Thursday, 30 April 2009


When Dare dropped a folder on me labeled "Walporgis", I was like dood, how the hell do you pronounce it?!! Of course Sasy cracked up, "You don't blog in voice silly!" Point taken but still, I like to know shit :P

The upshot is this: Dare Designs is having a hunt for 48 hours. The prizes are amazing, ranging from clothes, to jewelry, to the most incredible monobike I have ever seen.

I'll copy some of the card to you : WALPURGISNACHT!!! (otherwise known as Beltane for us Pagans...)

It is traditional to celebrate the coming of spring and the renewal of life with fires... bonfires and passion's flames, actually... and to honor this tradition I've laid out a Hunt for the two nights of Walpurgisnacht (48 hours, actually).

There are twelve balefire prizes to find, roughly half hidden in the store(s), the other half spread throughout the sim. Since Walpurgisnacht is Halloween in spring, there's a trick to finding these treats - you'll need to look high and low, watch for secret doors and passages, and check all the spooky corners. The prizes are numbered, though - so you'll know when you've found all 12.

The hunt begins midnight tonight and will end midnight, May 1st. (I may extend it if enough Hunters need the time)

Just so you know what you're looking for - the first balefire prize object is VERY easy to find.

- <3>

Dare would prefer actual locations of the prizes aren't given out, but for hints or hunt discussion, feel free to join the Dare Designs Signature Members Group. That means no slurl lists and no cheat sheets.

As always, every outfit is detailed, several layers for different looks and hawt, lets not foget the hawt :P

This last outfit, I know Kenlee's gonna try to pry out of my pixel hands, it's so very her!! I may make an exchange, her soul for the outfit.......seems fair!! Ash Out.

Hair (not free)
Mirai Style
Skin (not free)
Dare Designs


Swine Flu Swine Flu Swine Flu (haha, the things I do to get more readers through Google)

Sorry, my bad, I'll get on with the post. Yesterday I found some delicious yummies in my alts group notices

Check out this awesome white feather afro from Mayamaya, it's only 1L people - you too can look like a white version of Big Bird. I totally love it!!


Feather Afro: Mayamaya (1L)

Anuenue have closed down the old group and created a new one called NoKMaK which combines the NOAR and Anuenue stores. They have new gifts in store, this beautiful dress, the textures look almost embroidered with lace. To receive this join the group, the group joiner is in the store, and then touch the sign with the dress.


Dress: Anuenue (group gift in store)
Hair: Pididdle (group gift - I'm not sure if this is still available, look in the notice archives)
Skin: Bebae (group gift)

Just as I was about to finish this post, YAY I won the Glitter hair which is on the lucky board at Anuenue. These prettyful dresses are free gifts at DCNY and the skin is a preview of the new Sookie skins at Cyanide, subscribomatic group gift. I spotted these dresses and skin on the blog which I just discovered today.

29-4 dyn

Hair by Glitter on the lucky board at Anuenue
Dresses: DCNY (free or 1L)
Skin: Cyanide (S-O-M group gift)

Fishie Fishie Fun and More!

So..I love 7Seas fishing. Someone should make a blog exclusively documenting 7Seas exclusive awesome prizes if there isn't one already. I would follow that for sure. Newly added to the places with beyond awesome fishing prizes is Passionate Neko Dreams. The fishing is on through May 3rd, so if you want the prizes you have to hustle! There are adorable fish friends that swim around you, a bath tub boat, and then....this entire outfit!!!!! Skirt, shirt, socks, necklace, everything. It's so gorgeous. It reminds me of how I used to dress in high school before I got lazy :P it was really easy to catch too. I was there for all of two minutes and got it haha. Go fish!

Next, I have some randoms for you. This skirt if a group gift from Izumiya. It can be worn with or without the chains. Yay for plaid (or tartan as some of you folks call it)! The bangles are part of a mega fatpack that was just given out by Sprawl. So many color combos and who doesn't love bangles?? Always more bangles I say. The hair is an amsomely cute lucky chair prize from TekuTeku (who also has a 1L opening ice cream gifty you should grab before it's gone!!). There are also past hair freebies at TekuTeku you should grab if you haven't already. OH! And the fairy came in a notecard I got from Passionate Neko's subscribo so go see if you can get it redelivered!!


