Monday, 31 March 2008

The Episode in which....

...Creamy grabs SLshakes it violently and throws herself backwards on the bed in exasperation...

SL is a bitch_003

I tell ya, I feel like I've wasted an entire night standing around in stores waiting to rezz, suffering failed transactions and not being able to TP. It's been getting worse over the past few weeks for most of us, it's incredibly frustrating and very, veeeerrry, boring. It's times like this I wonder why I bother playing. Will Havok make any difference???

*sighs and slugs back a big goblet of wine*.
SL is a bitch_004

If it wasn't for the fact that it fulfills my shopping and dressing up desires with beautiful creations like the ones I am going to show you today, I don't think I would be playing any more to be honest.

Anyway, enough with my moaning.....Cupcakes has a new free dress called Adina, it's not with the free dresses at the entrance of the store, you will find this with the new releases in the second aisle to your left as you enter the store. It's seriously short girlies and the texturing is gorgeous.

SL is a bitch_006
Adina Dress - Cupcakes (free)

Livinglight of Crystal Queendom creates the most amazing designs, she kindly sent sent me the a glorious outfit today which cheered me up even more. The Jubilee Delight outfit has a tiny pink and red flower print with poncho, frilly socks et al, it moves so beautifully and can be worn in various ways.

click for a closer look at the gorgeousness of the print on this dress
SL is a bitch_008

Particularly cute panda on the back of the poncho.
SL is a bitch_009

and can be also worn like this...
SL is a bitch_010
Jubilee Delight - Crystal Queendom (2L)

I just wanna say a big huge thanks to Trinity Outlander who told me about the amazing place I took these pics today, Lash's Le Reve, why have I never been there before??? It's totally gorgeous!

I finally dared to log off and try it with a little windlight, which I turned up to the trippiest setting possible, put your darkest shades on for this one...

*blech* (actually I quite like it)

Oh poops, the clocks went forward yesterday and I've forgotten to change the time on my laptop, so it's actually 1.35am and not 12.35am (GMT) like I thought. Way past my bedtime!

Non Free Items
Shorty Hair in Platinum by Magika (SL ate this hair when I bought it originally and Sabina kindly sent it to me again today)
Gothy Skin by Cupcakes (in the Bargain Basement at Popfuzz, only 25L for a pack of various makeups)

Mellow Yellow

Here I am in RL all ready to go out in the sunshine with my girls and now they've started playing with their dolls. It's a shame to interrupt when they are having so much fun, so I'll quickly show you these goodies before they start fighting.

Mirai Style has some of the most inventive hairstyles in SL in my opinion, so when Miu sent a notice to Free*Style that they have a free hair in the group, I was right on it. The 'Yoli' hair/hat style comes in five colours with different colour hats (it's modifiable too so you can tint it).

mellow_001 (2)

It works so well with the new group gift from Kurotsubaki, this comes with the hair flower (which I fixed to the hat) and yellow tank. I love to wear a dark skin tone when I'm wearing yellow, I think its such a striking contrast so I chose the Bianca F Group Gift skin (which Olivia is also wearing in her previous post in a lighter tone).


Yoli Hair: Mirai Style (Group Gift)
Yellow Tank and Flower: Kurotsubaki (Group Gift)
Ciokofata2 skin: Bianca F (Group Gift)

Got to go, the fighting has started.....later alligators!

Sunday, 30 March 2008

rosemar has two new freebie dresses out! or maybe they're dollarbies, anyway, they're cheap:

[hair - aoharu (60L at half price sale); skin - bianca foulon (subscribe-o-matic gift); necklace - shiny things (free at gnubie store)]

i think what i most enjoy about this dress is that it looks all sorts of modest at a quick glance... take a close look and hellloooo nipples!

indulge me the extreme close-up - i wanted to show off the eyes i picked up at the sh*t happens sale (10L per pair and 100L for the whole lot) that creamy mentioned earlier. the range of inventive colors/color combinations is stunning:

dress number two is a simple turquoise slip dress edged with lace:

[skin - sin skins (199L at their amaaaazing sale) hair - analog dog (1L, but only til queue marlowe remembers to reprice, so you might wanna hurry ;) )]

these next two outfits from garbage can be found on the third floor of the gnubie store (thank you so much to the person in the comment box that i can't see right now for letting free*style know!):

[skin - sin skins (199L at sale); hair - truth (not free); necklace - paper couture (not free)]

[skin - sin skins (199L at sale); hair - garbage (free at gnubie store as well)]

Sh*t Happens....

