Friday, 28 March 2008


SL was being a shit yesterday, I meant to show you these outfits but I couldn't change skins, or outfits so in the end I gave up. All is not lost though, SL loves me again and here's the goodies.

Imagen is having a clearance sale and there is a special building where everything is 1L. I am a sucker for a pretty little dress so I grabbed loads of them.

Can't resist funky retro prints...


You know all the C'lebs are rockin the florals and stars right now...


Cutesy cutesy, polka dots and gingham check..

There are so many prints and styles of these dresses, I couldn't possibly show them all, not only dresses, there are UNISEX jeans, in different shades, the mid shade is shown below with a gorgeous free top from Decoy.


Now for some full price items in the stores I have featured today.
Imagen has two new skins, the beautiful exotic skin I am wearing here is called Tropical (450L) and comes in various skin tones. If you click on the pic for a close up you will see the slightly freckled skintone, I really love it.


This sexy figure hugging denim dress I picked up in Decoy on my visit for the free tank worn above, this can also be worn as shorts and is only 100L.


Free/1L Items
Summer Dresses & Jeans - Imagen Sale
Tank Top - Decoy
Cheeries shoes - Aphrodite (Group Gift)

Non Free Items
Tropical Skin - Imagen
Denim Dress - Decoy
Crazy Curls Hair - Nylon
White stilletto's - ::69::
Maggie Tattoo - Artilleri
Steampunk Boots - Happy Bivouac
Green Eyes - Nekama (can't find LM)

I'm away for the weekend so no posts from me for a coupla days, hopefully our Olivia will keep you all entertained, she's good at that!


olivia connaught said...

gingham! how dorothylectable! and those skins are brilliant.

hopefully our Olivia will keep you all entertained, she's good at that!

oh man yall are screwwwwwwwed :D

Anonymous said...

Wow! The retro-dresses are just nuts! Yay!