Pic 1:
Skin: Schadenfreude, past hunt gift

Pic 2:
Skin: Romi, past lucky board prize
Shirt: Sassy Kitty, past group gift (though they have new shirts in an MM board now!)

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Pants on Rfyre

From the lucky chair at House of Rfyre. How quality is this?


This is Betrothed, a men's set that is usually sold for 800l. The chair is currently bethronged - sure, that's a word - by guys slavering over this. Can't blame them, as it comes complete with this velveted top hat and this white shirt with a black shirt option too. And the brocade detail on this great coat is just amazing, and if a full length tail isn't your thing then you are in luck as you also get a short version too. Even if this isn't your standard style of dress, you still need this in your inventory.

It's an hour changeover time on the chair so take some mates and check out the pretty goth girls floating past. Who knows, in a suit this fine you may even have a chance with them.

House of Rfyre

Shown, not free:

Miguel Belleza Skin

Moderno Jack hair - my "go-to" hat hair.

And my new house in the background... jealous much?

Blogger Challenge: Let's Get Artsy!

After having fun with a few blogger challenges issued by such talented bloggers like the lovely Achariya and Sasy, I've been chewing on some ideas for a fun new theme. While noming on said thoughts, I happened to stumble into the store Wine and Roses. I'm currently in the market for a few nice pieces to fill La Casa de GG & Adaire after he spoiled me with a brand new skybox.
Add Image
And...there in the shop was a lucky chair! had my letter on it! And...I got this awesome vase! It's such a pretty vase, and I really wanted to show it on the blog, and then I thought...why not make a blogger challenge to incorporate one of the many pieces of beautiful art around the grid in a post? Understandably, the fashion blogs focus on fashion, but I think art can be quite fashionable in its own sense and worth celebrating!

I'm hoping some of those in the bloggosphere have a favorite sculpture, painting, artsy piece of furniture, or anything that creators in SL can dream up to express themselves and feel like sharing it. (And I'm also hoping no one thinks I'm looney for the idea, but I have "plausible deniability" - I'm in the midst of law school exams!)

The Wine and Roses lucky chair vase and Sn@tch's freebie for this week made me think "ballet" and "studio." I happened to see the Baking Cupcakes blog and Pumpkin's post about a dollarbie skybox called "Los Angeles By Night" from Urban Affliction (thanks Pumpkin!) and somehow I came up with this!

I also wanted to mention a pose shop that is perfect for artistic poses called Leafy that the skin goddess Ryker Beck pointed me towards. The poses are really creative and inspiring, and right now they're just $50L on sale! Be sure to go check it out.

Style Notes:
Candace "Glitterati" Skin (Apple): Genesis (Free in the subscribe-o-matic notices!)
Outfit: Sn@tch (Free but disappearing soon!)
Silver Bells Jewelry Set: Violet Voltaire (Part of her dollarbies upstairs behind the main store in her store-closing sale!)
Rabid II 3 (White): Curio (not free)
Wingchun Pose: Leafy ($50L)
Los Angeles By Night Skybox: Urban Affliction ($1L on

Put 'Em Together

Just some stuff I put together for today's post:


Lingerie from Pixel Passion (Cherish), all colors. Avaliable to buy in store or camp 35mins!

On Suri: Exile POSH hair (not free)

On Jayne: iN ESSE - Hair ISIS Brown (not free)

Some comfy wear for when you're at home (I feel like pillow fighting!):

Kitty Tanks

1. Kitty Tanks, all from SWIM, midnight mania board gift (pack of 4)
2. Panties both $1L each from First Look, cute huh?
3. Bangles from Doux Petit Dahl, lucky cupcake prize...
4. Hair from Truth, not free

Rosey Cardivest

1. Top: Doux Petit Dahl - Rosey Cardivest, $1L, assorted colors avaliable!!
2. Jeans, previous gift from LikeA
3. Necklace: Fairy Tail Turquoise Necklace (camp 30mins)
4. Belt: Reek - I LOVE THEMES Belt, not free, but so gorgrous!! Yummy textures, 16 of them actually, just touch to change! Don't forget gift subscribo tees are still avaliable for both boys & girls @ Reek.

