Monday, 28 April 2008

Random Twosome with Itny

Random is giving away 4 really cool unisex tees in the subscribomatic group, and who better to model these with me than the one and Itny Lisle of D!ff who told me about them in the first place, she's more addicted to facial emotes than me! (see HERE for some of the great items in her store, get there before it closes for good)

I'm paying tribute to tragic Amy Winehouse in these pics. I think she rocks, drugs and all!
I think Itny is playing with herself!

4 free tee's: Random (subscribomatic group gift) TP to the store, click the subscribo sign, click it again and choose history option 2
Yellow Jeans: Random (not free)
Denim Shorts: Random (75L)
Pink Jeans: Sh*t Happens (30L in da sale)

Twosome also has new 1L Tee shirts, wear their name on your chest with pride, these tee's are cool!

Twosome tee's: Twosome (1L)
Striped Pants: Random at Gnubie Store (free)
Eat me leggings: Twosome (1L)

A couple of weeks ago a store called Bland sent a note to the Fashcon Group, as soon as I saw the photo's of their inventive fun outfits I went straight over, this store is so colourful and the clothes are so fun and imaginitive. I bought a bloodied taxi outfit (as you do) and joined the group.

Imagine my delight when I logged on today and discovered a group gift, these dirtied red jeans, if you would like these search Bland in groups and look in notice archives.

I couldn't keep my hands off Itny's fanjita any longer
Red Dirtied Jeans: Bland (group gift)
Blue hearts tee: Random at Gnubie store (free)

Well since I mentioned the taxi driver outfit (150L) from Bland, I couldn't not show it to you. (Don't ever get in a taxi driven by this girl)


I had to throw this pic in purely because Itny's face is priceless
Pink Top: Random at Gnubie Store (free)
Logo tee: Random (as before)
Hair: Random at Gnubie Store (free)
Dark Jeans: Torridwear (1L)

Other Items worn (not free)
Itny was trying to confuse me by wearing different hairs in every pic so I can't list them all

My hair is Amy by Aden at Dollyrock
Itny's skin is Fashionably Dead
My skin is Karamia Cateye
Itny shoes are fromAkeyo, (I think)
My shoes are at Surf Couture Mainstore


Garbage Prototype said...

Thanks soooo much for the mention and seeing you two rock Colored Denim makes me very happy I think EVERYONE SHOULD WEAR COLORED PANTS thanks. Anywho once again thank you so much :)

shelby wrangler said...

Thnx Creamy to promote Twosome!
You girls are rocking the tees!

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Wooohooo! Thank you both too :)

I totally agree garbage, colored pants ROCK, lets brighten up SL! :D