Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Tilly the Girl Next Door

I'm in shape making mood!

I created Tilly GoLightly for you today, she's a normal real sort of girl, could be in her late teens/early 20s. She's been out in the sun too long too! I've created her based on the unique and gorgeous Creampuff Sunburn skins which are a group gift from Rosemar. There is a 250L one-off joining fee for Rosemar's group due to the amount of wonderful items given out to group members, currently 2 packs of new skins. I have given Tilly to the Free*Style group and she will be available at Juicy Free*Style from tomorrow for a limited time for 1L.

Cekin at ICEY is now giving away her white Knit Pants for 1L, these are low waisted and have a really great tight fit with loose duster prims around the ankles, they look so cute with this free top from Gbberish which Dahlia Eilde of Bonnie & Clyde contacted me about (thank you Dahlia).



There's a little prim bow which attaches to the back of this top.


Who loved Mighty Mouse when they were a kid?....meeeeeeee!
This cropped Mighty Mouse tee is free at Versteck, I've got a sneaky feeling it's only for a limited time - I'm sure that's what it said it on the Fashcon notice, but can I find it now? Nope! So best get it quick just in case.


These funky super-low cut pants are also from ICEY , next to the 1L ones - these are only dems!!


Knit Pants: ICEY (1L)
Rose Top: Gbberish (free) also available on-rez
Mighty Mouse Tee: (1L or free) Versteck
Tilly GoLightly Shape: Free*Style (Group Gift) will be available at Juicy Free*Style tomorrow for a limited time for 1L.

Non Free Items
Sunburn Creampuff Skin in Manhatten:
Rosemar (group gift - 250L joining fee)
Laydee Hair: Fuel
Pink Pumps:
Pink Jogging Shoes: ICEY

Tuesday, 29 April 2008


i know we generally shy away from lucky chairs, but this silentsparrow dress was too stunning not to share. i rarely catch an O so maybe i'm a wee bit overexcited. okay, so it MIGHT have been a wildcard round, but still... this is a set worth keeping an eye on the chair for. the sugarplum lucky chair suite comes with the dress and gloves and wristy things shown, and included also is a set for you boys.

[hair - cake, berlin (not free); necklace/crown - violet voltaire, melodic atrocity set (50L for a whole set! located upstairs); stockings - canimal, torn fishnets (not free)]

because i'm an ass, i chose an eyes-shut shot above. had i not you'd have had a better look at these spooky all black eyes, the latest group gift from miriel:

check her group notice archives to get your own. the lovely skin is the latest eloh mod (freeb? dollarbie?) from mela's, and i'm running so so late for rl things so yall are just going to have to use search for that :p

Pixels are the Best!

OMG I was just about to go to bed when I received a Fashcon notice about this group gift dress from PixelDolls announcing the new Halter dresses and a free preview one being given away in the subscribomatic group. I am in this group but didn't receive the dress, SL being temperamental again.

So off I trotted to PixelDolls, clicked on the subscribomatic sign, clicked it again and chose History, then I had to wait about half an hour before I received it...Hoooly Lag! But was worth the wait, check this out.


Stunning, stunning, stunning!!!!


Oooh and the shoes, can't forget these babies. These sculpted shoes of gorgeousness are a free gift from Tesla for 1 week only, these are a must in your virtual wardrobe - they are making me drool!!


Halter Dress: PixelDolls (Subscribomatic Group Gift)
Shiny Felicity Heel: Tesla (Free - 1 week only)
The Short Hair: Armidi (not free)
Mara Crying Skin: Free Speerit (Group Gift)

*rubs her sleepy eyes* bai x

Mechanism for Men

Hai Chaps!

Look what I have here for you, some fantastic free jackets and tops. This is a new store called Mechanism at KMADD City, which you must check out if you are a stylish sort of boi who likes urban/punk/smart or casual, it's a mix of everything. Really cool clothes, shoes and accessories here.