These fab shutter shades are made by Alexx Novi!! Store is closed right now, looks like Alexx needs some inspiration to re-open store!!! Let's IM Alexx and get him to show us his stuff, I love the shades.......
dp yumyum has a loverly exclusive b&w version of the new rosepetal dress available as a gift in exchange for 30 minutes of item camping (not shown, but also comes with pink ruffly kneesocks and a charming poofy flower hat thing):

and while i'm on the subject of item camping.... use some common courtesy, for fuck's sake. there is ONE chair, and a lot of people trying to get a chance. let people have their turns and if you're not sure who's been waiting, ask. don't be like the cretin i encountered this morning who rezzed next to me as i camped, and with a few seconds left wore a giant afk cabinet to obscure the view of the chair so she could hop on ahead of everyone who had been waiting patiently. don't be that douchebag.

ANYWAY. moving on, also worn above is the adorable free maggie hair from tiny bird, which was a bunny hop prize but is also out again in the newly re-born store. also make sure you grab the gifty box o' tattooey goodness from haver cole's soon-to-open *smudge*; in it you'll find super special ink made especially for autumn's new birdy brand. shown below are the arm feathers and part of the cooze wings (there's a third just as awesome back tattoo in the box, but my picture taking steam ran out and you don't want to see my attempts at photographing it. really):

other not-free shit
skin - curio
lingerie - armidi
all hair - tiny bird

Notices do say 'Free'

i know Ive been m.i.a. but the weather is finally getting warm here in NY so Ive been with my family most of the time, playing some LBP (Little Big Planet :D) & also fighting some of my own personal demons, we all got real lives so im sure some of you understand. I have a new freebie dress well 1L or whatever more you'd like to pay at Free*Style Horst location so make sure you go get it :]

as i told my friend (Hi! Julie ;P) to find freebies you have to pay attention to notices, explore sl, & often check in your favie store. most of my finds today were based on notices & meanwhile getting one freebie i found some more. i received a notice from Fashion Consolidated (which is updated more than daily) by Donna Flora update based on new dresses, shoes -- which one as shown bellow are dollarble! very cute, i couldn't resist. meanwhile i was down there i found a table filled with freebies & other goods for five to ten linden. i picked up this gorgeous turquoise necklace with matching earrings, & this extremly fab-cutie dress named 'Bird' it is/was an Easter gift. with all the things i picked up there i think i made a perfect little outfit, don't you think?

these corsets are also a freebie at Donnas comes in one layers of undershirt & underpants, two colors olive & grass green (in my view). & two option underpants as shown to the left it is a solid color, & to the right it is semi-transparent.

Align Center

oh dearest toast, the unbelievable cute toast. i loves it with some jelly, butter, & or cream cheese, yummy <3 toast sent out a group gift yesterday its so freakin cute & a tad punk-badassness. comes with boots & arm warmers too! to me it gives out the look that lets ppl know you're cute, adorable, but yet not to be fucked with lol. any who here it is, i bet you loves it. if you wants it join the group, & shop the store out cause its like has ahmazing stuff & stuff k!

last up glow studio has May gift out in shopping bags to the left of the store, its really obvious as it says 'gift' on it so no one should really have much trouble finding it. i fell in love with these eyelashes mainly because of its colors, can you not? i loves it loves it loves it. i wanna wear it all the time. she also put one new item in the lucky chair 'Vintage 02 Shades' hwat - which i haven't received a copy (i'm unlucky - lucky chairs hate me ;P) lol. meanwhile you're there keep stalking that chair for the other items such as 'Vanity. eyelashes - feather fly' & 'DeLyn Jocelyn shape' meor hwatness

Couple Things For Ya!