Sh*t Happens...particularly in SL!!

The good thing that happened today is that Ana Boogiewoogie of Sh*t Happens told me she is having huge sale, many items are free or 1L and everything else is 20-40L, for complete outfits ya'll. No Ana isn't shutting up shop, she's making way for new stuff.

This is what I bought.

The Raggy Ass skirt (I originally bought one of these for my main avi Mini ages ago when it was full price, I love it so much I had to get it for Creamy, it's only 20L). The tank and dirt overlay (free/1L)


Blood Overlay (free), Cootie Mask (20L)

Polka Top (1L/free for loads of colours), Skirt (10L)

THE Kawaii outfit, everything you see here cost 20L (including the cute mismatching polka shoes - don't do what I did and go to Darkstar and buy them too, I didn't realise and now I have 2 pairs exactly the same - DOH!)

Check out the cute bag which comes with the above outfit

Jeans (1L), sneakers and polka top as before

Crayola Belt (20L) - maybe write some offensive words on walls if you get bored/SL pisses you off, etc.

Polka dress (1L)

The hair worn is 'Syd' by Darkstar which is right next to Sh*t Happens. There is still a huge half price sale there too, this hair was only 50L and I often feature many other items from this store in my blog too. Definitely worth a look!

TP to Sh*t Happens for all of these outfits (0-40L) **INCLUDING GUYS STUFF**
Mellie3 Skin - Blowpop (limited time free gift, see previous post)

Blowpop Survey, Free Skin - HURRY

Hi!! I'm back from my trip, I was at one of these Murder Mystery nights in a posh hotel with some friends at the weekend, we had a great time. I have come to the decision I am definitely no Miss Marple, the whole table went with my theory and I was completely WRONG, so embarrassing (yet funny).

Olivia and Miu did a fantastic job while I was away and found some amazing stuff. Miu is doing her posts in Japanese as a high percentage of readers of this blog are Japanese, in fact when I look at Google Analytics, these are the top 3 countries who read Free*Style.

1. United States
2. Japan
3. United Kingdom

This is why I thought it would be fun to have a bilingual blog. Miu does list at the bottom of her post in English where to find each item and I know most people only skim read and are really just looking at the pics anyway. Feel free to leave a comment on whether you think this is a good idea.

So, SL was being a total biotch to me today again, I had planned to do a few posts because I had lots to catch up on while I was away, but alas that wasn't to happen.

I really wanted to show you this new Mellie 3 skin from Blowpop because the offer is only on until Monday(tomorrow). All you have to do is go to the Blowpop store and click on the kiosk to do a small survey about the skins, you will then receive this gorgeous 'Little Bird' skin, which comes in freckles and no freckles, various eyebrow colours and hairy or non hairy 'lady gardens'. (Only one person can take the survey at a time, so if it's busy, please be patient, it's really quick)

I think this is absolutely beautiful, I really love the two-toned purple eyemakeup. I made a special 'Little Bird' shape for it which I will put out at Free*Style soon.

