really isn't anything to say but WOW about this gorgeous group skin. You really must get your hands on one. Further more, hit up the Baiastice mainstore on the Baiastice sim, and purchase one. GORGEOUS!!



You'll need to be part of the Baiastice group to get this skin. And like Ive said before. This group is amazing! You must join!

Other stuff: (not free)
Underwear from Intimizzo by Armidi

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Fish for a frock!

Fish for this dress!

Ashia usually writes about *katat0nik's* dresses, but in this case it relates to fishing, so I thought I'd take a cast at it...(Please don't kill me, Ashia!)

This pretty thing has to be EARNED! First, go to the rooftop of *katat0nik* and don your 7-Seas fishing rod. Second, collect five objects: the Whale Hooker Dress blueprint, a Sewing Needle, a Tape Measure, Scissors, and Thread. Then, put them allll together, and get this gorgeous whale-print dress in return. I love fishing! Along the way you can score a number of adorable items, including lovely-dovey couple merkats.

Now that I have the dress, I'm back to get the rest of the pretty vests (and maybe the ultrarare Possum) from ~silentsparrow~!

Also out this week is a group gift Onigiri huggie from Rebel -X-, and a dollarbie lip ring from .:ellabella:. It's rare to find quality lip jewelry in SL (I'm a huge fan of FlipSide and No Mercy), and this dollarbie is excellent quality, with a cheeky Valentine theme.

Edit: Rouge tells me there's a free Onigiri necklace, too, at her main shop. See you fishin'!

***Huggie: Rebel -X- Group Gift Huggable Onigiri
***Dress: *katat0nik* Whale Hooker Dress
***Lip ring: .:ellabella:. garnet lovin' lip rings store dollarbie
***Skin: Heaven's Shape Sakura Skin store freebie
***Hair: Crimson + Clover Momo Freebie at Horst
***Necklace: Rebel -X- Free strawberry necklace

Crowning Glory

Postcard from Second Life.

Hai again. I came back to blog this hair made by Takuma Setsuko. It's such a score-find freebie and I have mai friend Fran to thank. Takuma's newly opened store is called .:Addict:. and you can get this fantastic hair, "Caleb" there for $0L. =O I know, I know!! I myself can never have enough hairs with hats/bows/scarves/bandanas attached and so I am very excited about this discovery. Takuma said, "I think freebies don't mean they have to look like crap." I heart him already. Yay for new design! TP to .:Addict:.

boys in kilts
Fran & Takuma

While you're there, check out Takuma's super cool 'belted long kilts.' They are plaid, punked out with spiky belts and sexy as heeelll. Guys, there's your hint. *wink


Postcard from Second Life.

Make lemons into lemonade, when the sh*t hits the fan...fortunately for this girl, the sh*t hit me (or my inventory, rather) and I am totally a fan. yusss, ftw! Sh*t Happens is opening a new store, the grand unveiling set for this weekend and these pretty little t-shirts are a little teaser. (Both rainbow-licious beauties in this post are Sh*t's.) Now, you cannot, I repeat, you cannot get them *yet.* You have to wait a few more days for these freebies. But absence makes the heart grow fonder and I know it will. Guys this means you as well- the tees are unisex! Until then, TP to the current location to scoop up the (previously blogged) freebie jeans located in the full priced jeans vendor as a super awesome 'demo.' (There is nothing demo about the pants except for the price.)

Postcard from Second Life.

I'm a total fangirl of this bag, fashion at it's purest serves the role of messenger and this bag certainly plays the part. 'Save our Earth' and save the eyes of those around you by doing it in style. TP to *GiGi* Couture and buy it for a dollar.

Postcard from Second Life.

A few weeks ago my friend TPed me to Art-Meter to check out these 'must have bags.' "Ho hum," I thought. I mean how many times does one hear that in a day? But they really are amazing! (I swear, even though it took me half a month to post about them. I've. Been. Busy.) They come in 8- yes, 8- colors!! For a dollar you can pick up one in a small or medium size, complete with rotating art flap. Yea, the flap of the messenger bag switches images every 30 seconds or so. Now, when I told a very ingenious friend about said bag, he promptly noticed this and modded it to hold his own art. How cool is that?! Not just that, but Art-Meter also sells dollar 'flipping paintings' which change prints every few seconds. The frame 'morphs' size with the print size and it's really cool to see. If your walls are aching for a little decoration, you'll delight in this find.

Postcard from Second Life.

Remember the Copain group (aka. Love Soul's super-gifty, super-group..) I mentioned back in this post? The post with the super cool cow hair for New Years? Well, they have released another, limited time group gift. This time, it's these cute Strawberry drop earrings. Strawberries are my favorite berry for many reasons and I am giddy for anything which bears their presence. Scoop these up and wear them for a subtle Valentine's theme which can be enjoyed whenever you please.


