Monday, 31 March 2008

Mellow Yellow

Here I am in RL all ready to go out in the sunshine with my girls and now they've started playing with their dolls. It's a shame to interrupt when they are having so much fun, so I'll quickly show you these goodies before they start fighting.

Mirai Style has some of the most inventive hairstyles in SL in my opinion, so when Miu sent a notice to Free*Style that they have a free hair in the group, I was right on it. The 'Yoli' hair/hat style comes in five colours with different colour hats (it's modifiable too so you can tint it).

mellow_001 (2)

It works so well with the new group gift from Kurotsubaki, this comes with the hair flower (which I fixed to the hat) and yellow tank. I love to wear a dark skin tone when I'm wearing yellow, I think its such a striking contrast so I chose the Bianca F Group Gift skin (which Olivia is also wearing in her previous post in a lighter tone).


Yoli Hair: Mirai Style (Group Gift)
Yellow Tank and Flower: Kurotsubaki (Group Gift)
Ciokofata2 skin: Bianca F (Group Gift)

Got to go, the fighting has started.....later alligators!


Anonymous said...

And the jeans pants? Where is it from? Soooooo cute :)

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Oh, yes, I got these dot pants from Kurotsubaki's mainstore in Born for free a few weeks ago, I intended to mention them in the post but when I went back to double check, they had gone :(

In fact the whole mainstore at Born has gone and been replaced by a junk yard.

You never know, the pants might appear again. There is a cute free muffler in the Kurotsubaki store though.

Creamy Cooljoke said...

The links I have provided in this post are for Kurotsubaki's store in Koenji. I presume they are rebuilding the mainstore in Born, so maybe the dot pants will be back (I hope)

Anonymous said...

I also hope so...
ty, Creamy :)

Ghanima said...

everything here looks awesome, and I wanted again to thank you for being so supportive :)

you're the best creamy!

Creamy Cooljoke said...

You're most welcome Ghanima, *gives you a big warm cuddle*