This is the Mellie 3 Little Bird freckled skin with dark brows

This is a perfect opportunity to show you the beautiful free jewellery at Eolande, you will also find many other free items in the store which I will show in future posts (remember to join the group for a lovely hair accessory (click on the subscribo sign at the store)

Eolande silver Heart Jewellery with Freckled Mellie 3 'Little Bird' skin (click these pics for a close up)

Eolande silver Pearl Jewellery with Non Freckles Mellie 3 'Little Bird' skin
Mellie 3 Little Bird skin, Honey - Blowpop (Free until Monday - HURRY!)
Jewellery - Eolande (free)
Eyes - Imagen (not free)
Cuffs - Sh*t Happens (part of a 20L outfit - will feature this in my next post tomorrow)
Straight Hair - BP* (100L) bought by accident, I thought it was a demo - but it was a happy accident :)

Friday, 28 March 2008

first: if i were a bored housewife this would totally a wardrobe staple, because really, what shy milkman or unsuspecting paperboy would be able to resist the coy yet racktastic sweetness of this dress?

[skin - (not free); hair - jade (not free); dress - callie cline, wild child (dollarbie, and ONLY at her rue d'antibes location, and it may not be for long. hover over the dresses on the wild child display to figure out which one's the cheapie :p]

speaking of rue d'antibes... next up is from one of the gift boxes they've hidden around the sim. there are three altogether, and all you need to do to get 'em is find the stores with odd doors to nowhere hidden near the back... then open the door, and search the wee garden for a giftbox. i'm half blind and generally terrible at these things, and even i was able to find gift box number two, which contained this floaty pink chiffon dress and a faaaabulous pair of peacock earrings from junk:

[skin - (not free); hair etd, roslin (not free)]

these next two pics are the slightly demented fruits of my messing around with the newest client. because i oh so want to be like our creamy in every way, i decided to temporarily lift my windlight boycott. admittedly, i messed with it late at night and my patience was a little thin, so the pic quality itself is wretched, but the crayola crayon-ish vivaciousness of the new big booty big money group gift dresses i wore, thankfully, was not lost:

[hair - zero style, kristen (not free); skin - cake, jessica, pearl (not free); dress - big booty big money (group gift)]

the group gift also includes a rose/navy blue version... unfortunately windlight doesn't like me as much as i like it, as evidenced by the following jaws-like black triangle which is clearly coming to devour my face, and my missing-in-action system skirt (hellloooo e-camel toe):

[hair - zero style, chocolat (not free)]


Lubbles Purples







Dress - K*S (L$1 until April 1 midnight, then goes back to it's full price.)
EarCuffs - DejaVu (Comes in 3 colors, free)
Hair - DejaVu Group gift - See Creamy's previous post
Skin - Marianela (not free)


SL was being a shit yesterday, I meant to show you these outfits but I couldn't change skins, or outfits so in the end I gave up. All is not lost though, SL loves me again and here's the goodies.

Imagen is having a clearance sale and there is a special building where everything is 1L. I am a sucker for a pretty little dress so I grabbed loads of them.

Can't resist funky retro prints...


You know all the C'lebs are rockin the florals and stars right now...


Cutesy cutesy, polka dots and gingham check..

There are so many prints and styles of these dresses, I couldn't possibly show them all, not only dresses, there are UNISEX jeans, in different shades, the mid shade is shown below with a gorgeous free top from Decoy.


Now for some full price items in the stores I have featured today.
Imagen has two new skins, the beautiful exotic skin I am wearing here is called Tropical (450L) and comes in various skin tones. If you click on the pic for a close up you will see the slightly freckled skintone, I really love it.


This sexy figure hugging denim dress I picked up in Decoy on my visit for the free tank worn above, this can also be worn as shorts and is only 100L.


Free/1L Items
Summer Dresses & Jeans - Imagen Sale
Tank Top - Decoy
Cheeries shoes - Aphrodite (Group Gift)

Non Free Items
Tropical Skin - Imagen
Denim Dress - Decoy
Crazy Curls Hair - Nylon
White stilletto's - ::69::
Maggie Tattoo - Artilleri
Steampunk Boots - Happy Bivouac
Green Eyes - Nekama (can't find LM)

I'm away for the weekend so no posts from me for a coupla days, hopefully our Olivia will keep you all entertained, she's good at that!

