Friday, 29 February 2008

Some Schtuffs

Please give Olivia Connaught a warm welcome to blogging here! *Yay*

Firstly today, there is a new group gift in Mimikri Hot Couture, search groups using the word 'Mimikri' and it should be really easy to find! They're giving away this unusually patterned 'Lady Minx' dress in Pink, has gorgeous matching gloves! The pattern is reminiscent of lined crepe paper, also I really love this deep, off-pink hue


mimikri_ladyMinx_pink_difference skin_Periquita_booties_purple_etd_hair

The cute spangly purple sculpted 'booties' haven't been released yet at Periquita Shoes , these will be available in a variety of confident colors, they're so much fun to wear. They match the Mimikri dress so perfectly!

Hair: ETD (not free)
Skin: Difference 1(I heart Cupcakes $25L sale pack)

While catching some rays of island sun at the Aventi sim I found this cute free Heart dress at Lycee Feelings Shop looks like a polka dot at a glance, but they're cute ickle heartsies!

Lyceefeelings_heartdress_BP_mitsuami_braidhair_platninum_difference6skin_lycee hat for princess

the hat was sitting right next to the dress & it's also free!

Hair: Mitsuami braids - Platinum from BP* Shop (not free)
Skin: Difference 6 (I heart Cupcakes $25L sale pack)

These really nice free jeans also come from Lycee Feelings Shop! You will find them near the hat & heart dress above. With them I'm wearing this cute Valentine shirt from *Yamy* shop it comes in about 4/5 colors!

exclusion_skin_bigbomb1hair_yamy_valentineshirt_yamy_springmuffler_grey_lycee_feelings_jeans_ubu_pink psycho boots

Also I'm wearing the cool grey Spring muffler from the same shop! The items here are amazing value, and it's also selling mens clothing! Awesome if you're on a tight budget.

I was a little naughty at Urban Bomb Unit, but I just couldn't resist these Pink Psycho wellie boots, they're so awesome... Not free but I absolutely recommend them for quality & style.

Hair: Big Bomb Hair1 from BP* Shop (Lucky chair gift)
Skin: Exclusion from I heart Cupcakes $25L sale pack

The other night I left myself camping for this cute anime style 'Summer - pink' skin from KAO, it's a 2 hour camp but well worth it, so pretty


There is another skin to camp for at the other KAO too, the lipstick on that one is a really warm orange! along with a box containing a free set of beautiful eyes (worn in above close up)

I also found this summery free outfit at Aventi, it's from a shop called Little Town, the outfit is called 'resort gift - blue' and comes with matching shoes!


Hair: Hudsen - Brownie from Sandshack Surf Co. (Not free)

From the POZA MART/Kmaxi I got this really cute free Camisole set with denim shorts


Hair: Kristin - black by Zero Style (Not free)

Aww, look I know Christmas has long since past now & this maybe out of sync...eep! But I found this Cuuuute Tiny Santa at Nooker Works on Aventi, has the most adorable blinking eyes, and gives that puppy look that I can't resist... lol


A few shops along you even find this tiny snorkelling beach set free from Lucky Card

nooker_works_santa tiny with Lucky Card_free_beach_set

They also sell a gorgeous tiny sculptie avatar along with other freebies!

The shapes worn in the pictures are made by myself, I may also include a shape or two of mine at the Free*Style shop soon!

