Monday, 27 April 2009

A New Look for First Look

Ravelynn Templar of LVS fame reopened her shop, First Look, today.  Those of you that have been around awhile might remember the old shop back on the Cassiopea sim. This shop has a whole new look and is loaded with adorable outfits in the candy colors for which Ravelynn is known.  I had to restrain myself from buying every item and overloading my burgeoning inventory.  Everything is that cute and she is hoping to add a new item every Sunday. 
This is just a smattering of outfits available.  I love breezy little dresses and this one caught my eye for the colors that stray just a bit from the other clothing colors.  
Tears is one of my favorite of Ravelynn's color palette.  At the frequent festivals she hosts I usually can't walk away without something in this color.  I'm also wearing a necklace from Violet Voltaire.  Violet is closing her SL jewelry stores as she makes plans to sell RL jewelry. She is having a tremendous sale (previous Lucky Chair items are marked drastically low in the building behind the main store).  I will miss her work tremendously but wish her only the best in her new endeavor. 
I think Ravelynn makes some of the hottest bikinis on the grid.  This one also comes with a skirt so you can wear it to many places on the always sunny SL grid. 
Lastly, there are about a million and one tops and cheeky pants so that you can mix and match to your heart's delight.   Everything at First Look is only 1 L.  Now the important part; First Look had to close the first time because it did not cover it's costs.  There is a tip jar in the middle of the shop.  If you are able, please support this endeavor with some extra Linden's. 

Other items:
Hair - Diversity Hair - Alizah (not free)
Skin - Zullay Designs (not free) 

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Elliandra said...

You look amazing. Love the dresses and love the skin and hair!