Tuesday, 29 April 2008

A proper lady

As most of you know Moire Georgette of Bossa Nova has opened a new store named Comme il faut. She creates beautiful classic and vintage clothing.

Join the Comme il faut you will find this beautiful babydoll dress in the notice archives. If you have a problem finding this in search (which I did today), open my profile and click on Comme il faut in the groups section.

Pose by Animah

Pose by AnaLu

Allegro Babydoll Dress: Comme il faut (group gift)
Julie Hat with Hair: Previous Bossa Nova group gift (not available at the moment)
Amanda Pumps: SKG (1L) - lots of 1-5L shoes here and great quality
Essence Grace Skin: Canimal (not free)


moire georgette said...

hi creamy! this hat/hair is still avaliable for free, on my hair wall at the comme il faut mainstore.

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Oooh yay! Thanks Moire, I did look around your store but musta not looked hard enough. Typical me :D

Big thanks for this beautiful dress also :)