Thursday, 29 November 2007

Azia's Amazingness!

Azia IM'd me this morning 'Creamy, come check out my outfit'. I TP'd over and landed next to what I could only describe as an amazonian devil/angel woman hybrid. OMG!! It was Azia!!

Check out this amazing outfit she put together, all for FREE!!! (Azia, I bet you would wear this to go shopping ;)



This exquisite dress from store called Evie's Closet. (If you would like this dress - join the Evie's Closet group and look back on notice archives for 'Group Appreciation Day', it is attached as a yellow box). I adore the beautiful gold fabric on this dress and texturing is so lush and realistic looking, you can almost hear the fabric rustle as it moves. These wings found in Yadni's junkyard are a perfect match.

Azia found this unusual 'glowing from the inside-out' Etheria Pomegranite skin on the Sin Skins treasure hunt. This whole ensemble is set off perfectly with this dangerous looking headress from Illusions.

While we are on the subject of Illusions, Azia wanted to show me this awesome spiked white headress which she also found on the freebie table in the store. She poured herself into this white latex catsuit, a freebie from Kcreations (you get various colours in the folder). This catsuit certainly fits where it touches and a perfect match for this swoonsome headress.


I'm working on Az to join me on this blog, one day she will be mine....mwahahahaha!!!


Gogo said...

Creamy you're amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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