Thursday, 30 April 2009


When Dare dropped a folder on me labeled "Walporgis", I was like dood, how the hell do you pronounce it?!! Of course Sasy cracked up, "You don't blog in voice silly!" Point taken but still, I like to know shit :P

The upshot is this: Dare Designs is having a hunt for 48 hours. The prizes are amazing, ranging from clothes, to jewelry, to the most incredible monobike I have ever seen.

I'll copy some of the card to you : WALPURGISNACHT!!! (otherwise known as Beltane for us Pagans...)

It is traditional to celebrate the coming of spring and the renewal of life with fires... bonfires and passion's flames, actually... and to honor this tradition I've laid out a Hunt for the two nights of Walpurgisnacht (48 hours, actually).

There are twelve balefire prizes to find, roughly half hidden in the store(s), the other half spread throughout the sim. Since Walpurgisnacht is Halloween in spring, there's a trick to finding these treats - you'll need to look high and low, watch for secret doors and passages, and check all the spooky corners. The prizes are numbered, though - so you'll know when you've found all 12.

The hunt begins midnight tonight and will end midnight, May 1st. (I may extend it if enough Hunters need the time)

Just so you know what you're looking for - the first balefire prize object is VERY easy to find.

- <3>

Dare would prefer actual locations of the prizes aren't given out, but for hints or hunt discussion, feel free to join the Dare Designs Signature Members Group. That means no slurl lists and no cheat sheets.

As always, every outfit is detailed, several layers for different looks and hawt, lets not foget the hawt :P

This last outfit, I know Kenlee's gonna try to pry out of my pixel hands, it's so very her!! I may make an exchange, her soul for the outfit.......seems fair!! Ash Out.

Hair (not free)
Mirai Style
Skin (not free)
Dare Designs


Sasy Scarborough said...

:P you nutter


Vyoletta said...

I just find 2 :(