Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Tilly the Girl Next Door

I'm in shape making mood!

I created Tilly GoLightly for you today, she's a normal real sort of girl, could be in her late teens/early 20s. She's been out in the sun too long too! I've created her based on the unique and gorgeous Creampuff Sunburn skins which are a group gift from Rosemar. There is a 250L one-off joining fee for Rosemar's group due to the amount of wonderful items given out to group members, currently 2 packs of new skins. I have given Tilly to the Free*Style group and she will be available at Juicy Free*Style from tomorrow for a limited time for 1L.

Cekin at ICEY is now giving away her white Knit Pants for 1L, these are low waisted and have a really great tight fit with loose duster prims around the ankles, they look so cute with this free top from Gbberish which Dahlia Eilde of Bonnie & Clyde contacted me about (thank you Dahlia).



There's a little prim bow which attaches to the back of this top.


Who loved Mighty Mouse when they were a kid?....meeeeeeee!
This cropped Mighty Mouse tee is free at Versteck, I've got a sneaky feeling it's only for a limited time - I'm sure that's what it said it on the Fashcon notice, but can I find it now? Nope! So best get it quick just in case.


These funky super-low cut pants are also from ICEY , next to the 1L ones - these are only dems!!


Knit Pants: ICEY (1L)
Rose Top: Gbberish (free) also available on-rez
Mighty Mouse Tee: (1L or free) Versteck
Tilly GoLightly Shape: Free*Style (Group Gift) will be available at Juicy Free*Style tomorrow for a limited time for 1L.

Non Free Items
Sunburn Creampuff Skin in Manhatten:
Rosemar (group gift - 250L joining fee)
Laydee Hair: Fuel
Pink Pumps:
Pink Jogging Shoes: ICEY


Dahlia Eilde said...

You're welcome ♥
p.s. It looks great on ya!

Anonymous said...

why not have free group joining and sell the stuff as regular, this smacks of scam! or at least don't call it a freebie!

Anonymous said...

i usually do have free group join, and i only just instituted the join fee of 250L (but i send out around 2-15k L worth of freebies per month.) it's distressed to gain and lose 500 members in a day whenever i have a new freebie out, so i wanted people to realize that /staying/ in the group is worthwhile - thereby avoiding repeat fees ^_^

the reason i send free group-only gifts to begin with, is to reward customers and people who appreciate what i do, and stick around for all my store updates and such. i think it's very insensitive that you, random-comment-leaver, would call it a scam. it isn't. it's a designer assigning a value (albeit an arbitrary one) to gift-access. i still invite customers in free a few times per week, as well.

-rosemary galbraith

Anonymous said...

*distressing. har. i would typo while trying to sound official-like.


Creamy Cooljoke said...

Thanks Dahlia :)) Oooh and thanks for introducing me to this store too, gorgeous clothes!

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Dear Anon

Rosemary is a talented and well established creator in SL.
I featured her skin in my blog post because I am a member of the Rosemar group and I know for a fact that the items she gives out to the group regularly are of a superior quality and worth a lot more than the 250L joining fee.

It's up to the individual if they want to pay this and join the group, no one is forcing anyone into anything. As Rosemary says, she will also invite people to the group with no fee, she will know from her store purchases who are loyal customers.

Many stores are having to make their groups invite only or charge a joining fee now due to spammers and 'smash and grabbers' (people who join the group to just grab the freebie and then leave). I feel partly to blame for that because I show the group gifts on this blog. I'm having a rethink about that.

Think it's time for a poll!

Anonymous said...

Hmm. What made you change your mind about "Tilly"'s name?

Didn't think "Ima Hogg" would go over as well? ;)

Creamy Cooljoke said...

HAHAHA you noticed, it was a joooooke, dunno if you noticed but I'm always giving my shapes silly names!!!

It's how as was feeling at the time of making this shape, because I had eaten nearly a whole packet of biscuits, and yes I did think twice about it because people get offended about the silliest things.

Earth calling all anon's...use your real name, I won't come and kill you for leaving neg comments on this blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm the anon who left the comment re: "Ima Hogg" ... I'm choosing to stay "anon" for now, but not because my comment was meant to be negative. It wasn't. ;)

To be 100% honest with you "Ima Hogg" and "Meg A. Boner" have made me laugh right out loud... I thought they were funny, and showed that you have a sense of humor about your own shapes, which is good! ;) So yes, I noticed that you give your shapes silly names.

"Tilly GoLightly" is cute, and honestly she looks more like a Tilly than an Ima, so it's not a bad decision on that front, either.

I just thought it was cute/silly/funny, that's all, but was also a little curious why you changed it. :)

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Oooh sorry, I presumed that you were the same anon who left the neg comment above and was having another little dig, LOL.

Yea, I've learned from past experience people can be a little touchy about things which I find funny, like when I put the blaspheming Jesus at Free*Style, that didn't go down too well LOL.

I have to think twice about my jokes nowadays :D