Sunday, 24 February 2008

Flower Girl Prancing Around

The amazingly talented Four Yip of Yip's has made another glorious free outfit, Cheri blogged her wonderful free Peacock outfit a couple of days ago.

The Anouska outfit is all flowers and butterflies, beautifully designed - I have never seen anything like it and I never want to take it off. It goes perfectly with Truth's new dollarbie 'Nelly' hair in silver and Cupcakes difference skins which are only 25L for 10 in the sale at Popfuzz!!Aren't they fantastic, the ones I am wearing in this post are Gothy and Vixen. When you land there click on the sale box and you will tp to the sale room - the Cupcakes skins are on the far back wall



There's even a little butterfly which sits on your tummy, I was actually not going to use this pic because the thought of a butterfly on my belly button makes me want to hurl - seriously, I have bellybutton phobia. I conquered my fear to show you this...are you proud of me?


Feeling a bit naughty? Throw off some layers and pop on a few butterflies (no butterflies were harmed in the making of this blog post)


You will find the free Anouska and Peacock outfit at Yip's in a little room just across from where you land (you can also treat onlookers to a little burlesque dancing), check Mini out here - floozie she is.


Another fantastic outfit is being given for 1L from Crystal Queendom, this is the Masquerade Ballerina outfit, such an unusual, creative design and lots of ways to wear it.




TP to Popfuzz for the Cupcakes 25L skins
TP to Yip's for the free Anouska flower outfit
TP to Crystal Queendom for the 1L ballerina outfit
TP to Truth for the 1L Nelly hair


Seeandwrite said...

Is a excellent outfit! I gonna a pick up!

Anonymous said...

LVS-Nekotails has a close out sale: eyes, ears+tails, tees, etc all 5L-10L

Tart has moved and has 2 freebies near the entrance + a Subscribe o matic gift when you sign up + a Valentine day goodie bag.

BoRee Vella said...

*pokes your bellybutton*

i loved this outfit so much i dragged triangle to go get it! thanks!

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Thanks for the tip about LVs, I'll take Miaow there later.

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Nooooo Boreee, don't mention the 'B' word - eeeeeeeeeeks!