Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Notices do say 'Free'

i know Ive been m.i.a. but the weather is finally getting warm here in NY so Ive been with my family most of the time, playing some LBP (Little Big Planet :D) & also fighting some of my own personal demons, we all got real lives so im sure some of you understand. I have a new freebie dress well 1L or whatever more you'd like to pay at Free*Style Horst location so make sure you go get it :]

as i told my friend (Hi! Julie ;P) to find freebies you have to pay attention to notices, explore sl, & often check in your favie store. most of my finds today were based on notices & meanwhile getting one freebie i found some more. i received a notice from Fashion Consolidated (which is updated more than daily) by Donna Flora update based on new dresses, shoes -- which one as shown bellow are dollarble! very cute, i couldn't resist. meanwhile i was down there i found a table filled with freebies & other goods for five to ten linden. i picked up this gorgeous turquoise necklace with matching earrings, & this extremly fab-cutie dress named 'Bird' it is/was an Easter gift. with all the things i picked up there i think i made a perfect little outfit, don't you think?

these corsets are also a freebie at Donnas comes in one layers of undershirt & underpants, two colors olive & grass green (in my view). & two option underpants as shown to the left it is a solid color, & to the right it is semi-transparent.

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oh dearest toast, the unbelievable cute toast. i loves it with some jelly, butter, & or cream cheese, yummy <3 toast sent out a group gift yesterday its so freakin cute & a tad punk-badassness. comes with boots & arm warmers too! to me it gives out the look that lets ppl know you're cute, adorable, but yet not to be fucked with lol. any who here it is, i bet you loves it. if you wants it join the group, & shop the store out cause its like has ahmazing stuff & stuff k!

last up glow studio has May gift out in shopping bags to the left of the store, its really obvious as it says 'gift' on it so no one should really have much trouble finding it. i fell in love with these eyelashes mainly because of its colors, can you not? i loves it loves it loves it. i wanna wear it all the time. she also put one new item in the lucky chair 'Vintage 02 Shades' hwat - which i haven't received a copy (i'm unlucky - lucky chairs hate me ;P) lol. meanwhile you're there keep stalking that chair for the other items such as 'Vanity. eyelashes - feather fly' & 'DeLyn Jocelyn shape' meor hwatness


Creamy Cooljoke said...

you are ADORABLEZ <3

J.Dikes said...

tyyyyy my cream-honey <3333 :D

Suri Christen said...

i LOVE this post!! Could NOT take my eyes off the post! So pretty MWAAAH

Kristin Cabaret said...

Where are your skins from?

J.Dikes said...

TY my other honey Suri <3 I did my best :]

Kristen - skins are from/by Gala Phoenix - not sure if I spelled her last name correctly but just go to the curio sim & you'll be sure to find em. Not free just incase lol :P

Ashia Tomsen said...

JD!! The teeny pocket Rocket!! You look amazing and your pics are perfection <3