Some stuffs for you to investigate! Not a lot of words on my end today..fingers are freezing and it hurts to type :P

Hair: Liriope, 0L (signs are free in the store next door too!)
Skin: To Heart, 1L
Shirt, Pure Style subscribo gift
Tattoo: Bee Make, 0LHair: Liriope, 1L (other colors free in the cabinet too!)
Skin: The Attic, subscribo gift (other tones and even black and white free too!)
Wings: Material Squirrel, picks rewards
Police Outfit: Reasonable Desires, NOT FREE!


-The Material Squirrel wings are TODAY'S picks rewards only..after midnight there will be a new set...and the day after another new set...Yes, you heard right, Material Squirrel has a new picks rewards program that will give you a different set of the best wings in SL everyday!!! Just die of happiness now and / or prepare your CatBat outfits.

-The police outfit is being released today by RD, and while the outfit itself is not free, you will want to join the group because this morning they are doing trivia and there are free giveaways for correct answers! Only at the release though so don't cry if you miss it. :P

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

It's A Nice Day For A.............

Just a super quick one as Ticco Tendandes is on European time :P

Go grab this scrumptious dollarbie skin from Ti'ko, it will only be out for a limited time. The "Jokery" skin is based on Ticco's "July" line of skins that I love love love. Demo demo, cos the regular skins are stunning! The makeups range from delicate to outrageous and the bodies are to die for. I'm gonna be posting heaps as I have the week off, but mini Ash doesnt.........JOY! :P Ash Out.

Other Stuff
Hair (1l for the fatpack)

Hat (not free)

Good Things Come In Pairs

He's done a runner

Sexy Stella

Gown: Sexy Stella from Seldom Blue, $1L, limited period only!!

Bella Vida Gown

Bella Vida Revnik Gown, $0L (includes mask)

the swimsuits

Last chance to get your gifts!
On Suri:
April Dollarbie from SWIM

On Jayne:
MM Tiger Bikini from SWIM

Check back often they update the MM board often!!

The hunt on Mashooka Isle is well under way now, up until Sunday. I put 4 gifts there, adding the other gifts, there are 19 altogether. Small gift boxes are scattered on the sim, find all 19!

Glam bam thankyou mam

I fancied a quickie before I go to bed.

Pixeldolls have given out a stunning new gift dress to their subscribomatic group. Maybe you received this already, but if not, TP to the store, click the sign, click it again and choose History option 1. The top can also be worn alone.

I'm also rocking the beautiful new Onyx skin from Dutch Touch hunt, I meant to blog these a few days ago so you could see them in full glory - but you know me, I keep procrastinating like crazy. I checked today and the hunt gifts are still available at Dutch Touch but I'm not sure how long for.
You can find 5 bags around the sim, each containing a different shade of this gorgeous skin in the Purple makeup. If you click the subscribomatic group -History - option 1 you will get a map with the general locations of the skins.

28-4 pixeldolls

Chess Dress: PixelDolls SOM group gift
Skin: OnYx - Purple Special Ed. - HAZEL Dutch Touch hunt gift
Shoes: Kookie Chic Heels (not free but worth every damn Linden)
Hair: Bitchy by Coif (not free)
Jewellery: Deco Black Onyx (not free)

Holy Hair Batman

Want more hair? Of course you do.

Magika have changed to subscribomatic group and when you join up you will automatically receive this gorgeous hairstyle in blonde and black colours. A swept to the side long ponytail with a few loose strands and cute clips.

28-4 magika

House of Heart have given out more gift samples of their new releases, here's two of my favourite styles from the latest release.

The left style is an unusual vintage type style with feathers a net and 3 buns at the back, I totally love it. The right style is a cute mid length bob with a braid above the bangs. These and a few other styles are free in store in the long hair section.

