Thursday, 29 January 2009

Oh hurrah

Finally, after days of waiting and queuing, I get to sit on the Romi Juliesse camp chair for this gorgeous skin. Only 20 minutes camping time!!


Condescending rant ahoy :-
Everyone be nice and take your turn though if there is a queue for the chair, or you may incur the wrath of someone like me :D

There was a really sweet Japanese girl waiting whilst I was camping, then another girl appeared, and when I had finished camping she jumped on the chair rudely - even though she knew the other girl had been waiting longer. I wished I had my Mystitool (I was on an alt). Jumping queues is one of my pet hates.

Probably the whole world knows this gorgeous hair with beret which you can get from the Sixty-Nine group by now, the WIFE was supposed to blog it days ago, but she's been way too busy gesturetarding *sighs and rolls eyes*

Spexx has a lovely high waisted skirt with bright blue leggings and funky sunglasses for 1L outside the store (also a teeny camp chair with some retro glasses inside the store)


This top is a 1L from Yome Shoujo (many more dollarbies there too). There is also the most gorgeous outfit on the lucky board, which I waited for ages for but didn't get. You can see it here on This doll has handbook, Welmita looks so cute in it.


Top: Yome Shoujo
Skirt/Leggings/Glasses: Spexx
Hair: Sixty-Nine group gift
Romi5 Skin: Romi Juliesse
Eyes Venus -Blue- FREE! Redgrave


Bunnie said...

How funny you mentioned the chair thing, that happened while I was there too! Chair stealers suck! Thanks for the post :D

Nim said...

hi creamy!
queue jumpers are only storing up bad karma for themselves, name & shame i say, lol
but anyway-pls pls tell me where u got ur gorgeous eyelashes-did they come with the skin?
<3 nim

Bunnie said...

Me thinks they are Minnu dot lashes :D

Nim said...

yay-thanks Bunnie <3

Creamy Cooljoke said...

yes, minnu dott lashes is what they are :))

Bunnie said...

Your most welcome ^^

elka said...

