Friday, 30 November 2007

Inspired Treasure Hunt I am up late again! I didn't intend to do a post tonight, but I went on a quick treasure hunt in the 'Inspired' store and just had to show you my finds in case I don't get around to it tomorra. Busy weekend ahead and all and I plan on having a hangover...SL & Hangover = BLECH!!

I have featured Inspired in many of my blog posts, Meagan gives away ace freebies and today is no different, there are 12 teeny tiny stockings dotted around the store with festive gifts inside.

Here's a few of the goodies I found. A couple of hats, a beautiful doll-like winter anime skin, red and green sweaters...



Gorgeous fluffy earmuffs and scarf



Floating Hello Kitty plush..awwwwwww!


Hopefully you can just make out these sweet snowflake 'cheekies' tattoo's and I just had to give you a close of up these amazing eyes, a group gift from Callie Cline, can you see the little heart in them?


If you would like these eyes, join Callie's group, check notice archives and you will see these eyes attached to one of the notices (there are also a 2 other gifts in there too). They are only available for a limited time so get them quick.

Ooooh, nearly forgot, while I was hunting around Inspired I won this bunnylicious hat on the lucky chair!


I can't be arsed with treasure hunts usually but this one took no time at all, no lag and the prizes were fab, head over to Inspired and have fun!

*Hair - Courtenay in Ash Blonde, (group gift from Philotic)

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Azia's Amazingness!

Azia IM'd me this morning 'Creamy, come check out my outfit'. I TP'd over and landed next to what I could only describe as an amazonian devil/angel woman hybrid. OMG!! It was Azia!!

Check out this amazing outfit she put together, all for FREE!!! (Azia, I bet you would wear this to go shopping ;)



This exquisite dress from store called Evie's Closet. (If you would like this dress - join the Evie's Closet group and look back on notice archives for 'Group Appreciation Day', it is attached as a yellow box). I adore the beautiful gold fabric on this dress and texturing is so lush and realistic looking, you can almost hear the fabric rustle as it moves. These wings found in Yadni's junkyard are a perfect match.

Azia found this unusual 'glowing from the inside-out' Etheria Pomegranite skin on the Sin Skins treasure hunt. This whole ensemble is set off perfectly with this dangerous looking headress from Illusions.

While we are on the subject of Illusions, Azia wanted to show me this awesome spiked white headress which she also found on the freebie table in the store. She poured herself into this white latex catsuit, a freebie from Kcreations (you get various colours in the folder). This catsuit certainly fits where it touches and a perfect match for this swoonsome headress.


I'm working on Az to join me on this blog, one day she will be mine....mwahahahaha!!!

Reaction and Wrong 2

Bonjour! Here are the great free xmas gifts from Wrong and Reaction for today (both of these stores are on the Alternation Sim opposite each other). Have feel around the pressies under the trees until you find the gifts.

The pressie from Reaction are these laid back cream Mugshot Camo's with a bright pink belt for a girly touch.


The gift from Wrong is this versatile red polo shirt with lil Skull & Crossbow on the boobage.


Both stores are giving away a different gift every day on the lead up to Christmas, the generous souls that they are !

*Skin - Le0 (free) Another Shop
*Hair - Jess in Coal from Diversity (1L)
*Boots - Angry Monkey (free)

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

'Wrong' is so right

Just a quick one here for ya me darlins before I go bed. (not quick at all though, I'm on my craptop - everything takes twice as long...yaaawwwn!)

Big thankies to Samsara Melson who sent the notice to the Free*Style group today about the Wrong Christmas giveaways. Every day leading a new free gift will be under the tree in the store. Just have a feel around the pressies (as in in right click and see if 'Touch' or 'Buy' option comes up), one of them will contain a gift.

Today we caused major lagfest in the store when we all TP'd there and got these kewl ripped jeans.



Wrong has lovely clothes at great prices, when you visit the store make sure you take a look around. I'll keep you posted about each gift if I can.

Villager Boots free from Angry Monkey
Gloves just seen part of a free set from Seamstress
(I'll put the link in for these tomorrow, I seriously need my beddybyes now)

PixelDolls Giftcard

Aloha!! I had a day off blogging yesterday and now I am back, all refreshed and inspired.

If you didn't know already, PixelDolls now have a subscribe-matic system for their group, if you TP there and click on the subscribe sign, click it again and choose 'HISTORY' then go through the previous notices, you will be given the beautiful bullet necklace (pictured below) and a 150L gift card to spend in store.

