Monday, 25 February 2008

A new girl on the scene

This post is a mixture of freebies and non freebies. The gorgeous dress I am wearing here is a the 'Fairyheartful' dress which is a free gift in the Aoharu group (search Aoharu and look in notice archives for the free gift which will be there for 30 days). I have featured the fantastic Aoharu previously HERE on my blog, there are beautifully designed Japanese clothes and skins and soon to be hair, this dress is a little taster of what's on offer here.

aoharu fairy_002

I was a lucky girl the other day and received these preview Essence skins from Canimal, now I must stress that these aren't free but I think they are beautiful so I had to show you, I have made an almost freebie shape especially for these skins. I'll put it at Free*Style for you all to enjoy, it's a fully modifiable shape so tweak it and make it your own.

Yep - I've been on the silly names website again, this secksay lady is called 'Meg A. Boner'

Canimal Essence Skins (modifiable lip colour/gloss and brow colour)
aoharu fairy_007 aoharu fairy_006

aoharu fairy_003 aoharu fairy_005

Nelly Hair - Truth (1L)
Essence Skin & Soul Eyes - Canimal (not free)
Meg A. Boner Shape by Creamy at Free*Style (1L)

This shape also looks really great with the skins from A Piece of Candy and Imagen available at Free*Style for 1L.

L-R - Candy Skin, Imagen Eva Skin at Free*Style
aoharu fairy_009 aoharu fairy_008

In the Meg shape box I have included a skirt shape (so your bum doesn't look huge in dresses and skirts) and also a regular shape. This is a pic of the full body regular shape worn with Canimal Essence Skin. She's curvy, voluptuous with legs up to her armpits.

aoharu fairy_001
Lingerie and Socks - Dutch Touch Group Gifts (touch the subscribo sign at the store, touch it again and choose 'history', these may still be available.

I have set the price for Meg Shape at 1L, it's not much but everything counts towards my rocketing broadband fee's (I think it's because of all my Flickr uploads for this blog). I don't earn money in SL so if you feel like donating a tip into my little black kitty at Free*Style it would be greatly appreciated.

The freebies and dollarbies at Free*Style are growing, I might need to expand. If you are a designer, please contact me if you would like to add a free or dollarbie gift. For those of you who have no home in SL, feel free to set Free*Style as your home location, I'm gradually making it into a cool little beach hangout.

When you land at Free*Style you will also see a Metaverse Voter, if you click on this you will be given a HUD to wear - it's like a sort of Facebook for SL and also you can explore the grid with ease, add your favourite places and find anything you want. If you are a business owner you can add your business to this HUD and also place one of these on your land to get on the HotSpot list. For more info about this IM Robbie Kiama in game or check out the website

(See the Kitty there? That's my Tip Kitty - he eats Lindens, he needs them to survive)

TP to Free*Style


Zephyr Tigerpaw said...

I tried to find the Meg shape but I could not fine it at Juicy. Is it on the left, or on the right? I really can't find it.... :-S

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Hi! It's in a box, on the table on the left as you look into the tent :)

Zephyr Tigerpaw said...

Thanks for your time and help, but somehow I am not able to find it. It's probably the best for me to go find some SL glasses. :D
But thanks anyway.

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Zephry, so sorry, I dunno what happened but when I went to check it had gone - I can only presume I did it without wearing my group tag and it got returned to me.

Anyway, the shape is there now I promise, please let me know if you can't find it and I will send it to you personally. :)

Eri Yatsenko said...

I'm glad you have a tip kitty so we can show appreciation for all the wonderful freebies you find for us. Without your blog I'd still be a city chic female with those awful messy buns XD

Zephyr Tigerpaw said...

Still can't find it.. don't slap me. :D
I'll contact you in-world. Thanks for the help. :)

Creamy Cooljoke said...

*Creamy slaps her own head*

I made a schoolgirl error. I set the properties of the box as original, so the first person who bought the shape took the box so you weren't blind.

I've sorted it now so the box is definitely there and there it is staying, I've sent you the shape in game Zephyr.

My apologies for being a durr-brain :)

<3 Creamy