Are you guys freakin serious about the chair thing?! Ok I admit it's not FUN, but helloooooooooo, get a life maybe?! If you sit in front of a chair for like 12 hours, you really must have no love no kids no legs in RL or something because I mean, god, it's a GAME! I AM polite, I DON'T like when someone cuts me, but there's such a limit as 1- calling this bad karma and 2- attacking people?! I was JUST at that freakin chair and I didn't see people because I was cammed on it. I happened to click and sit and this is what came upon me, mind you, in 30 seconds:
[18:43] Irina Nicholls: \o/ \o/ \o/
[18:43] Cece Sabretooth: oh shit
[18:43] Cece Sabretooth: i got cut
[18:43] Cece Sabretooth: dayum
[18:43] Irina Nicholls: elka
[18:43] Cece Sabretooth: wtf
[18:43] Irina Nicholls: its not ur turn
[18:43] Cece Sabretooth: really?
[18:43] elka Lehane: Turn?
[18:43] Irina Nicholls: that was unpolite
[18:43] IM: Nat Donat: Get off the chair
[18:43] Cece Sabretooth: mind getting ur arse up?
[18:43] elka Lehane: So there is some kind of waiting list
[18:43] cHERi Larnia: sorry elka we are lining up
[18:43] Irina Nicholls: ...hummm...yes! ^^ ppl r waiting here for hours
[18:43] Ursula Netizen: yeah we are queing
[18:44] elka Lehane: I didnt go
[18:44] Cece Sabretooth: yeah gurl
[18:44] elka Lehane: Well I am here since 2005 and a very polite person
[18:44] Cece Sabretooth: well theres 4 ahead of u
[18:44] elka Lehane: but I just got a very rude IM
[18:44] elka Lehane: I would LOVE to sit up
[18:44] elka Lehane: but man you will freaking apologize for callin me names
[18:44] elka Lehane: I didnt even SEE you
[18:44] Irina Nicholls: we're not calling :)
[18:44] Cece Sabretooth: wht name did i call u?
[18:44] Nat Donat: I said in IM "get off the chair"
[18:44] elka Lehane: wow you guys are scaryXD
[18:45] Cece Sabretooth: thnk u
[18:45] elka Lehane: Get a life, if you are waiting for hours, its because you have no life in RL poor you lol
[18:45] cHERi Larnia: elka u can follow after me
[18:45] elka Lehane: Yeah whatever
[18:45] Cece Sabretooth yawns
[18:45] elka Lehane: I wont even want it anymore haha
[18:45] Irina Nicholls: no need to behave like that
[18:45] elka Lehane: gosh thatwas scary
[18:45] Cece Sabretooth: good bye bye drama
[18:45] elka Lehane: No need to behave the way YOU did guys
[18:45] Irina Nicholls: its like rl, u wait in line too..
[18:45] Cece Sabretooth: yeah ok
[18:45] elka Lehane: all the OH SHIT WTF GET YOUR ARSE OFF
[18:45] elka Lehane: Yes, of course
[18:45] Cece Sabretooth: yeah well wht do u expect?
[18:45] elka Lehane: I am polite and would never do that
[18:45] elka Lehane: but you reacted right away
[18:45] Cece Sabretooth: if u were polite u woulda asked
[18:46] elka Lehane: man I didnt even see you guys lol XD
[18:46] Cece Sabretooth: since 05
[18:46] Cece Sabretooth: u kno da rules
[18:46] Cece Sabretooth: u just talkin cuz uu think no one was gonna say anything
[18:46] Cece Sabretooth: wrong crowd luv
[18:46] elka Lehane: No actually, back in the days it was whoever got it forst lol
[18:46] Nat Donat: If you have been around since 2005 you should understand
[18:46] Cece Sabretooth: yeah well dats extinct
[18:46] elka Lehane: Hahaha, no it's actually because I tped from downstairs
[18:46] elka Lehane: and zoomed on the chair
[18:46] elka Lehane: if I was rude, IUd still be sitting there :D
[18:46] Cece Sabretooth: no one cares hun
[18:46] elka Lehane: I am not sitting there am I
[18:46] elka Lehane: You seem to
[18:46] Cece Sabretooth: thnk u again
[18:47] Irina Nicholls: two hours ago no one was sitting here and i waited for their turn
[18:47] elka Lehane: Next time it happens, please remember maybe the person does what a lot do, zoom on object
[18:47] Irina Nicholls: i could have sit if i wanted too
[18:47] elka Lehane: Were not all rude because we sit
[18:47] Cece Sabretooth decides to bite her tongue.
[18:47] Irina Nicholls: so blame lag for u didnt see no one here
[18:48] elka Lehane: Yeah bite it til it bleeds
[18:48] elka Lehane: because
[18:48] elka Lehane: [18:43] Cece Sabretooth: oh shit
[18:43] Cece Sabretooth: i got cut
[18:43] Cece Sabretooth: dayum
[18:43] Irina Nicholls: elka
[18:43] Cece Sabretooth: wtf
[18:43] Irina Nicholls: its not ur turn
[18:43] Cece Sabretooth: really?
[18:43] elka Lehane: Turn?
[18:43] Irina Nicholls: that was unpolite
[18:43] IM: Nat Donat: Get off the chair
[18:43] Cece Sabretooth: mind getting ur arse up?
[18:48] elka Lehane: See this happened ALL on 18:43
[18:48] Cece Sabretooth: i aint denying it but i aint gonna rehas luv
[18:48] elka Lehane: pretty quick to yell ay my "arese" man I didnt even know what hit me