There is a huge box at the landing point in the store with 7 items of clothing inside! Men are more interested in pictures, is that right? I won't blah blah blah about these clothes then, you'll see for yourselves how nice they are. (No!! I'm not showing any porn in this post, so don't get yer hopes up - maybe later *winks*)





Striped top worn underneath this jacket is part of the Jelle outfit from Dutch Touch (not free)


The casual grey pants worn here are also from Mechanism, these aren't free but they really complete the look I reckon. Slim, handsome Guys look good in slim pants, mark my words!


All tops and jackets: Mechanism (free)
Grey Casual Pants: Mechanism (140L)
Reckless Mink Hair: Exile (Group Gift - Search Exile Gear and look in notice archives)
Chucks: Akeyo (not free)
Justin Eyeliner Skin: Good Life (not free)

1 <3 Cherry's!

Remember those dresses I featured on this blog post from Honey Soul? Well they are still available but also there's a new free dress in store and a 10 minute camp chair present too.

This cherry cutie dress is very reminiscent of Artilleri style, and guess what?...Artilleri has a half price sale on right now! The shoes I am wearing from Artilleri are now only 50L!!. This braided Dallas hair is also from Artilleri but still full price, I bought this a while ago and was kinda hoping it was in the sale when I took the pics - but noooooo...'tis cute though and perfect with these oufits!



The camp chair at Honey Soul presents you with this adorable little number after only 10 minutes - I love 10 minute camp chairs, just enough time for a little shuffle around in my inventory but not long enough to get bored. This beautiful green Spring Shell dress comes in two lengths and also includes a scripted skirt prim (I never wear these because I can't work them out, LOL!)



Dresses: Honey Soul (free)
Mimmi Shoes: Artilleri (50L)
Cherry Earrings: Artilleri (not free)
Dallas Hair: Artilleri (not free)
Little Socks: Honey Kitty (previous group gift)
Chai Cherry Skin: Lovey's (not free)

itutu Treasure Hunt*

I introduce the Treasure hunt of itutu of popular this time.
I introduce a part of the item.

Clothes : itutu (Treasure hunt 1L$)
Shoes : UnTone Quilt (Not Free.150L$)

Please look for a small apple. :)

11 apples are put on a mall here.

Stump chair : itutu (Treasure hunt 1L$)

This is a chair of the stump. There is one pose in this.

Stump chair : itutu (Treasure hunt 1L$)
Clothes : itutu (Treasure hunt 1L$)
Hair : TEKUTEKU (Free,Lucky chair)
Shoes : UnTone Quilt (Not Free.150L$)

Washing set : itutu (Treasure hunt 1L$)

You can get this washing set by looking for the apple. :)

Mirror & Torso Theatre : itutu (Treasure hunt 1L$)
Hair : TEKUTEKU (Free,Lucky chair)

You can sit in right Torso Theatre. This is a fashionable stool. :)

You can measure both the height and weight in a left mirror. XD

It is a part of commodity that introduced now.
There are wonderful clothes and accessories besides this!

The Treasure hunt of itutu is up to May 3. Let's go!!

A proper lady

As most of you know Moire Georgette of Bossa Nova has opened a new store named Comme il faut. She creates beautiful classic and vintage clothing.

Join the Comme il faut you will find this beautiful babydoll dress in the notice archives. If you have a problem finding this in search (which I did today), open my profile and click on Comme il faut in the groups section.

Pose by Animah

Pose by AnaLu

Allegro Babydoll Dress: Comme il faut (group gift)
Julie Hat with Hair: Previous Bossa Nova group gift (not available at the moment)
Amanda Pumps: SKG (1L) - lots of 1-5L shoes here and great quality
Essence Grace Skin: Canimal (not free)

Angelico B Designs Hunt

Angelico B Designs are having a hunt and all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society - RFL, which is a cause close to many hearts. Here is the info sent to the Free*Style group yesterday.

"Come and hunt for some fabulous prizes!
All proceeds to go to American Cancer Assoc- RFL.In the hunt you can find outfits, boots, shoes, sandals, belts, silks, pants, tops, hat/caps, furniture for both tinies and biggies, adorable cabin (mod/copy), art, funiture (many items), carpet etc.....Touch the SIGN AT THE TP POINT to receive a list of the shops and hints, Also at the TP Point is your first little giftbag, so u know what u looking for:))

See u here!!!

