Thursday, 27 March 2008

in which i break the rules, oh noes

(what follows is mostly of the not-free variety but the clearance sale at random industries is fabulous enough that i couldn't resist letting you all in on it, so don't hate me too much please)

[skin - rosemar group gift; hair - random, layla (70L for around 25 colors); top - random; skirt - mg fashions]

i got the yummy salmon skirt free from the mg fashions update group a few days ago. i was completely stumped as to what to wear with it, and couldn't settle on anydamnthing til i found the "this is why i'm hot" (20L, but you can get a big old variety pack of kitschy shirts for 150L) shirt at the abovementioned sale. i had to go all out pepto bismol pink overdose. had to!

[hair - booN, uzuz22 (220L for a 2 color pack); skin - belleza (group gift); top and jeans - random]

because i personally can never have enough peggy bundy in my wardrobe, i also picked up the shimmery metallic glamorous tops (5L for a 2 pack - gold and silver) and the skinny leopard jeans (a pack of 3 in varying washes for 25L).

[shirt - random, boys polo (25L for a pack of 7)]

yup, there's stuff for the boys too! i'm a sucker for the boyliner on garbage's skins (reduced to 75L for a single skin), and the emotacular jack hair was crying out to me, threatening to slit its imaginary wrists if i didn't fork over the 70L (like with the layla hair, you get 25ish colors) and take it home with me. the glasses are from g.l.a.m./indigo's instore dollarbie box - it's upstairs with the men's stuff.

and because you've all been so well behaved, i do actually have something totes free to share:

well hellloooooo nurse! thanks to bronwyn llewelyn for alerting the group to this naughty freebie from nuclear boutique. doctor bear's included in case you can't find a strapping young orderly to cuddle during those lonesome 11-7's. you'll find it instore in the casualwear section, and the sign indicates that it's the freebie of the week, so don't wait on this one. now, who's ready for their checkup?


Garbage Prototype said...

Hey thanks for the mention! <3

RedRuby destiny said...

I LOOOE the peg bundy top but it does not say in your blog where you got it.I would so love to get that for my ever growing inventory lol

olivia connaught said...

no problem garbage <3

redruby - all clothes but the pink skirt, the sunglasses, and the nurse outfit are from random, the slurls at the top of the post. i'll go back make it clearer in case i confused anyone else with my wack writing.... and girl you don't even wanna know what my inventory's like :/

RedRuby destiny said...

LOL its ok.I went there and there were no shirts not even the mens polos.Weird I thought there was an upstairs and it didnt have one.Ill go back and look again lol I WANT TO LOOK LIKE PEG BUNDY LOL Thanks hun for responding.

olivia connaught said...

weird, everything was all on one floor. the skins were front left, the clothes were all in the room behind that, girls hair was in the room to the right of the clothes, and boys hair was in front of that.

Creamy Cooljoke said...

You break the rules so well Olivia, I love Random shit. I'm away for the weekend so I hope the sale is still on when i get back.

BellaBaroque said...

you said totes. i <3 abbrevs. your lolcat ways make me chuckle :). nice finds too!