Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Blogger Challenge: Let's Get Artsy!

After having fun with a few blogger challenges issued by such talented bloggers like the lovely Achariya and Sasy, I've been chewing on some ideas for a fun new theme. While noming on said thoughts, I happened to stumble into the store Wine and Roses. I'm currently in the market for a few nice pieces to fill La Casa de GG & Adaire after he spoiled me with a brand new skybox.
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And...there in the shop was a lucky chair! had my letter on it! And...I got this awesome vase! It's such a pretty vase, and I really wanted to show it on the blog, and then I thought...why not make a blogger challenge to incorporate one of the many pieces of beautiful art around the grid in a post? Understandably, the fashion blogs focus on fashion, but I think art can be quite fashionable in its own sense and worth celebrating!

I'm hoping some of those in the bloggosphere have a favorite sculpture, painting, artsy piece of furniture, or anything that creators in SL can dream up to express themselves and feel like sharing it. (And I'm also hoping no one thinks I'm looney for the idea, but I have "plausible deniability" - I'm in the midst of law school exams!)

The Wine and Roses lucky chair vase and Sn@tch's freebie for this week made me think "ballet" and "studio." I happened to see the Baking Cupcakes blog and Pumpkin's post about a dollarbie skybox called "Los Angeles By Night" from Urban Affliction (thanks Pumpkin!) and somehow I came up with this!

I also wanted to mention a pose shop that is perfect for artistic poses called Leafy that the skin goddess Ryker Beck pointed me towards. The poses are really creative and inspiring, and right now they're just $50L on sale! Be sure to go check it out.

Style Notes:
Candace "Glitterati" Skin (Apple): Genesis (Free in the subscribe-o-matic notices!)
Outfit: Sn@tch (Free but disappearing soon!)
Silver Bells Jewelry Set: Violet Voltaire (Part of her dollarbies upstairs behind the main store in her store-closing sale!)
Rabid II 3 (White): Curio (not free)
Wingchun Pose: Leafy ($50L)
Los Angeles By Night Skybox: Urban Affliction ($1L on


Gecko Gorilla said...

As a good bf I must say YOU SHOULD BE STUDYING.... BUT... Great idea. I am sure everyone will have fun with it. So much great art in world that rarely gets attention

TheDiva Rockin said...

Someone is in trouble!!!

hehe ... Nice post! not sure if I will have time to get in to take part this week tho :(

TeSa said...

Think it sounds fun! I can no way show only one piece though, I LOVE art! WOOT! /me starts thinking of all the stuffs in inventory that finally can be shown YAY!