Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Pssst look

Brain Restriction has has as floofy pink new dress as a group gift. It couldn't suit Syphi less, don't you think? Pink is not her colour, but she just loves it so. The shoes are also free in store at Brian Restriction.

28-1 br

Now this is more Syphi's style, this outfit shows off her freakishly long legs and slender hips perfectly. This outfit is a free gift at IBizarre. 3 bags by the customer service desk which contain leather pants, a jacket and a pretty pink top.


This skin even makes Syphi look pretty, it's a group gift from Baistice (Dahlinda has also shown it in her previous post).



Pic 1:
Pink Dress Brain Restriction Group gift
Shoes: Brain Restriction free gift in store

Pics 2,3,4:
Clothing by IBizarre, free in store
Shoes: as before

Hair and skin worn throughout:
Hair: Digital Eyes (not free)
Skin: Biaistice group gift

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Suri Christen said... dress looks yummy!!