Sunday, 30 March 2008

Sh*t Happens....

Sh*t Happens...particularly in SL!!

The good thing that happened today is that Ana Boogiewoogie of Sh*t Happens told me she is having huge sale, many items are free or 1L and everything else is 20-40L, for complete outfits ya'll. No Ana isn't shutting up shop, she's making way for new stuff.

This is what I bought.

The Raggy Ass skirt (I originally bought one of these for my main avi Mini ages ago when it was full price, I love it so much I had to get it for Creamy, it's only 20L). The tank and dirt overlay (free/1L)


Blood Overlay (free), Cootie Mask (20L)

Polka Top (1L/free for loads of colours), Skirt (10L)

THE Kawaii outfit, everything you see here cost 20L (including the cute mismatching polka shoes - don't do what I did and go to Darkstar and buy them too, I didn't realise and now I have 2 pairs exactly the same - DOH!)

Check out the cute bag which comes with the above outfit

Jeans (1L), sneakers and polka top as before

Crayola Belt (20L) - maybe write some offensive words on walls if you get bored/SL pisses you off, etc.

Polka dress (1L)

The hair worn is 'Syd' by Darkstar which is right next to Sh*t Happens. There is still a huge half price sale there too, this hair was only 50L and I often feature many other items from this store in my blog too. Definitely worth a look!

TP to Sh*t Happens for all of these outfits (0-40L) **INCLUDING GUYS STUFF**
Mellie3 Skin - Blowpop (limited time free gift, see previous post)

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Anonymous said...

I have been a fan of Sh*t Happens for some time. I went thru a phase where I bought like all the stuff you have on!! And I have the Syd Hair too!! I love luv love it all!!! The hand drawn style is fantastic and Ana has improved tremendously. Can't wait to see all her new designs.