Wednesday, 21 November 2007

1L Diversity Hair - New Styles

Aleri at Diversity sent a note out today about their fab new sim, Addictive. When I TPd in it kind of reminded me of Edward Scissorhands (don't laugh - one of my favourite films), topiary a cool way! Anyway, it was a long note and usually I lose interest half way through, thankfully I read this one right to the end and discovered there are 4 new 1L styles in the store...YAY! I'm testing out the Flickr site for photo's here...fingers crossed it works!


All of these hairstyles come in numerous colours, so I've shown a small selection of my favourites here.

First we have Stephanie in Black, an unusual half up do with long ponytail.

diversity hair_007

The Kiki in Crow, a grown up version of pigtails.

diversity hair_004

This is the UNISEX style called Josh in Sandy Dipped

diversity hair_003

and Josh style in Black


And last, but not least we have the ponytail style Jess shown in Sienna and Summer Vanilla.

diversity hair_002

diversity hair_001

Like them? TP on over to Diversity and grab 'em, they are on your right by the door as you enter the store. **Make sure you buy the 1L Mega pack and not the 0L Demo**

*Female Skin is the free Le0 skin from Another Shop (previously blogged)
*Male Skin is Justin Eyeliner from Good Life (1,400)

Hooray for worked!!!


Chica Indigo said...

Hi Creamy! OMG the new Diversity place is HUGE! I got lost, lol, So I re-read your post again to see where exactly was the hair. Thanks for the post...and for adding my blog to your blog's links :-)

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Thanks Chica. Yeah it's a massive place. I forgot to say, in the Digit Darkes store next to the hair store is a table with a nice free pink bag :)