<3 Cheri

Thursday, 28 February 2008

so here we are

i was poking around onrez for freebs, as is my wont, and while i found a bunch of goodies i just had to share this little number by marinoco oceanlane with y'all. somehow it made me think of getting all glammed up for a new years eve date:

there's sexy smexy criscrossed back detail, even!:

the bangles are dollarbies at slink (there's a gold set as well), and the earrings/necklace were a muse group gift (no longer available).

and the skin! it's by the same aphrodite outlander who spoils us with brilliant shoes. originally 50L at Another Fundraiser, the above shown another skin mod and four other lovely variations are currently available at her shop for 1L.


oh yeah, i mentioned the word date up there? well, it IS my world, my slimagination after all, and i'm gonna say i got stood up because it makes for a nice segue to the next dress:

meeee-ow. you can grab the free slinky polkadotted goodness at mojo. clearly i've gone home, let the girls out, let my hair down, and went out looking for a shot and a beer, cause i'm not the champagne type anyway :D

moar details:

set one
hair: etd, anisa (not free)
sim: nbc's rainbow room

set two
hair: truth, ana lu (not free)
bolero: booN (group gift, no longer available)
stockings: savvy? (group gift, no longer available)
eyes: big booty big money group gift
sim: devil's moon

I'm off on my travels

I'm off to the North Pole (or I might as well be, it's the North of Norway, why did my friend Sammie Stawberry have to move so far away?)

So Cheri and Olivia are kindly driving the Free*Style bus while I'm away. I'll be back on Weds 5th March at some point.

Join the Free*Style Chat Room and shout out on group IM for a main Free*Style group invite (no spammers please - immediate foot up the arse of anyone who does this), or contact a Free*Style Group Admin for an invite.

Have fun honeypie's!


Wednesday, 27 February 2008

a not so little princess

"I am a princess. All girls are. Even if they live in tiny old attics. Even if they dress in rags, even if they aren't pretty, or smart, or young. They're still princesses. All of us. Didn't your father ever tell you that?"

hey kids! i'll be filling in here and there while creamy is on her much deserved vacation holiday, so you'll have to excuse my noviceness. i thought i'd get into a free*style posting groove a little early with this dress from kouse's sanctum...

does it get much more luscious and princesstastic than that? i don't think so.
the lady serenity gown in red rose is one of three gifts you score when you tp your tushie to kouse's and grab up various little boxes hidden (in plain sight) throughout the store. the other gifts? a silver crown and this dainty circlet thinger:

i'm not sure how long this is going to be available, so get on down there.

oh yeah, the skin: it's a brand spanking new hybrid III, by santana lumiere, and nope, it's not free. sure is purty, though.

the rest:
eyes (free) - BBBM group gift
hair (not free)- etd's katie

edited to add: pics taken at the straylight sim.

Foxy Sn@tch

Well, look at this tranformation today. Finally my letter came up on the lucky chair and I got this funky afro from BP, I think the whole of SL will have this hair soon (it rocks on guys too!). This hair is becoming an obsession!

So Ivey at Snatch has put some more free items in the store (Yay Ivey!!!), this first one called 'Cry Baby' is free somewhere in the store for a week. I'll give you a clue, when you TP into the store walk straight ahead and go left to where the stockings are at the a back.

Cry Baby has slightly mucky leggings just how I like them, like you've been getting up to 'I don't know what.'


The next item is available for free for 24 hours and then it will be back to it's full price again, but, if you look hard you may find another free item, you have to look at each ad to see which is free.

Today it was the Gothkini.


oooh think I shoulda gone for a bigger cupsize...


This beautiful skin is by Fleur, the 'Vivant Chestnut Soiree'. Fleur is now doing the 500L gift for those who missed out last time. So if you haven't got your gift voucher yet, join the Fleur Group and click on the sign outside the store, you will be given your voucher. Wear the voucher and choose your skin, only 1 voucher per person and only applies to those who missed out last time. This offer only applies until Tuesday.


Ooh and I always forget to mention the eyes, these are a group gift by Big Booty Big Money.

While we were in Snatch, Skyler found a free backpack and T Shirt in Retox, (which is on the left hand side of the store) and I took some sneaky pics of him (he said it was ok though, thanks Skyler)

Broken Heart Tee, Retox at Snatch (free)

So you need to get your hunting head on to find these, it's pretty tricky for me to explain exactly where they are.