[18:48] Irina Nicholls: i wasnt rude to u
[18:48] elka Lehane: Im sooo ^posting this convo on Flickr, man I cant believe
[18:48] Cece Sabretooth: :)
[18:48] elka Lehane: Not you but Cece who pretends not to care
[18:48] elka Lehane: Cares a lot
[18:48] elka Lehane: lol
[18:48] Irina Nicholls: i reacted like everybody would react
[18:48] Cece Sabretooth: thnk u now im famous
[18:49] elka Lehane: ciao!
[18:49] Nat Donat: You must be French.... lol they never queue... hehe
[18:49] Cece Sabretooth: ciao
[18:49] Cece Sabretooth: wow sorry girls i did lose my temper
[18:49] elka Lehane: Yeah you did
[18:49] Cece Sabretooth: but i wouldnt do it any diff
[18:49] Cece Sabretooth: :)
[18:50] Cece Sabretooth: i apologize to those dat i have enjoyed ur company with whiles waiting
[18:50] elka Lehane: Ill ask Romi what she thinks about people getting rude to others because of a supposed "line"
[18:50] Cece Sabretooth: so outta character for me
[18:50] elka Lehane: Yeah an of course not to me
[18:50] elka Lehane: Man, your nerves
[18:50] Cece Sabretooth: please do elka
[18:50] Irina Nicholls: poor romi
[18:50] Ursula Netizen: accepted, lets move on
[18:50] Cece Sabretooth nods
[18:50] Irina Nicholls: yes, ursula is right
[18:50] elka Lehane: What a royal biatch! Haha omg get a life. Yeah, totally moving no. SOrry girls for bringing that on you. Man, if I knew haha XD
[18:51] Cece Sabretooth whistles and ignores.
[18:51] elka Lehane: say cheeeeese
[18:51] Cece Sabretooth: yes i think theres something up wit sculpties dat make pointy shoes look odd
[18:51] Teleport completed from
[18:53] IM: elka Lehane: If any of you are tempted to get the skin at Romi, DONT sit on the chair! There is about 6 people waiting. Didnt see them and sat. You should see my IMs and the drama it caused, yayfunnot!
[18:53] IM: elka Lehane: Some girl named Cece will attack you haha XD So anyways, good luck man, wow that was crazy
[18:53] IM: Victoria Coppola: caliss, serieux^
[18:54] IM: Victoria Coppola: haha
[18:54] IM: elka Lehane: Man, you have no idea
[18:54] IM: elka Lehane: dramaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[18:54] IM: Deea Rayna: Did you get the skin?
[18:54] IM: Victoria Coppola: PMS CITY! DO NOT TOUCH CHAIR!
[18:54] IM: Racheletta Sideways: is it like some holy skin chair?
[18:54] IM: elka Lehane: Evil people with no real life
[18:54] IM: elka Lehane: Like "Ive been here for 48 hours"
[18:54] IM: Victoria Coppola: lmfao
[18:54] IM: elka Lehane: Well shit, I was here for a few hours, I admit, but, man, get a freakin life
[18:55] IM: Madisen Tandino: lmao
[18:55] IM: elka Lehane: if you dont get off your RL chair for 2 days to get a pixel skin.... normal you start yelling at pixel people
[18:55] IM: elka Lehane: gosh
[18:55] IM: elka Lehane: you should all IM her haha GETALIFE
[18:55] IM: Blueberry Mayo: is it THAT nice of a skin?
[18:55] IM: Victoria Coppola: tempting ;)
[18:55] IM: elka Lehane: 500 people IMing her together GETALIFE
[18:55] IM: elka Lehane: would be the freakiest thing ever XD
[18:55] IM: Victoria Coppola: i'd so do it :(
[18:56] IM: elka Lehane: ok ok I gotta calm down, forgot we are in FE hahaXD sorry
[18:56] IM: Queue Marlowe: when i read getalife, i honestly read it as if it were a medicine
[18:56] IM: Abby Amsterdam: im tempted to go in there and try to get it just to piss her off more
[18:56] IM: Victoria Coppola: yeah me too
[18:56] IM: Cane Sutter: ok if anyone causes drama at my chair i would be so upset might want to warn the storeowner about ppl like that
[18:56] IM: Victoria Coppola: SLURL elka!!!!
[18:56] IM: elka Lehane: I will
[18:56] IM: Queue Marlowe: getalife may cause nausea and vomiting, fatigue, dry mouth...
[18:56] IM: elka Lehane: [18:43] Cece Sabretooth: oh shit
[18:43] Cece Sabretooth: i got cut
[18:43] Cece Sabretooth: dayum
[18:43] Irina Nicholls: elka
[18:43] Cece Sabretooth: wtf
[18:43] Irina Nicholls: its not ur turn
[18:43] Cece Sabretooth: really?
[18:43] elka Lehane: Turn?
[18:43] Irina Nicholls: that was unpolite
[18:43] IM: Nat Donat: Get off the chair
[18:43] Cece Sabretooth: mind getting ur arse up?
[18:56] IM: elka Lehane: Look at that.
[18:57] IM: Victoria Coppola: lollllllll
[18:57] IM: elka Lehane: ALL on 18:43, it happened SO fast, and thats not even my IMs
[18:57] IM: Victoria Coppola: oh man XD
[18:57] IM: Cane Sutter: wow
[18:57] IM: Queue Marlowe: i love sl
[18:57] IM: Abby Amsterdam: lool
[18:57] IM: Victoria Coppola: wow where is that evil chair. i must go.
[18:57] IM: elka Lehane: When I read love, should I read hate? lol
[18:57] IM: elka Lehane:

So think twice. No it might not be fun, but I am all for well, if it happens, it happens. Gosh you people scare me sometimes.......

Bunnie said...
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Emerald Wynn said...

uh . . . I totally lost my train of thought, but LMAO, what the bloody hell?

"Waiting in line" -- such a confusing concept. Especially when you're off your meds.

Um, I think I originally wanted to say, "Love that shirt. Love the skin. Love this blog!"

**throws some more love around and runs off to WAIT IN LINE for that skin**

Creamy Cooljoke said...

eeek wow elka. That was a frikkin drama or what?

The situation you were in did not need to get out of hand the way it did. I guess things like that bring out the worst in people.

Personally there is no way I would wait for ages in a queue. I kept popping back to the store and when there was only one person on the chair and no queue, (I waited since it was only 20 mins) and chatted with my Plurk buddies. Someone arrived just as the current camper finished and I tell you, my hackles were up in case she jumped in front of me. I had my mouse pointer on that chair at the ready. LOL!

While I was on the chair there were only 2 people waiting for me to finish camping, and it was pretty obvious to the other girl that the japanese girl had been waiting longer. I just saw what she did as blatent in your face rudeness, she definitely saw the other girl, and when the japanese girl said 'wait your turn' she just went " ??? " and stayed right were she was (and she could speak English).

Queue jumping is a personal pet hate of mine in both lives. There's not much makes me feel rage - but that does, you should see me in shopping queues and in my car. Yeah I know it seems petty and pathetic to some, but I just can't help it, it brings out the beast in me XD

Cheri Pye said...

I personally try to veer away from crowded lucky chairs (just occasionally hanging around them, but only if I want that something enough!)because of this kind of behaviour, WTF Lucky Chair Mafia?!

I tend to see a wash of gray bald silhouetted people around lucky chairs with 'muted' above their heads! Omg I'm so intolerant but it's just 'scary', elka, you hit the nail on the head there! Sorry that this happened to you :C

Cheri Pye said...

*edit* Camp chair, but it's the same mentality nonetheless :(

Green Dream said...

I reject the "it's a game" excuse for exasperation of desiring proper etiquette out of fellow residents and push the following link:

I have waited for camp chairs and lucky chairs, as well as been rudely discounted for. And just because I wasn't literally standing at a grocery store or at the mall doesn't make it less aggravating nor the person less responsible. I invite those that want me and others to "get over it" to think of standing in line at a bus-stop for some ungodly amount of hours (because it's a limited route or there have been delays), only to be shoved roughly aside by someone who just *has* to be in front. Or the person who shoves to the front to get the last limited edition of an item on sale. Or the person who grabs a product out of your hands because it's vastly on sale and they just *have* to have it.

"Get over it" is for the smug and unfeeling. And frankly, I'd rather be hurt and be human than to be a stuck-up machine.

I'm not going to even touch the potential ToS violation with posting chat logs in public without apparent consent from each of the users listed.