28-4 HOH

Pic 1
Magika group gift hair, touch the subscribomatic sign to receive free

Pic 2
House of Heart free hair samples in store (0L)
All skins: Bebae group gift

Monday, 27 April 2009

A New Look for First Look

Ravelynn Templar of LVS fame reopened her shop, First Look, today.  Those of you that have been around awhile might remember the old shop back on the Cassiopea sim. This shop has a whole new look and is loaded with adorable outfits in the candy colors for which Ravelynn is known.  I had to restrain myself from buying every item and overloading my burgeoning inventory.  Everything is that cute and she is hoping to add a new item every Sunday. 
This is just a smattering of outfits available.  I love breezy little dresses and this one caught my eye for the colors that stray just a bit from the other clothing colors.  
Tears is one of my favorite of Ravelynn's color palette.  At the frequent festivals she hosts I usually can't walk away without something in this color.  I'm also wearing a necklace from Violet Voltaire.  Violet is closing her SL jewelry stores as she makes plans to sell RL jewelry. She is having a tremendous sale (previous Lucky Chair items are marked drastically low in the building behind the main store).  I will miss her work tremendously but wish her only the best in her new endeavor. 
I think Ravelynn makes some of the hottest bikinis on the grid.  This one also comes with a skirt so you can wear it to many places on the always sunny SL grid. 
Lastly, there are about a million and one tops and cheeky pants so that you can mix and match to your heart's delight.   Everything at First Look is only 1 L.  Now the important part; First Look had to close the first time because it did not cover it's costs.  There is a tip jar in the middle of the shop.  If you are able, please support this endeavor with some extra Linden's. 

Other items:
Hair - Diversity Hair - Alizah (not free)
Skin - Zullay Designs (not free) 
quickie post before i pass back out...

shirohato's lb dress (BLOOMERS AHOY!):

and bebae's latest group gift skin, velvety soft with striking sunny eyemakeup, along with poetic's new freebie, the gold-flecked opal eyes (if you feel the need to see a bigger version, click through and there's one on my flickrstream somewhere; i know this photo's on the small side but i can't in good conscience plague the feed with a largeish closeup of my ginormous head):

the hair is tiny bird's bella, not free, but so enchanting i'm thinking of leaving creamy for it.

It's Reek-ing on Harold

Starlust extended has another occupant - Reek!
The yummy textures of the clothes made me go back at least like...10 times or more!
Right now there a fun roller rink dollarbie complete with pacman decorations and some tees free from subscribo, as sported on Takeshi & I:

1. 80s Roller Rink (dollarbie!)
Reek - 80's Roller Rink - Dollarbie!

2. Reek subscibo tees (for boys & girls):
Reek - Ice Rink

3. Here we are, playing on the dollarbie roller rink:
Reek - Ice Rink

Take & I both wear the Stripes & Themes belt from Reek, they are not free! BUT, the textures are all very very yummy, just touch to change:

I Heart Themes Belt textures:
Reek - I Heart Themes Belt - Texture Options

I Heart Stripes Belt textures:
Reek - I Heart Stripes Belt - Texture Options

Thank you Riq for sending me those!!

Just a very quick update now on my store, we are moving to a bigger place, joing Mashooka Design & Sway's Creation. A hunt will be starting tommorrow until sunday. Lots of stuff to be picked up! Here's a preview from my end:

all the poses for the hunt

See you on the new Mashooka sim!


One thing I love about SL is being able to dress my avatars to reflect my mood. Some of these pics were taken last night, some this morning, see if you can guess what goes where :P


This first dress is from Black Arts @ the Dominion. Isn't it just to die for. I'm really not sure how long it will be free for, I found the note card buried in my inv when I was cleaning it out last night.


This next dress comes to you courtesy of Isadora Vayandar who sent out a HUGE note to the Lucky Chair Stalkers group. You'll find the lushness at Amariah, a new to me store. I adore the textures on this dress and so will you!


Here's an offering from Gothica, an older freebie, but a goody. There is a new freebie there also, but after searching my inv for ages looking for the top, I realised there was none :P The "top" consists of pasties only and a neckpiece, you can see a pic of it over hurr thanks to Feo.


And finally, this weeks freebie from Little Britain. Mad bitch? Yea sounds fitting. The deliciously beaten skin is from DJunk, another new to me store and another find of Isadora's. Now I'm back to CS4, my precious who doesn't have an agenda, isn't a fucking smartass and loves me like woa :P Ash Out.

Pic 1
Black Arts
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4
Little Britain

Pic 1
Pics 2-4
House Of Munster

Pic 1 (not free)
Pic 2 (not free)
Pic 3
Pic 4 (previous freebie)

Tattoo (not free)
Tramp Stamp