Thursday, 27 March 2008

in which i break the rules, oh noes

(what follows is mostly of the not-free variety but the clearance sale at random industries is fabulous enough that i couldn't resist letting you all in on it, so don't hate me too much please)

[skin - rosemar group gift; hair - random, layla (70L for around 25 colors); top - random; skirt - mg fashions]

i got the yummy salmon skirt free from the mg fashions update group a few days ago. i was completely stumped as to what to wear with it, and couldn't settle on anydamnthing til i found the "this is why i'm hot" (20L, but you can get a big old variety pack of kitschy shirts for 150L) shirt at the abovementioned sale. i had to go all out pepto bismol pink overdose. had to!

[hair - booN, uzuz22 (220L for a 2 color pack); skin - belleza (group gift); top and jeans - random]

because i personally can never have enough peggy bundy in my wardrobe, i also picked up the shimmery metallic glamorous tops (5L for a 2 pack - gold and silver) and the skinny leopard jeans (a pack of 3 in varying washes for 25L).

[shirt - random, boys polo (25L for a pack of 7)]

yup, there's stuff for the boys too! i'm a sucker for the boyliner on garbage's skins (reduced to 75L for a single skin), and the emotacular jack hair was crying out to me, threatening to slit its imaginary wrists if i didn't fork over the 70L (like with the layla hair, you get 25ish colors) and take it home with me. the glasses are from g.l.a.m./indigo's instore dollarbie box - it's upstairs with the men's stuff.

and because you've all been so well behaved, i do actually have something totes free to share:

well hellloooooo nurse! thanks to bronwyn llewelyn for alerting the group to this naughty freebie from nuclear boutique. doctor bear's included in case you can't find a strapping young orderly to cuddle during those lonesome 11-7's. you'll find it instore in the casualwear section, and the sign indicates that it's the freebie of the week, so don't wait on this one. now, who's ready for their checkup?

Country Bumpkin

Thank you to Daisie Georgia who sent a notice to the group about this cute free checked top from Vogart, as usual I didn't get the group notice, so thanks to Cheri as well for letting me know about it). Vogart is on a cool sim called Trilogy, this place is so atmospheric, take a walk down the cobbled streets and get drenched by the rain.

Well, this means I have to get all flowery on your asses and frolic about in some fields. I took it to the limit with this naff frame also. Bastard Blogger cut off half my frames, so if you want a close up of these pics, click on them.

Country girl_003

Country girl_001

The Sprig which you might just see in my mouth is a group gift from *BP, the denim shorts are also from Vogel (100L) includes sockies.

Country girl_004

The beautiful skin and corset I am wearing here are by A Piece of Candy, there are a few 1L items in the store (including skins) and there is an egg hunt at the mall too. The egg inside the store (hint: back wall by the curtains) contains two more skins and a vintage cardigan.

Pics taken at Creator's Pavillion
TP to A Piece of Candy for the Naomi skin (1L) and the corset (1L)
TP to Vogart for the checked top (Free), free earrings in the store also.
Ann Hair: Aoharu Group Gift

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Cock in Mouth Syndrome

You know me, I love anything with the word 'cock' in it, so this is the perfect top for me.

Ivey of Snatch has made this cockmouth wifebeater top which is available for FREE UNTIL MIDNIGHT TONIGHT, then it will go back up to full price again. There's a jacket layer for the guys (it's longer) and a cropped shirt layer for the girls.


Eisa's not too happy with his sexuality being put into question again!

Nice bit nipple action on the girls top, it's slightly transparent, slightly sweaty looking and I 've got 'cock' in between my breasticles.

Cockmouth Wifebeater - Snatch - FREE till midnight tonight so HURRY
Hair - Boon (FREE)
Tattoo's - Etch D (not free)
Male Skin - Roman Guyliner by Nylon (not free)
Female Skin - Tan Shale by Gala (not free)
Unisex Web Latex Pants, NEW by Snatch (not free)
(I still can't type an @ sign without Blogger thinking I'm typing in a URL, I know I'm spelling Snatch wrong)