This card only seems to work on a small selection of clothes in the store, these being the boots and oufits on the stands at the front of the store. I bought this beautiful swooped neck wraith top with mine, it cost 150L exactly so the voucher paid for it. I thought I was only buying the one colour but in the folder in various beautiful jewel colours and different layers - nice surprise!

Pixel Wraith

Pixel Wraith back

Pixel Wraith

*Jeans - part of the free Cimarron set in PixelDolls, this set can be found in the centre of the store on one of the on-rez stands, but you can also buy it from on-rez and it will be delivered to you in game (see link on left of screen)
*Hair - Juliet by Gurl6 (bought with voucher for players under 30 days old. Contact me if you need help with this)
*Skin - Hollywood Gloss (Minnu group gift - no longer available)

Go and embrace the lag in PixelDolls!

Monday, 26 November 2007

Creamy has a plan

Please can you take a second to vote on my poll on the right of the screen.
*feel free to make a comment too*

There is a plan in the pipeline, I'm in the research stages so your vote here is important to me.
It might come to nothing depending on my this space....

Thank yoooo x


Anyone got a special event coming up? Nope, me neither, but I felt like flouncing around in these beautiful dresses all the same.

This beautiful dress is a group gift from Battered Boudoir. This comes in two different lengths and if you look closely at the pic, the midriff is covered by a fine sheer fabric, sexy and revealing but not too much. Join the Battered Boudoir Group and check back on notice history for this dress, also TP over to the store for more free clothes and lingerie.

valryn hair_002

valryn hair_005

It goes perfectly with this fabulous Vintage Betty hair and Pillbox Hat, a work in progress by Valryn Vandeverre, she also gave the Free*Style group members the Geisha hair shown later in this post...hurry up and get a store Missus, your hair rocks!

valryn hair_004

*The shoes worn in the above pics are the 1L Gold Mary Janes by Digit Darkes/Diversity
*The Bullet Necklace a group gift from Pixel Dolls (TP over to store and click on subscribe sign twice, go through notice history and you will get this necklace and a 150L gift card)

Everyone in Free*Style is raving about this stunning free dress from Nicky Ree, a shocking pink colour with a plunging it! The pretty necklace worn is a Free*Style group gift from La Reina (Thanks Gogo!). La Reina is a beautiful seaside shopping area with lots of great stores.

valryn hair_007

This amazing butterfly dress is so huge I could hardly fit it into the picture. It is seriously awesomeness, you will certainly stand out from the crowd in this one....and it's free!! I received the link from this a few weeks ago but have only just found it again in my packed inventory. It comes with the ribbon hair accessory. You will find this dress in a lovely store called Friends Forever which has lots of beautiful princess style dresses.

valryn hair_010

Finally, I wanted to show you this amazing Geisha hair and Spider accessory given to the Free*Style group today by Valryn (thank you so much, we all love it). If you would like to join Free*Style, type it into group search or if you can't find it IM me and I'll add you.


This hair looks perfect with this amazing Kimono from Cherry Tokyo received as a group gift a while ago, sorry this is no longer available for free.

valryn hair_013

Phew, I'm hot after wearing all these dresses..I'm off for a cuppa.

*Skin worn in pics is Minnu Hollywood Gloss (past group gift, no longer available)
*Eyes a group gift from Callie Cline (join group and check back on notice history for these)

Sunday, 25 November 2007


It's getting chilly and I've to some cosy clothes to show you here. I took myself back over to Creator's Pavillion to grab a couple of other freebs there (thanks to Eremia Woodbury for sending the link). This is a Japanese shopping sim, so I am in lurrrve with it. All my favourite stores are here like Shop Seu, Pochette, Milcaholic and I was delighted to find some I had never heard of like Yum Yum.

Kiki's closet and Honey Soul are right next door to each other. This yummy pink knitted dress took a bit of adjusting around the belt and there does seem to be some issue with the front flexi panel but I think it's easy to fix with a bit of time and patience..and's free and goes perfectly with these Corduroy leggings (30L) and free Angry Monkey boots (which never leave my feet these days...Pongo!)


One day I will learn to use my PaintShopPro properly and put 2 pics together, in the meantime I will rope my friends into modelling for me. Sammie is wearing the free Xmas outfit from Kiki's Closet. Complete with headband and stockings, Sammie said she felt like a 'Muppet' but I think she looks delish.


Both of these hairs have been previously blogged and are from Philotic, mine a group free gift called Courtenay (join the philotic group and check notice history to get this, Sammie's hair is called Moppeh and can be found in the store for 1L.
Sammie skin was a group gift from Minnu called Tropical Gloss (no longer available)
My skin is Another Shop Le0 (free), previously blogged.

