Monday, 31 March 2008

The Episode in which....

...Creamy grabs SLshakes it violently and throws herself backwards on the bed in exasperation...

SL is a bitch_003

I tell ya, I feel like I've wasted an entire night standing around in stores waiting to rezz, suffering failed transactions and not being able to TP. It's been getting worse over the past few weeks for most of us, it's incredibly frustrating and very, veeeerrry, boring. It's times like this I wonder why I bother playing. Will Havok make any difference???

*sighs and slugs back a big goblet of wine*.
SL is a bitch_004

If it wasn't for the fact that it fulfills my shopping and dressing up desires with beautiful creations like the ones I am going to show you today, I don't think I would be playing any more to be honest.

Anyway, enough with my moaning.....Cupcakes has a new free dress called Adina, it's not with the free dresses at the entrance of the store, you will find this with the new releases in the second aisle to your left as you enter the store. It's seriously short girlies and the texturing is gorgeous.

SL is a bitch_006
Adina Dress - Cupcakes (free)

Livinglight of Crystal Queendom creates the most amazing designs, she kindly sent sent me the a glorious outfit today which cheered me up even more. The Jubilee Delight outfit has a tiny pink and red flower print with poncho, frilly socks et al, it moves so beautifully and can be worn in various ways.

click for a closer look at the gorgeousness of the print on this dress
SL is a bitch_008

Particularly cute panda on the back of the poncho.
SL is a bitch_009

and can be also worn like this...
SL is a bitch_010
Jubilee Delight - Crystal Queendom (2L)

I just wanna say a big huge thanks to Trinity Outlander who told me about the amazing place I took these pics today, Lash's Le Reve, why have I never been there before??? It's totally gorgeous!

I finally dared to log off and try it with a little windlight, which I turned up to the trippiest setting possible, put your darkest shades on for this one...

*blech* (actually I quite like it)

Oh poops, the clocks went forward yesterday and I've forgotten to change the time on my laptop, so it's actually 1.35am and not 12.35am (GMT) like I thought. Way past my bedtime!

Non Free Items
Shorty Hair in Platinum by Magika (SL ate this hair when I bought it originally and Sabina kindly sent it to me again today)
Gothy Skin by Cupcakes (in the Bargain Basement at Popfuzz, only 25L for a pack of various makeups)


Sai Pennell said...

I'm so glad the Crystal Queendom is getting some notice by bloggers. Its been my most favorite gown shop for a while - mainly because of the unique ideas and creations. ^.^

Anonymous said...

oh I must have that Crystal Queendom dress! But i'm standing in the store and I don't see it! help!

-Aisuru Rieko

Triangle Caudron said...

Lub this post Creamiz! fun! <333

Samara Kasshiki said...

Went to the store. Searched all over. Can't find it even upstairs and outside. Is it a group gift? Did you go to the store to see it is there? Sorry. Confused as it appears to NOT be at the SLURL you posted. Any help appreciated.

Quaintly Tuqiri said...

OMG yes SL has been a total pain recently. Constantly unable to TP and transactions not going through. For something that is supposed to be fun, it's definitely creating a lot of frustration!

Anonymous said...

very kind girl named McKenna Jenkins found it and sent me the SLurl, its at her main shop on Vigdorova 31/49/314 the dress is cute!

-Aisuru Rieko

expresszenovka said...

the dress is at the mainstore at

livinglight yiyuan said...

Hi, i wanted to write thanks for such nice comments, and that the price of Jubiliee for the week is 2L (i forgot to tell creamy at the time (sorry!! -_-..).
take care and wish you all the best!

Cerise Spyker said...

Wow La Reve is such a beautiful place, I got lost for ages and I didn't even get bored. Shot a couple (read 1000) pictures :D. It's just so gorgeous. Thanks for the tip :D


Creamy Cooljoke said...

Oooh, who do I reply to first :D

Sai, yep Livinglight definitely creates beautiful clothes which make you stand out in a crowd :)

Did you all find it ok eventually?

*tickles Tri*

Thanks for this gorgeous gorgeous outfit Livinglight, I'll amend the post to 2L, but wow, that is still a steal for such an amazing creation.

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Ohh yes Cerise, it's such a stunning place, when I was having such a bad day on SL I was so glad I was stuck there.