Thursday, 29 January 2009

to put it plain, clear and without any distraction:

I've gone naked for this post.
But never fear, my dearly beloved anti-naked avatar people out there, you can only see ma toosh.

These GORGEOUS boots were dropped to me today and OH MA GOD.
I seriously had nothing to wear with them, that would work. Because these boots are just so damn hot I want to squeel and jump up and down.
In world, of course.


These gorgeous boots are available at Vixen Fashions. You need these boots. Seriously.

Here's what's on the notecard I recieved!!
'Vamp Fashions is offering another great FREEBIE! Come down to our display at The Dominion Fashion District and get your FREE pair of SEXY purple patent leather stiletto boots with laced detail! These boots are fully sculpted in luxuruious black patent leather with wicked 4 inch heel!. Beautifully styled and FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!'

I didn't have a chance too look, but I hear there are some other cheap shoes and ladies items around the area so go for a shopping expedition with your girls!

You need:
Hair: Aoharu (not free)
Skin: [42] (not free, but cheap!)


Winter Jefferson said...

.. this is supposed to NOT distract attention from the boots how? I looked at these pictures for a good 15 minutes before I noticed them.

Dahlindah Destiny said...

Ha ha!
You stared at my pixel toosh for 15 minutes!?
That must be a record!

I tried several outfits with these boots, but as much as they looked good, I just settled for the 'less is more' approach.

But hey, a good pixel toosh is hard to find these days...
<3 Dahl

Bunnie said...

What boots? :p

Dahlindah Destiny said...

Thank god the next post Imma goona put up inna sec has nooo nude shots.


Bunnie said...

and how is that a good thing? :p

Pumpkin Saenz said...

That's one mighty fine booty! The boots aren't too bad, either! :-D