Friday, 30 January 2009

still a distraction?

I even put on clothes for this one.
Even though, there's probably a bunch of people screaming 'GET YOUR TOOSH OUT!'

Forgot to mention these boots as well.
You can get them at the same place you can get the purple boots are from. So yes, take a look at the store. You've got two awesome pair of boots. So LOVES Vixen fashions, I tells ya!

These boots are HOT. Like, As soon as they rezzed I was like, Kinky!
Ha ha, not reallz, but they defiantly do make a statement.


Head down to Vixen Fashions. Worth a visit and you might even buy some other hot boots while you're there!!!

Hair (not free): Fascino
Swimsuit: Free in the fatpack at Lya Shoes
Boots: Vixen Fashions at Vinyl Cafe

Ps. SL is being a meanie-poo and my map isn't working. You do the work, kids, Hit up search and get shopping!


VirtualWorship said...
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VirtualWorship said...

The Lya fat pack is a steal! I blogged it a few weeks back finding it while lucky chair hopping. The tones in the suits are awesome. This is a great deal for anyone looking to start building their summer goodies now !

Beautiful pics with the boots!


(had to edit too many typos with out coffee hehe)

moco said...

I went to the dominion shopping center and I cannot find a Vixen or Vamp designs store. The vinyl store you mention in your post doesn't seem to have the boots. I'm so lost! Help! lol

-Wensledale Firanelli

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百恋芙蓉 said...

The Vinyl Cafe at The Dominion sim does not have the boots. Vixen Fashions or Vamp Fashions doesn't seem to exist in either search categories ("all" or "stores"). Are the boots from EvA, Vinyl Cafe, Vixen or Vamp fashions? If SLurl isn't working could you tell us the store and creator name?

Sarah said...

The boots are by Vixen Fashions at Vinyl Cafe, but the correct SLURL is here:

Megan A said...

Costa Rica?

Wow. Because I sure take my travel advice from an online spammer. Oh yes.


But the boots are AMAZING. I found them on the side of a building in the midst of a bunch of other signs.

Does anyone know why there seem to be so many freebies coming out right now in that particular design? I've gotten 4 diff color boots from 3 diff stores that look like that. I've VERY grateful, because I LOVE the look of them, but I'm still curious as to why there is an influx.

Any ideas?

(And, once again, your blog kicks ass. Keep up the good work!)

Green Dream said...

The over-the-knee boots most be a new product from a full-perm sculpty shoe provider. This also occured with some strappy heels a while ago, as well as all those round, chunky-esque heels that are also going around.

The black boots are located not in the actual Vinyl shop, but on a wall-store area across from it. Sorry I don't have a better explanation. ^^;