Friday, 28 March 2008

Lubbles Purples







Dress - K*S (L$1 until April 1 midnight, then goes back to it's full price.)
EarCuffs - DejaVu (Comes in 3 colors, free)
Hair - DejaVu Group gift - See Creamy's previous post
Skin - Marianela (not free)


olivia connaught said...

yay miu! that dress is just... wow!

Miu Elfan said...

Wee my very first post! Yay! La la lah *sings and skips away*

Cerrie said...

Holy smokes, my Japanese is really rusty. Wait I don't speak Japanese.... :((

BellaBaroque said...

oh em gee, i have no idea what you said but the pics say it all :)

Miu Elfan said...

Cerrie and BellaBaroque
I know it can be frustrating to see foreign languages that you don't understand:( But the pics worth a million words and the landmarkds are provided at the end:) I'm not here to make Free*Stylers upset, I'll have a word with Creamy, Olivia and Cheri and see what I can do in my future posts:) Sorry and Thanks!

Creamy Cooljoke said...

*hugs Miu*

I LOVE your post, the photo's are beautiful.
A high percentage of readers of this blog are Japanese who don't understand what myself, Olivia and Cheri are talking about, so your posts are especially for them.

The most important thing is that you have also listed where each item is from in English so everyone can find it. You've done a brilliant job!!

Taille's Tales said...

The link to that beautiful dress isn't working. Tried everything, but to no avail. HELP!!! /me weeps piteously.

Miu Elfan said...

Ty ty ty Creamy!

Taille's Tales,
I've corrected the LM to K*S.
Typo, sorry about that;_;

Taille's Tales said...

/me hugs mui. Thankee so much.

Maja Ingmann said...

Even though I can't read Japanese, I would like to see it as something other than question marks. I'm guessing I need to download something? Any ideas for seeing the Japanese characters properly?

Cerrie said...

Hi ladies, queen pain in the keister back for more. I took a tip from the Paratge page. They actually have a link at the top of their page that translates the whole page from Spanish to English. So instead of giving your Japanese readers snipets, why not give them full access to everything that there is to be said? Yes, pictures speak a thousand words, I just like to read. Here is the link to Google's translating page. It would be a simple layout addition. Just a thought?