Pixelated Glamour

I received yet another set of beautiful preview outfits from the Pixel Dolls Group just before just before I logged off last night, therefore, yet again, I was on SL longer than I intended as I tried them all...another late night for Creamster! I didn't have much time to show them earlier as I'm off on my travels on Friday (until next Weds) so had lots of preparing to do today, but these are definitely worth the wait.

There are four beautiful dresses in total, and as always with Pixel Dolls creations the detail and textures are amazing.




Skin and Hair - Tuli Group Gifts

So, if you are already a member of Pixel Dolls you should already have these, if not go to the store and click the sign to subscribe, click again and choose history, option 1.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Coneheaded SexyBum

Hey girls, look what I found in the Savvy Avvy group. If you have never visisted Savvy Avvy before you must, it's for the superstylish Avatar, fantastic hair and clothes and shoes for men and women. This outfit was a Valentine's gift to the group from Zahara.

The whole outfit includes the jeans, legwarmers, jumper and mohair wrap - great to mix and match with other stuff, a valuable addition to every girls virtual wardrobe.


These skinny fit jeans give serious sexy bum issues...


As soon as I wore this outfit I knew I had to go back and get this conehead hairstyle (style ANT92 B&Gold 2 pack) from Boon to go with it, this wasn't free but the style is just so unusual and fun I just had to have it. See my previous post for the fantastic free unisex hair at Boon.

Skin worn is 'Buddy Holly' by GiGi Couture (Group Gift)

There is also still some free jeans, sunglasses and belts for guys in the Savvy Avvy group too, I have previously featured these in THIS POST. This gift for the guys is named 'freebies' dated 27/01/08 so get it NOW dudes, only in for 30 days and it will be gone tomorrow, search Savvy Avvy Update Group and look in the notice archives for these goodies.

There's still a bit more time to get the girls outfit, it's named Group Special dated 12/2/08 but do it today incase you forget.

Mwahh kisheeesh x


Olivia sent a notice to the group about this funky choppy UNISEX hairstyle free from Boon, how cool is this? It comes in loads of colours in large and small sizes. A boyish style which makes girl avs look so cute, yet also slightly feminine to make guys look, well, in touch with their feminine side as you will see on Eisa later on in this post. The charming skin worn here is Mela's 'Elephant' skin, this is Freeee in her store Mela's at Juicy.


Iki sent out two fun tops to her Dutch Touch group to brighten up your day, the UNISEX jeans are also a recent Dutch Touch Group gift and they are still there if you TP to Dutch Touch, touch the subscribo sign, touch again and choose History and then go through all the options for all of these gifts. These will only be there until Iki removes them so get them quick.

Pumps by 69 Succubus (Group Gift)



I dragged Eisa out to model these next outfits, poor Eisa has been so neglected lately, I think he forgot how to walk.

Cheri found these amazing free guys tops in a store called =About= at Creators Pavillion the other day, this is a really great store for guys - you will also find a free Monkey Avatar there.


The jeans worn here are the Dutch Touch group gift jeans shown earlier. As you can see they are unisex and look really great on guys too.

The sneakers worn here are the free ones I featured on a previous post from =About= at the Creators Pavillion Spring Sale area.

This is the second free top at =About=, great design and excellent quality, Eisa is wearing it with the 1L Tartan Kilin pants which were at the Creators Pavillion Spring Sale


OK Eisa, sorry, get back into your box again until next time - honestly he goes wild when he gets out, I should let him out more.


Eisa skin is 'Justin, Eyeliner' by Good Life, (not free)

Monday, 25 February 2008

A new girl on the scene

This post is a mixture of freebies and non freebies. The gorgeous dress I am wearing here is a the 'Fairyheartful' dress which is a free gift in the Aoharu group (search Aoharu and look in notice archives for the free gift which will be there for 30 days). I have featured the fantastic Aoharu previously HERE on my blog, there are beautifully designed Japanese clothes and skins and soon to be hair, this dress is a little taster of what's on offer here.

aoharu fairy_002

I was a lucky girl the other day and received these preview Essence skins from Canimal, now I must stress that these aren't free but I think they are beautiful so I had to show you, I have made an almost freebie shape especially for these skins. I'll put it at Free*Style for you all to enjoy, it's a fully modifiable shape so tweak it and make it your own.