Now we look really cold, brrrrrrrr!! (I love this pic, Sammie looks just how I feel in RL). She's got this anim which makes her hug herself and have steam coming out of her mouth.


This cosy sweater is another freeb from Honey Soul.
My skirt is 1L from Overdose
Sammie's leggings are from 'I don't know where', she's not online to ask right now but I doubt they were a freeb...they rock though!!
Our hair is called Beri from Philotic, for 5L, perfect with this jumper.

Now all I need is a hot chocolate, and none of your skinny stuff, I want marshmallows, cream, and a chocolate flake on top...YUM!

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Celbritards 'r' us

Want to join the ranks of the SL Celebritards? Lots of them about I tell ya (read about the latest dramas on one in particular on the Shopping Cart Disco blog!

Moire at Bossa Nova is poking fun at these wannabe's too with these free unisex 'Celebrity' Tee's in the store. You will find them at the back with the free Dress and Swimsuits blogged previously (these used to be group gifts but now they are in store for free).




*Hair - Philotic Energy Courtenay in Ash Blonde (Group gift), see previous post
*Skin - RAC Lily (not free)
*Glasses - Artilleri reptile (not free)

Gone Redhead with Truth Group Gift

I think I've found a new favourite place. A Free*Style Group member sent an LM today for some freebs at Creator's Pavillion and oooh, stores and cuteness galore. I wish I had more time to explore, but its the weekend and got RL stuff to do. I'll just show you a couple of things today and I'll focus properly on Creators Pavillion in a few days.

Truth has sent his group another great hair, a unisex cropped style called Perry in Carrot. If you aren't a member already, TP over by clicking here and then click the subscribe sign at the entrance to the store, click it again and select History - the last notice is this hair. Orange isn't usually my colour but the style is great and it goes really well with the free RnD skin from Another, with its pale complexion and cute freckles. **Cheeky tip - you can modify the colour of some hairs by right clicking on the hair - Edit>Texture. You can either change the colour here or you can add a new hair texture. I'll see if I have some of these to give out in my inventory**

Here is the ensemble I threw together today, with a redhead theme (sort of).


This frilly blouse I found at a store at Creators Pavillion called Yum Yum, and it is yummy and FREE! I met Juju a Free*Style group member in this store and we fell in love with all the clothes, so adorable. Free*Style is becoming like a big family (Creamy holds you all close to her bosom).


The gorgeous Fall Plaid Mini is part of 1L gift pack from Imperial Elegance. These can be found on the left wall inside the store or in a tiny box on the table. You get various colour combinations in the folder and also a smartskirt option (which means it doesn't look crap when you sit down). Go get this quick because I think it's only available for a limited time. These pretty blue eyes were a group gift from Callie Cline, given out today. Join CALGAL group and check notice history for this and some other goodies.

Now I just totally LOVE these boots! I have never found boots of this quality for free before, look at the detail on them. These are from Angry Monkey, part of the 'Armor of the Ages' they are creating. The adorable sockies are from Corduroy, called Catero's leggings. These weren't free though - I got them as a pressie, but only 30L so they won't break the bank.


Before I go, I just had to show you this pic I took at Creators Pavillion. Not getting in the festive spirit by the look on my face.


Bye for now, I am going to get on with my RL day :)

Friday, 23 November 2007

Ivalde Karianna Dress *Group Gift*

Quick...join the Ivalde group, put your tag on, TP over and grab this beautiful beige gypsy style dress - it's only available for a few days. You will find it in a sign at the bottom of the stairs on the right. **Make sure you are wearing the Ivalde tag and click on the sign, you will be given the folder containing the dress**

All I can say is it's soooooo gorgeous and goes perfectly with the Tete a Peid Paon 4 skin (Group Gift), gold mary janes from Digit Darkes/Diversity (1L hopefully still available, I got them in October) and this Courtenay hair from Philotic.


I was getting my ankles attacked by penguins here, hence the grumpy face.


Ivalde is one group I will always remain in, Neferia's clothes are so beautiful and she caters for all tastes with her vintage and retro clothes. She gives her group lots of free gifts and everytime she creates something new, a few lucky people win the outfit.

Check this amazing dress Mini won from Ivalde last week, it's called Donna, a beautiful 70s inspired dress with sexy plunging v-neckline, sculpty cuffs and gorgeous sequined embroidery. This is available to buy in the store.

