Monday, 26 November 2007


Anyone got a special event coming up? Nope, me neither, but I felt like flouncing around in these beautiful dresses all the same.

This beautiful dress is a group gift from Battered Boudoir. This comes in two different lengths and if you look closely at the pic, the midriff is covered by a fine sheer fabric, sexy and revealing but not too much. Join the Battered Boudoir Group and check back on notice history for this dress, also TP over to the store for more free clothes and lingerie.

valryn hair_002

valryn hair_005

It goes perfectly with this fabulous Vintage Betty hair and Pillbox Hat, a work in progress by Valryn Vandeverre, she also gave the Free*Style group members the Geisha hair shown later in this post...hurry up and get a store Missus, your hair rocks!

valryn hair_004

*The shoes worn in the above pics are the 1L Gold Mary Janes by Digit Darkes/Diversity
*The Bullet Necklace a group gift from Pixel Dolls (TP over to store and click on subscribe sign twice, go through notice history and you will get this necklace and a 150L gift card)

Everyone in Free*Style is raving about this stunning free dress from Nicky Ree, a shocking pink colour with a plunging it! The pretty necklace worn is a Free*Style group gift from La Reina (Thanks Gogo!). La Reina is a beautiful seaside shopping area with lots of great stores.

valryn hair_007

This amazing butterfly dress is so huge I could hardly fit it into the picture. It is seriously awesomeness, you will certainly stand out from the crowd in this one....and it's free!! I received the link from this a few weeks ago but have only just found it again in my packed inventory. It comes with the ribbon hair accessory. You will find this dress in a lovely store called Friends Forever which has lots of beautiful princess style dresses.

valryn hair_010

Finally, I wanted to show you this amazing Geisha hair and Spider accessory given to the Free*Style group today by Valryn (thank you so much, we all love it). If you would like to join Free*Style, type it into group search or if you can't find it IM me and I'll add you.


This hair looks perfect with this amazing Kimono from Cherry Tokyo received as a group gift a while ago, sorry this is no longer available for free.

valryn hair_013

Phew, I'm hot after wearing all these dresses..I'm off for a cuppa.

*Skin worn in pics is Minnu Hollywood Gloss (past group gift, no longer available)
*Eyes a group gift from Callie Cline (join group and check back on notice history for these)


Turandot said...

Wow, your blog is awesome! i love it! when i'm back to sl i'll add your group to my group's list :)Thanks for all the items and the comments, xoxo

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Thank you Turandot, you are most welcome to join the group. Hope you like it :) Look back at notice history when you join to see if there is anything you like.

Turandot said...

Ohh thanks very much Creamy, i'm safe that there are very interesting things and notices in your group.I like all lol, xoxo

Sasy Scarborough said...

Hi Creamy :) I saw on a previous post you saying you hoped the 1L gold maryjanes are still available at Digit Darkes, as you wore them here too, wanted to say yes those and the silver are in the NEW location at Addictive both for 1L each, and also actualy on OnRez too for anyone that wants to gift them to friends or just to help out a New Resident :o)

Your Blog is great, Keep up the good work

xoxox Sasy xoxo

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Brilliant! Thanks for the info Sasy :)

(on-rez'is in the SL Shopping links on the left of the screen peeps, you can buy here and they will be delivered to you in-game)

Cerrie said...

Ok this is so off subject but Creamy, will you put the address to your Project Playlist on the blog or here. I have one too and would like to add you as a friend. I have been listening to it all day! Great stuff!!

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Glad you like the tunes Cerrie :)
You can pretty much tell I'm a child of the 80s and an old raver.

I just discovered this project playlist the other day when I visited the Paratge blog. I was a bit unsure whether to put it in at first in case it drove people nuts but there is a pretty wide choice of music, so I hope there is something for everyone - it's easy to pause if it gets annoying.

I'll put my playlist ID on the first page so anyone can add me as friend.