Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Couple Things For Ya!

Some stuffs for you to investigate! Not a lot of words on my end today..fingers are freezing and it hurts to type :P

Hair: Liriope, 0L (signs are free in the store next door too!)
Skin: To Heart, 1L
Shirt, Pure Style subscribo gift
Tattoo: Bee Make, 0LHair: Liriope, 1L (other colors free in the cabinet too!)
Skin: The Attic, subscribo gift (other tones and even black and white free too!)
Wings: Material Squirrel, picks rewards
Police Outfit: Reasonable Desires, NOT FREE!


-The Material Squirrel wings are TODAY'S picks rewards only..after midnight there will be a new set...and the day after another new set...Yes, you heard right, Material Squirrel has a new picks rewards program that will give you a different set of the best wings in SL everyday!!! Just die of happiness now and / or prepare your CatBat outfits.

-The police outfit is being released today by RD, and while the outfit itself is not free, you will want to join the group because this morning they are doing trivia and there are free giveaways for correct answers! Only at the release though so don't cry if you miss it. :P


Ashia Tomsen said...

WANT the uniform.........oy I've spent soo much money in the last week (blame that Sasy :P)
Ossum post <3

Sileny said...

TY! <3