Yep - I've been on the silly names website again, this secksay lady is called 'Meg A. Boner'

Canimal Essence Skins (modifiable lip colour/gloss and brow colour)
aoharu fairy_007 aoharu fairy_006

aoharu fairy_003 aoharu fairy_005

Nelly Hair - Truth (1L)
Essence Skin & Soul Eyes - Canimal (not free)
Meg A. Boner Shape by Creamy at Free*Style (1L)

This shape also looks really great with the skins from A Piece of Candy and Imagen available at Free*Style for 1L.

L-R - Candy Skin, Imagen Eva Skin at Free*Style
aoharu fairy_009 aoharu fairy_008

In the Meg shape box I have included a skirt shape (so your bum doesn't look huge in dresses and skirts) and also a regular shape. This is a pic of the full body regular shape worn with Canimal Essence Skin. She's curvy, voluptuous with legs up to her armpits.

aoharu fairy_001
Lingerie and Socks - Dutch Touch Group Gifts (touch the subscribo sign at the store, touch it again and choose 'history', these may still be available.

I have set the price for Meg Shape at 1L, it's not much but everything counts towards my rocketing broadband fee's (I think it's because of all my Flickr uploads for this blog). I don't earn money in SL so if you feel like donating a tip into my little black kitty at Free*Style it would be greatly appreciated.

The freebies and dollarbies at Free*Style are growing, I might need to expand. If you are a designer, please contact me if you would like to add a free or dollarbie gift. For those of you who have no home in SL, feel free to set Free*Style as your home location, I'm gradually making it into a cool little beach hangout.

When you land at Free*Style you will also see a Metaverse Voter, if you click on this you will be given a HUD to wear - it's like a sort of Facebook for SL and also you can explore the grid with ease, add your favourite places and find anything you want. If you are a business owner you can add your business to this HUD and also place one of these on your land to get on the HotSpot list. For more info about this IM Robbie Kiama in game or check out the website

(See the Kitty there? That's my Tip Kitty - he eats Lindens, he needs them to survive)

TP to Free*Style

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Flower Girl Prancing Around

The amazingly talented Four Yip of Yip's has made another glorious free outfit, Cheri blogged her wonderful free Peacock outfit a couple of days ago.

The Anouska outfit is all flowers and butterflies, beautifully designed - I have never seen anything like it and I never want to take it off. It goes perfectly with Truth's new dollarbie 'Nelly' hair in silver and Cupcakes difference skins which are only 25L for 10 in the sale at Popfuzz!!Aren't they fantastic, the ones I am wearing in this post are Gothy and Vixen. When you land there click on the sale box and you will tp to the sale room - the Cupcakes skins are on the far back wall



There's even a little butterfly which sits on your tummy, I was actually not going to use this pic because the thought of a butterfly on my belly button makes me want to hurl - seriously, I have bellybutton phobia. I conquered my fear to show you this...are you proud of me?


Feeling a bit naughty? Throw off some layers and pop on a few butterflies (no butterflies were harmed in the making of this blog post)


You will find the free Anouska and Peacock outfit at Yip's in a little room just across from where you land (you can also treat onlookers to a little burlesque dancing), check Mini out here - floozie she is.


Another fantastic outfit is being given for 1L from Crystal Queendom, this is the Masquerade Ballerina outfit, such an unusual, creative design and lots of ways to wear it.




TP to Popfuzz for the Cupcakes 25L skins
TP to Yip's for the free Anouska flower outfit
TP to Crystal Queendom for the 1L ballerina outfit
TP to Truth for the 1L Nelly hair