Friday, 29 February 2008

Some Schtuffs

Please give Olivia Connaught a warm welcome to blogging here! *Yay*

Firstly today, there is a new group gift in Mimikri Hot Couture, search groups using the word 'Mimikri' and it should be really easy to find! They're giving away this unusually patterned 'Lady Minx' dress in Pink, has gorgeous matching gloves! The pattern is reminiscent of lined crepe paper, also I really love this deep, off-pink hue


mimikri_ladyMinx_pink_difference skin_Periquita_booties_purple_etd_hair

The cute spangly purple sculpted 'booties' haven't been released yet at Periquita Shoes , these will be available in a variety of confident colors, they're so much fun to wear. They match the Mimikri dress so perfectly!

Hair: ETD (not free)
Skin: Difference 1(I heart Cupcakes $25L sale pack)

While catching some rays of island sun at the Aventi sim I found this cute free Heart dress at Lycee Feelings Shop looks like a polka dot at a glance, but they're cute ickle heartsies!

Lyceefeelings_heartdress_BP_mitsuami_braidhair_platninum_difference6skin_lycee hat for princess

the hat was sitting right next to the dress & it's also free!

Hair: Mitsuami braids - Platinum from BP* Shop (not free)
Skin: Difference 6 (I heart Cupcakes $25L sale pack)

These really nice free jeans also come from Lycee Feelings Shop! You will find them near the hat & heart dress above. With them I'm wearing this cute Valentine shirt from *Yamy* shop it comes in about 4/5 colors!

exclusion_skin_bigbomb1hair_yamy_valentineshirt_yamy_springmuffler_grey_lycee_feelings_jeans_ubu_pink psycho boots

Also I'm wearing the cool grey Spring muffler from the same shop! The items here are amazing value, and it's also selling mens clothing! Awesome if you're on a tight budget.

I was a little naughty at Urban Bomb Unit, but I just couldn't resist these Pink Psycho wellie boots, they're so awesome... Not free but I absolutely recommend them for quality & style.

Hair: Big Bomb Hair1 from BP* Shop (Lucky chair gift)
Skin: Exclusion from I heart Cupcakes $25L sale pack

The other night I left myself camping for this cute anime style 'Summer - pink' skin from KAO, it's a 2 hour camp but well worth it, so pretty


There is another skin to camp for at the other KAO too, the lipstick on that one is a really warm orange! along with a box containing a free set of beautiful eyes (worn in above close up)

I also found this summery free outfit at Aventi, it's from a shop called Little Town, the outfit is called 'resort gift - blue' and comes with matching shoes!


Hair: Hudsen - Brownie from Sandshack Surf Co. (Not free)

From the POZA MART/Kmaxi I got this really cute free Camisole set with denim shorts


Hair: Kristin - black by Zero Style (Not free)

Aww, look I know Christmas has long since past now & this maybe out of sync...eep! But I found this Cuuuute Tiny Santa at Nooker Works on Aventi, has the most adorable blinking eyes, and gives that puppy look that I can't resist... lol


A few shops along you even find this tiny snorkelling beach set free from Lucky Card

nooker_works_santa tiny with Lucky Card_free_beach_set

They also sell a gorgeous tiny sculptie avatar along with other freebies!

The shapes worn in the pictures are made by myself, I may also include a shape or two of mine at the Free*Style shop soon!

<3 Cheri


Kiraratan Jun said...

Nice to meet you.
I am a manager of LFS that sells ‘Heart dress’.
Thank you for introducing it.
We are very glad.

Please come to our shop.
We are looking forward to your coming.

olivia connaught said...

the santa/snorkle combo nearly killed me with cuteness!

Mo Miasma said...

oh Cherie me lub you but you know that, lookin super and different :))xoxox

Cheri Pye said...

Kiraratan, You're very welcome! I love your shop, Thank you for the wonderful creations.

Olivia, haha me luffs Santa's grooveh beachwear!

Mo dwarling!!!! Yay *Gesture Marathon*
Aww, Thank you for your sweet comment xoxoxo