Saturday, 16 February 2008

Go see Aoharu!

I've got a lovely Saturday morning hangover this morning (thanks to you Holli Hansup!). It's ok though, the official finishing time for a hangover is 3pm - so that's...ummmm....4 more hours of suffering!

Check this out, there this beautiful new sim called Aoharu. I visited a couple of weeks ago and it was work in progress, but now it is ready. There are gorgeous clothes and skins and I think hair to come soon.


I met the lovely owner Machang Pichot who told me she plans to give out lots of gifts in the future. There is a freebie room also with a kimono in it but I didn't have time to show this. If you join the group you receive this wonderful cute Japanese shape and skin, jacket and sweater, search AOHARU - notice dated 2/12. The shape is modifiable. Thanks to Kagome again for letting me know about fantastic place.


The chocolate jacket and top underneath can be worn seperately. Top can be tucked or untucked. I reckon guys could wear this too.


The skin is so sweet with the little heart below the eye, pink eyeshadow and glossy lips. Kawaii!!


Shape, Skin and tops - Valentine Group Gift AOHARU
Shorts - Amerie's Naughty (1L)
Socks - DP YumYum (1L)
Chucks - Darkstar (60L)
Hair Loveaffair by RAC (Valentines Day gift 1 day only - no longer available for free)
Manicure - Skin Within Group Gift (includes skin and shape) - TP to store and click on subscribomatic sign, click again select History - Option 1 (this will only be in the notices until owner removes it)
Eyes - BP Group gift (search BP Update Group)

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Eri Yatsenko said...

This place is beautiful. The free kimono is one of the best free ones I've seen too.