Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Angelico B Designs Hunt

Angelico B Designs are having a hunt and all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society - RFL, which is a cause close to many hearts. Here is the info sent to the Free*Style group yesterday.

"Come and hunt for some fabulous prizes!
All proceeds to go to American Cancer Assoc- RFL.In the hunt you can find outfits, boots, shoes, sandals, belts, silks, pants, tops, hat/caps, furniture for both tinies and biggies, adorable cabin (mod/copy), art, funiture (many items), carpet etc.....Touch the SIGN AT THE TP POINT to receive a list of the shops and hints, Also at the TP Point is your first little giftbag, so u know what u looking for:))

See u here!!!

These are some of the wonderful goodies you can find there. I'm just showing the clothes and shoes here but there are lots of furniture items also (for tinies too!!).




These beautiful jewelled boots are a pre-release, scripted to change size with a click. (socks not included)


All shoes and clothing: Angelico B Designs RFL Hunt
Brat Hair: Diversity (1L)
Essence Grace skin: Canimal (not free)


Inkubus said...

Hy, just a question..
have you problens with the animations in fornitures?
all my is wrong :( i be like a selfish when i sit !!
i love your blog


Inkubus said...

oh, Angelo talk to my sister about the problens... she's so lovely. all is done!

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Hi Inkubus, is it the Angelico b furniture you are having problems with?

Do you have your AO switched on, this could cause a problem or if you have scripts turned off on your land.

If it is neither of these you could contact the creator of the furniture to help you.

I'm happy you like the blog :)

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Oh that's great Inkubus, I'm glad the problem is solved :)

<3 Creamy