{free & not-so free, read the parenthesis ;p}
Hair: Truth ($50L Hair Sale! woot woot)
Skin: Cybernetic (previous freebie and I'm loving it. My first good skin was from Cybernetic and their sim has gone from sci-fi cool to high-fashion luxe and I couldn't be more thrilled.)
Shorts: [42] $42L and don't forget the $42L sale going on! Everything in store is $42L!
Boots: Kookie 'Cupcake Muggys' (Current Group Gift)
Earrings & Bracelet: UnTone Quilt (previous freebies)
Eyes: Poetic Eyes (as always, atm)

Monday, 26 January 2009

too tired for words, so i'm only gonna type long enough to do slurls.

free: outfit - random subscribo gift; monocle - sanu group gift
not free: hair - truth; skin - lelutka; shoes - kookie; stockings - devolution (no longer available?)

Yay Me!

Abra, darling Abra, I blame you ya know. Having resisted plurky goodness for ages and ages (I had an acount but never used it) I am now utterly addicted. You can find me here, crapping on about stuff and things!


Angie Dryke sent me a LM very early this morning for a store called Cybernetic. For today only you can get the fecking gorgeous skin shown above for free. I even remembered to send a notice to the group, double yay me!! The super cute dress is from the lucky chair at *Sisters*. The wonderful Eden TP'd me in, and bless her didn't ask why I was wearing a Slutty McSlutterson prison uniform and no shoes, that's a troo friend!


My favorite pant maker in SL has set out another dollarbie for you to enjoy. Get thee to Strayer to grab these rockin pants. The gorgy top and shrug were part of this weeks group gift from Sweeter Than Candy, really pretty colour candace, thank you so much!


And another dress from Sisters, my letter came up twice in a row, there was much happiness :P The lovely boots are from TD Boots, really cute store. Thanks to Cornelius for letting me know :) K, it's back to crack smoking Plurk for me ;P Ash out

Hair (not free)

CanalGrande free items!


Yesterday I stumbled upon a cute plaid dress in my inventory and said to myself oh yeah, CanalGrande. I went to the store's main shop for the first time, and when I got there, I found a treat for freebie hunters. Not only are there six lucky chairs (on either side of the canal that runs through the shop, near the water), but there are three camp chairs too. I camped for the above dress and hair, and Alt-chan was lucky enough to score shoes and another dress. Her outfit, skin, hair, shoes are entirely free (picture below). Everything is so cute and inexpensive that it's hard to leave without buying a thing or two!


Free stuff on Alt-chan:
***Skin: Heaven's Shape yuko make_pop_O
***Dress: CanalGrande Black Cross 2 lucky board dress
***Shoes: CanalGrande RoseHiHeel-VR lucky board shoes
***Hair: Little Heaven Therese mauve lucky chair hair
***Stockings: *katat0nik* strawberry dreams dress in silver, an old lucky chair item
Free stuff on Achariya:
***Socks: Shop Seu kushukushu kutsushita lucky chair item
***Hair: CanalGrande Nadia - Black camp chair item
***Dress: CanalGrande Night Black camp chair item
Not free stuff on Achariya:
***Pierce: FlipSide Kitteh bell mouth piercing set F11
***Amazing boots: (Shiny Things) Ving boots - grey
***Tattoo: Tramp Stamp Tattoo - What Else?
***Skin: Adam n Eve Skin - Celeste Goth - Make up Misery

The post I meant to do last week...

Last week I did one of my favourite things, exploring the grid alone, (you might be surprised to learn I am an INFP according to the results of my personality test, I certainly was, I always though I was an extrovert but that certainly answered a few questions I had about myself).

Anyhooo enough about me, me, me...

I discovered this gorgeous new shopping area called Pareja in a notice from a group I am in (I think it was C'est la vie as they had opened a store there). It was a horrible day of non-rezzyness but I perservered and I'm glad I did, because look what I found.

To save time I will list all the store names, but not the exact SLURL for each item, anything which is not from the Pareja sim I will provide a link.

Pareja is pretty easy to explore from the landing point, it's worth visiting all the stores (you might find more than I did)

I'll start you off here at Jetcity where all goods are unisex and everything is between 0-5L!!!

Cropped Pants: C'est la vie
Accessory: Jetcity
Boots: Jetcity

Fake Tie T shirt: Vitamin girl
White dress: Salire
Boots: Jetcity

Grey Dress: Salire
Boots as before

Green top: Vitamin girl

Outfits and eyes: Kuri Style
Hair Accessory: Silvery K
Shoes: Fuel (not free)

21-1_011 jetcity
Tops, Jackets, boots and scarf: Jetcity
Female Socks: Duck Nipple (not free)

Hat: Jetcity
Hair worn above on male and female: Aden group gift

C'est la vie have opened a new store at Juicy del mar too, and they are giving away this pretty pink dress

Dress: C'est la vie at Juicy

Yumptious boots: Pixel Mode group gift

Violet Morellet has a luffly hair store called Inorite at Dogtown and the above style is freeeee and in loads of colours.

Isis Hair: Inorite

Other stuffages worn
Skin worn throughout
Romi Juliesse group gift in store
Belleza (previous gift)