Tuesday, 29 April 2008


i know we generally shy away from lucky chairs, but this silentsparrow dress was too stunning not to share. i rarely catch an O so maybe i'm a wee bit overexcited. okay, so it MIGHT have been a wildcard round, but still... this is a set worth keeping an eye on the chair for. the sugarplum lucky chair suite comes with the dress and gloves and wristy things shown, and included also is a set for you boys.

[hair - cake, berlin (not free); necklace/crown - violet voltaire, melodic atrocity set (50L for a whole set! located upstairs); stockings - canimal, torn fishnets (not free)]

because i'm an ass, i chose an eyes-shut shot above. had i not you'd have had a better look at these spooky all black eyes, the latest group gift from miriel:

check her group notice archives to get your own. the lovely skin is the latest eloh mod (freeb? dollarbie?) from mela's, and i'm running so so late for rl things so yall are just going to have to use search for that :p

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Bella Baroque said...

your evil dark eyes melt my icy black heart! hahaha, scurry but cute, nice finds lady <3