Sunday, 25 November 2007


It's getting chilly and I've to some cosy clothes to show you here. I took myself back over to Creator's Pavillion to grab a couple of other freebs there (thanks to Eremia Woodbury for sending the link). This is a Japanese shopping sim, so I am in lurrrve with it. All my favourite stores are here like Shop Seu, Pochette, Milcaholic and I was delighted to find some I had never heard of like Yum Yum.

Kiki's closet and Honey Soul are right next door to each other. This yummy pink knitted dress took a bit of adjusting around the belt and there does seem to be some issue with the front flexi panel but I think it's easy to fix with a bit of time and patience..and's free and goes perfectly with these Corduroy leggings (30L) and free Angry Monkey boots (which never leave my feet these days...Pongo!)


One day I will learn to use my PaintShopPro properly and put 2 pics together, in the meantime I will rope my friends into modelling for me. Sammie is wearing the free Xmas outfit from Kiki's Closet. Complete with headband and stockings, Sammie said she felt like a 'Muppet' but I think she looks delish.


Both of these hairs have been previously blogged and are from Philotic, mine a group free gift called Courtenay (join the philotic group and check notice history to get this, Sammie's hair is called Moppeh and can be found in the store for 1L.
Sammie skin was a group gift from Minnu called Tropical Gloss (no longer available)
My skin is Another Shop Le0 (free), previously blogged.

Now we look really cold, brrrrrrrr!! (I love this pic, Sammie looks just how I feel in RL). She's got this anim which makes her hug herself and have steam coming out of her mouth.


This cosy sweater is another freeb from Honey Soul.
My skirt is 1L from Overdose
Sammie's leggings are from 'I don't know where', she's not online to ask right now but I doubt they were a freeb...they rock though!!
Our hair is called Beri from Philotic, for 5L, perfect with this jumper.

Now all I need is a hot chocolate, and none of your skinny stuff, I want marshmallows, cream, and a chocolate flake on top...YUM!


Tenshi Vielle said...

Creamy! Your blog is FANTABULOUS, please educate me on why I don't see you on the feed??

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Yay..thanks Tenshi!
About Fashion Planet, I've e-mailed Tao a couple of times over the past month but not heard anything yet. I know a couple of other bloggers having the same prob so maybe he's away/busy or something. In the meantime I shall have to remain an undiscovered treasure :)