Thursday, 30 April 2009


Swine Flu Swine Flu Swine Flu (haha, the things I do to get more readers through Google)

Sorry, my bad, I'll get on with the post. Yesterday I found some delicious yummies in my alts group notices

Check out this awesome white feather afro from Mayamaya, it's only 1L people - you too can look like a white version of Big Bird. I totally love it!!


Feather Afro: Mayamaya (1L)

Anuenue have closed down the old group and created a new one called NoKMaK which combines the NOAR and Anuenue stores. They have new gifts in store, this beautiful dress, the textures look almost embroidered with lace. To receive this join the group, the group joiner is in the store, and then touch the sign with the dress.


Dress: Anuenue (group gift in store)
Hair: Pididdle (group gift - I'm not sure if this is still available, look in the notice archives)
Skin: Bebae (group gift)

Just as I was about to finish this post, YAY I won the Glitter hair which is on the lucky board at Anuenue. These prettyful dresses are free gifts at DCNY and the skin is a preview of the new Sookie skins at Cyanide, subscribomatic group gift. I spotted these dresses and skin on the blog which I just discovered today.

29-4 dyn

Hair by Glitter on the lucky board at Anuenue
Dresses: DCNY (free or 1L)
Skin: Cyanide (S-O-M group gift)


Kara said...

fluffy white birdy hair is 100L at the store... unless i am missing something..

kd said...

nevermind, i'm so dumb.