Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Fish for a frock!

Fish for this dress!

Ashia usually writes about *katat0nik's* dresses, but in this case it relates to fishing, so I thought I'd take a cast at it...(Please don't kill me, Ashia!)

This pretty thing has to be EARNED! First, go to the rooftop of *katat0nik* and don your 7-Seas fishing rod. Second, collect five objects: the Whale Hooker Dress blueprint, a Sewing Needle, a Tape Measure, Scissors, and Thread. Then, put them allll together, and get this gorgeous whale-print dress in return. I love fishing! Along the way you can score a number of adorable items, including lovely-dovey couple merkats.

Now that I have the dress, I'm back to get the rest of the pretty vests (and maybe the ultrarare Possum) from ~silentsparrow~!

Also out this week is a group gift Onigiri huggie from Rebel -X-, and a dollarbie lip ring from .:ellabella:. It's rare to find quality lip jewelry in SL (I'm a huge fan of FlipSide and No Mercy), and this dollarbie is excellent quality, with a cheeky Valentine theme.

Edit: Rouge tells me there's a free Onigiri necklace, too, at her main shop. See you fishin'!

***Huggie: Rebel -X- Group Gift Huggable Onigiri
***Dress: *katat0nik* Whale Hooker Dress
***Lip ring: .:ellabella:. garnet lovin' lip rings store dollarbie
***Skin: Heaven's Shape Sakura Skin store freebie
***Hair: Crimson + Clover Momo Freebie at Horst
***Necklace: Rebel -X- Free strawberry necklace


Miriam Woyseck said...

Ooh, a needs-to-be-built thingy! Extra levels of frustration and/or fun!

I got the possum twice and feel quite guilty.

addison said...

You can actually fish anywhere on Axis Mundi, you don't *have* to go to the top of the building. :))

addison said...

Oh, I lied. Only on the first floor by "New Stuff" and on the roof.

Astrid Kiranov said...

Curse this work I must be at! I WANT that dress! :) It took me days to get all the stuff from Silent Sparrow, but I got it. Now I have another goal. WOO! Thank you!

okrebecca said...

omfg fishing binge right now