These are some of the wonderful goodies you can find there. I'm just showing the clothes and shoes here but there are lots of furniture items also (for tinies too!!).




These beautiful jewelled boots are a pre-release, scripted to change size with a click. (socks not included)


All shoes and clothing: Angelico B Designs RFL Hunt
Brat Hair: Diversity (1L)
Essence Grace skin: Canimal (not free)

Monday, 28 April 2008

Random Twosome with Itny

Random is giving away 4 really cool unisex tees in the subscribomatic group, and who better to model these with me than the one and Itny Lisle of D!ff who told me about them in the first place, she's more addicted to facial emotes than me! (see HERE for some of the great items in her store, get there before it closes for good)

I'm paying tribute to tragic Amy Winehouse in these pics. I think she rocks, drugs and all!
I think Itny is playing with herself!

4 free tee's: Random (subscribomatic group gift) TP to the store, click the subscribo sign, click it again and choose history option 2
Yellow Jeans: Random (not free)
Denim Shorts: Random (75L)
Pink Jeans: Sh*t Happens (30L in da sale)

Twosome also has new 1L Tee shirts, wear their name on your chest with pride, these tee's are cool!

Twosome tee's: Twosome (1L)
Striped Pants: Random at Gnubie Store (free)
Eat me leggings: Twosome (1L)

A couple of weeks ago a store called Bland sent a note to the Fashcon Group, as soon as I saw the photo's of their inventive fun outfits I went straight over, this store is so colourful and the clothes are so fun and imaginitive. I bought a bloodied taxi outfit (as you do) and joined the group.

Imagine my delight when I logged on today and discovered a group gift, these dirtied red jeans, if you would like these search Bland in groups and look in notice archives.

I couldn't keep my hands off Itny's fanjita any longer
Red Dirtied Jeans: Bland (group gift)
Blue hearts tee: Random at Gnubie store (free)

Well since I mentioned the taxi driver outfit (150L) from Bland, I couldn't not show it to you. (Don't ever get in a taxi driven by this girl)


I had to throw this pic in purely because Itny's face is priceless
Pink Top: Random at Gnubie Store (free)
Logo tee: Random (as before)
Hair: Random at Gnubie Store (free)
Dark Jeans: Torridwear (1L)

Other Items worn (not free)
Itny was trying to confuse me by wearing different hairs in every pic so I can't list them all

My hair is Amy by Aden at Dollyrock
Itny's skin is Fashionably Dead
My skin is Karamia Cateye
Itny shoes are fromAkeyo, (I think)
My shoes are at Surf Couture Mainstore

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Happy Sisters Hunt at Seasons

Hola all! Chica Indigo contacted me on Friday to let me know Seasons Haute Couture are having a Happy Sisters hunt which is on from now until Saturday May 3rd. I'm a lazy ass so I'll copy you the info on the notecard Chica sent to me.

"Sisters Chica Indigo (owner of Seasons Haute Couture) and Lady Pichot (Owner of ~Facets~) are so happy about the opening of their new mainstores at a new location that they are celebrating it with a wonderful treasure hunt. Its called "The Happy Sisters Picture Hunt" ( lol, yeah silly name) and it will start Saturday April 26 and will end on Saturday May 3.

On this fun hunt you will be looking around their stores for pictures of the "happy sisters" (like it shoes in the official poster). There are 8 pictures in total, 4 from Seasons and 4 from Facets and they cost only 1L. Whats inside? Excusive, high quality, modern and chic outfits from Seasons Haute Couture, and wonderful jewelry and shoes from the new Facets accesories line.

While at Seasons & Facets be sure to get the opening gift for each store, easily located near the entrance, they are gorgeous btw. There is also a clereance section that includes dollarbies at the 2nd floor of both stores. In adition there are 4 lucky chairs with past favorites of Seasons clothing line and more exclusive jewelry from Facets.

