Monday, 26 January 2009

The post I meant to do last week...

Last week I did one of my favourite things, exploring the grid alone, (you might be surprised to learn I am an INFP according to the results of my personality test, I certainly was, I always though I was an extrovert but that certainly answered a few questions I had about myself).

Anyhooo enough about me, me, me...

I discovered this gorgeous new shopping area called Pareja in a notice from a group I am in (I think it was C'est la vie as they had opened a store there). It was a horrible day of non-rezzyness but I perservered and I'm glad I did, because look what I found.

To save time I will list all the store names, but not the exact SLURL for each item, anything which is not from the Pareja sim I will provide a link.

Pareja is pretty easy to explore from the landing point, it's worth visiting all the stores (you might find more than I did)

I'll start you off here at Jetcity where all goods are unisex and everything is between 0-5L!!!

Cropped Pants: C'est la vie
Accessory: Jetcity
Boots: Jetcity

Fake Tie T shirt: Vitamin girl
White dress: Salire
Boots: Jetcity

Grey Dress: Salire
Boots as before

Green top: Vitamin girl

Outfits and eyes: Kuri Style
Hair Accessory: Silvery K
Shoes: Fuel (not free)

21-1_011 jetcity
Tops, Jackets, boots and scarf: Jetcity
Female Socks: Duck Nipple (not free)

Hat: Jetcity
Hair worn above on male and female: Aden group gift

C'est la vie have opened a new store at Juicy del mar too, and they are giving away this pretty pink dress

Dress: C'est la vie at Juicy

Yumptious boots: Pixel Mode group gift

Violet Morellet has a luffly hair store called Inorite at Dogtown and the above style is freeeee and in loads of colours.

Isis Hair: Inorite

Other stuffages worn
Skin worn throughout
Romi Juliesse group gift in store
Belleza (previous gift)

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olivia connaught said...

awww WIFE i'm an infp too <3. i like being around people but when i'm done with it i am seriously done.