Thursday, 28 February 2008

so here we are

i was poking around onrez for freebs, as is my wont, and while i found a bunch of goodies i just had to share this little number by marinoco oceanlane with y'all. somehow it made me think of getting all glammed up for a new years eve date:

there's sexy smexy criscrossed back detail, even!:

the bangles are dollarbies at slink (there's a gold set as well), and the earrings/necklace were a muse group gift (no longer available).

and the skin! it's by the same aphrodite outlander who spoils us with brilliant shoes. originally 50L at Another Fundraiser, the above shown another skin mod and four other lovely variations are currently available at her shop for 1L.


oh yeah, i mentioned the word date up there? well, it IS my world, my slimagination after all, and i'm gonna say i got stood up because it makes for a nice segue to the next dress:

meeee-ow. you can grab the free slinky polkadotted goodness at mojo. clearly i've gone home, let the girls out, let my hair down, and went out looking for a shot and a beer, cause i'm not the champagne type anyway :D

moar details:

set one
hair: etd, anisa (not free)
sim: nbc's rainbow room

set two
hair: truth, ana lu (not free)
bolero: booN (group gift, no longer available)
stockings: savvy? (group gift, no longer available)
eyes: big booty big money group gift
sim: devil's moon


Hachimitsu said...

Lovely outfits, but I must say, it was the locations the pics were shot in that really caught my eye. Please, if you're willing to share the sim(s) they were taken at, I would be lovely!

Anonymous said...

I do like the website, however I am curious why you even bother to post clothing and accessories that are no longer available? For the sake of a better photo? I think most of the people using this website come here to find links to nice free stuff.

olivia connaught said...

hachimitsu: the first set was taken at the rainbow room at the nbc sim, and the second at devil's moon. i'll edit in the slurls when i get back inworld.

anonymous: to be honest, i almost redid the post after i put it together because i thought the unavailables might be annoying. the reasons i went ahead with it:
- it backs up the blog's concept that you can put together a decent look for very little.
- it illustrates the usefulness of keeping an eye on groups for great items, and also gives an idea as to which groups to look out for.

however, if everyone finds it irritating, i totally understand and won't do it. i don't like making people grumpy.

Fidella Faulds said...

omg, it's Olivia! Now imma be name-droppin'!


Cheri Pye said...

YaY! Go Olivia!

I love your setting for those pictures, the hazy glow of night time over the city :)

'Anisa' is nearly my all time fav ETD style.

Leilani said...

I own that Bolero set and it was nice to see it used in a different way ^^

Gives me a chance to used a great freebie again :) Thanks!