Finally Seasons & Facets will be celebrating a weekly draw, with the members of their subscribeomatic group. A name will me chosen randomly and if that person has Seasons Haute Couture & Facets added to their pic section the lucky winners will be able to choose an outfit or item from each store. So go quickly to their place, join the subscribeomatic and add their stores to your pic section today!"

So here is the picture you will be looking for on the hunt.


Chica kindly dropped me some samples of what you will find there if you look reeeaaally hard.

This adorable plaid 'Paris' outfit which includes the matching shoozies.


Beautiful 'Avril goes to Paris' jewellery

ooooh boobage!

The chic 'Avril' cropped pants and top


This next beautiful creation is the opening gift 'Jewel' dress. I swear...I'm swooning so much of this, it's all swooshy and gorgeousness. Loving the bold flower print too!


So you guys need to get your virtual bums down there and find these and the other goodies on the hunt. Remember, hunt ends on Saturday May 3rd - so plenty of time.

Big thanks to Dahlia for letting me know about this beautiful hair in the Exile Gear group. You will find a male and female style in the Exile Gear Group notices

All outfits - Seasons Haute Couture (free)
Cloe Crimson Hair - Exile (group Gift)
Rory Taupe skin - Piece of Candy (1L)


Kuri Styleで恒例となっている新作L$1セール。今回は原色を使ったドレスです。先日行われたMinatoモールハントの景品だったK*Sラメの色違いですが、胸元に付いている小物が違っています。

スキンはAOHARUのアイテムキャンプ、ヘアはFree Speeritでどちらも無料です^^
Dress - Kuri Style (L$1 until midnight SLT on May 1. There's also Nejiume outfit for L$1 if you missed the Minato Mall Hunt)
Skin - AOHARU (Prize camp chair)
Hair - Free Speerit (Free)
i'm such a dingbat sometimes (okay, all the time). i sent out a group notice about gifties from the brand spanking new ornamental life shop and said something about the freebs being shirts or tops or whatever. imagine what a delightful surprise i got when i unpacked these babies:

[hair - etd, katie (not free); skin - fleur, vanilla parfait 3 (not free)]

[feeling myself up in public ftw!]

so floaty and summery and fun! the colors make me crave lemon gelato and orange creamsicles. mmm, sugar. the rest of the shop is full of yummy affordable casuals in beautiful bright colors and lots of layer options. one of these dresses is only available for this week as a grand opening type deal, so yeah, run on down there and snatch them both up.

Lick Me Dry :d

マスカラが流れ落ちている泣き顔スキンはいくつかありますが今回はキレイな涙が頬を滑り落ちている様子を描いたスキンを紹介します。Free SpeeritのEleania Rosenbergさんから頂いた情報です。グループ検索でSpeeritと打ち込んでFree Speeritに加入すると通知欄にグループギフトが入ってます。6トーン、涙が両頬に1滴ずつと2滴ずつの全12スキンが入っています。デモと書いてありますがスキン自体にデモという字は見つかりませんでした。これから商品にするか否かのベータ版だそうで皆さんのスキン装着の感想やSSをwww.freespeerit.comのコメント欄へ投稿、またはインワールドでDesidelia VellaさんかEleania Rosenbergさんへノートカードを是非送って欲しいとのことです。




Big thanks to Eleania Rosenberg of Free Speerit for letting me know about this beautiful unique skins. Join Free Speerit group and you can find them in the notices. It says DEMO but it's not written on the actual skins. They are the Beta versions and Free Speerit would like to hear your honest opinions^^ Visit and send your photos or comment, or you can send a notecard to Desidelia Vella or Eleania Rosenberg in world. (Type in "Speerit" in the group search when joining the group)

こちらはBlowpopのスキンです。全6トーン、眉毛2色そばかす有無の4スキンずつ入っています。入り口から見て右側に並ぶスキントーンからそれぞれSimply Nekkidが無料で置かれています。




Skins - Blowpop (Free. Now Simply Nekkid from Mellie3 series is free x.O TP to Blowpop noooow)