Thursday, 29 November 2007

Reaction and Wrong 2

Bonjour! Here are the great free xmas gifts from Wrong and Reaction for today (both of these stores are on the Alternation Sim opposite each other). Have feel around the pressies under the trees until you find the gifts.

The pressie from Reaction are these laid back cream Mugshot Camo's with a bright pink belt for a girly touch.


The gift from Wrong is this versatile red polo shirt with lil Skull & Crossbow on the boobage.


Both stores are giving away a different gift every day on the lead up to Christmas, the generous souls that they are !

*Skin - Le0 (free) Another Shop
*Hair - Jess in Coal from Diversity (1L)
*Boots - Angry Monkey (free)


rainie said...

Yay, cheers for the addition of this blog to the fashionplanet!

Sherpa said...

Hey congrats on being added to Fashion Planet!

Creamy Cooljoke said...

YAY!! Thanks sooo much :))