Ivalde Donna

Ivalde donna

**One more thing....make sure you go upstairs and get the 1L and freebie outfits from Ivalde**

The hair worn in above pics is called Genza from Armidi (not free)
The sandals worn are from Lassitude & Ennui (1L)

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Philotic Courtenay Hair

Aemilia at Philotic Energy has given her group this lufferly new hairdo called Courtenay. A cute updo with a clipped back fringe (bangs for you US folks?) comes in 20 different colours. To join this group type 'PHILOTIC ENERGY' into group search, then check group info, notice history and the free gifts are in yellow boxes attached to the notices. There are a few other freebies in there too, so grab them before they go.

I'm just going to show you 3 of my favourite shades. Firstly in Ash blonde, worn with the adorable crown from the Inspired Princess Hairstyle shown in previous post, I just think this crown goes perfectly with the hair.


I love the curls and sticky out bits in the messy ponytail.


*the skin worn in the above 2 pics is the free Le0 skin from Another Shop.

Here is the Courtenay hair worn in brown.


and for something a little more unusual, blue tipped.


*the skin worn in the above 2 pics is Blowpop smokey black/clear gloss (previous group gift)
*the hoop earrings are in a free box at Paper Couture

Aemilia said in this latest group gift message that the next giveaway hairstyle will be for guys, so guys - join the group.

I'm Inspired

If you aren't a member of the Inspired Group yet, hurry up and do it, Maegan gives away great freebies and this time has given us this sweet new hair called Aiko in Poison. Inspired is not your usual SL store, Maegan creates beautiful anime skins, hair clothes and accessories.

I am wearing the Aiko hair on the 1L complete anime avatar set which can be found in her store, see this blog post for more details, you get so much for your 1L.


These beautiful flexi wings are also in the dollarbie section of the store. This photo does not do them justice, they look a little blurred here (blame my crappy graphics card), you will also find eyes and decorations in the dollarbie section, not forgetting the gifts on the lucky chair.


I just had to show you this adorable limited edition Fairy Princess Hair which comes with a detachable crown, this hair available in lots of different colours, each only 50L in the store. It fits perfectly on the petite shape in the anime avatar set.


Here is the hair and skin worn on my own shape. I did need to do some adjusting to the hair to fit my big ole head, isn't it just soooo cute?


So if you would like to look a little different from the rest, TP over to Inspired.

*The dress just seen in the pics is the Icing Gossamer Fantasy which I managed to find at the Fashion Victim treasure hunt last week.

DEKA goodness

Creamy is still alive and virtually breathing...HOORAH!

A big thankyou to the Free*Style group member who told me about this great giveaway from DEKA, if you join this group you will be sent the following oufit. There are also a couple of other free items in the store.


The top is vibrant and beautifully embelished and I love the fit of these pants.


Also check the past notices in the DEKA group and you will find this cute little dress.


*skin worn is Blowpop Mellie Natural (Group gift)
*hair is Sugarcube (not free)
*pumpkin court shoes, Shiny Things (Group Gift)
*black mary janes, Tesla (1L)

Dun Dun Dunnnnnn!!

I'm Sorry
Originally uploaded by Escapista
I've not been able to log in as Creamy for 2 days!! I think its possible that all new avatars are affected. I hope you are all ok out there.

Thank God for my alts, I knew there was a reason for them now :)


Wednesday, 21 November 2007

1L Diversity Hair - New Styles

Aleri at Diversity sent a note out today about their fab new sim, Addictive. When I TPd in it kind of reminded me of Edward Scissorhands (don't laugh - one of my favourite films), topiary a cool way! Anyway, it was a long note and usually I lose interest half way through, thankfully I read this one right to the end and discovered there are 4 new 1L styles in the store...YAY! I'm testing out the Flickr site for photo's here...fingers crossed it works!


All of these hairstyles come in numerous colours, so I've shown a small selection of my favourites here.

First we have Stephanie in Black, an unusual half up do with long ponytail.

diversity hair_007

The Kiki in Crow, a grown up version of pigtails.

diversity hair_004

This is the UNISEX style called Josh in Sandy Dipped

diversity hair_003

and Josh style in Black


And last, but not least we have the ponytail style Jess shown in Sienna and Summer Vanilla.

diversity hair_002

diversity hair_001

Like them? TP on over to Diversity and grab 'em, they are on your right by the door as you enter the store. **Make sure you buy the 1L Mega pack and not the 0L Demo**

*Female Skin is the free Le0 skin from Another Shop (previously blogged)
*Male Skin is Justin Eyeliner from Good Life (1,400)

Hooray for worked!!!