Thursday, 30 September 2010


Goodbye ZP..................

Taken outside my satellite store @ ZombiePopcorn Sim!

Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Chinatsu" GROUP GIFT
Jacket: *FIR & MNA* Duffle Coat Seasons Hunt Gift, as seen on Olivia
Scarf: { Zeery } Native Textile Shawl [] Ecuador (S) International Affairs Hunt Gift
Skirt: Kyoot - Cordoroy Mini - Nutty NOT FREE
Leggings: Tee*fy Basic Black Wool Leggings, Lucky Board Prize
Shoes: DU<3 - ANEXX_VaudevillianShoes/Black Suri x

The House that Creamy Built

Hi everyone!  I'm still around in SL after a long break during summer and have been attempting to do a bit more building.

Anyone want this house I built?
It's a sort of New England wooden style affair and has 3 rooms on 2 floors. It's 95 prims, which is not as low prim as I intended, but I got a bit carried away.

It's a 'pay what you wish' item (from 1L), you can TP to the actual house at the store before you buy it, so you can decide how much you think it is worth (or how much you can afford), anything is appreciated :)

(furniture NOT included)
 I really enjoyed building this house, hope you like it too!

Also I'm currently making a couple of 8 prim skyboxes, so if this house is too high prim for you, the skyboxes be ready soon.

TP to Free*Style 

Alice in Psycholand

Something horrible happened and Alice needed to get away.She ran and ran until she was distracted by a rabbit and fell into a hole. She landed to find a small door. Where it led she didn't know but it couldn't be worse to go forward than to go back.The people of Wonderland were strange but they welcomed Alice with open arms. Little did they know that their dream land was welcoming a nightmare.

Dress: Wishbox, MM prize
Bloody Layers: Randomocity, lucky chair prize (perfect for the season!! Also a simple blood spatters freebie version available.)
Bloody Socks: Randomocity, not free but they are pretty cheap
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth, not free (but there is a lovely reddish version w/fall leaves free in the seasons hunt)
Necklace: Miao, Disco Deals cheapie, not out yet (join Disco Deals group for a heads up!)
Skin: Free Speerit, no longer available to my knowledge
Boots: Rose River Saloon, lucky chair prize. Here's a closer picture:Awesome!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

not done the seasons hunt yet? what's your problem, slacker? you have until october 9th to get more good stuff than i can take pictures of because i am frankly terribly lazy. check out the hunt flickr here, and the hunt blog here.


seasons hunt spoils:
westwood prep shirt that gives any vincent gallo looking zombiejock amazing moobs - doppelganger inc
duffle coat - *fir & mna*
seasons sweater -

non-hunt stuff:
worn by zombiejock: hair - mirai; eyeblack - miasnow; skin - the abyss; cigarette - hermony
worn by me: skin - fashionably dead; hair - maitreya; skirt - en svale

Beer Buddies

Gavin + I felt like knockin' off work a li'l early today, so we grabbed a free beer + hit the dockside for some chillaxin'.
I slipped on this free purple plaid minidress by Samsara (the short bubble skirt is way cute) + the free Mr. Poet scarf that's been all over the feeds (it's color change + really worth a grab). -- Btw warm beer is not so tasty, as we discovered under this hot sun. *mops brow*

Extraneous beverage calorie love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's more a hard liquor kinda girl in RL)


Dress: Samsara - Carpe Diem Gift (buy black bag near subscribo for $0L) - free
Scarf: Mr. Poet - ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Wide Scarf (Free Gift) - buy sign on wall; another free gift nearby + 2 men's lucky skin boards - free
Beer (w/ drinking animation): Miyoko Magic - Miyoko Magic beer (wear me) - buy in shelving unit; many gift poses + lucky board nearby - free
Purple arm rose:
G Field - *GF* Metal Rose Armlet(L) -purple- - previously free
Tee*fy - Headband DoubleFlower RedGold - $35L gatcha
Socks: Honey Kitty - *H+K*gacha-19(secret01)candy socks
Boots: G Field - *GF* Short Western Boots[ver1.1] -brown-
Hair: Truth - Rayvn Streaked - auburn (new!)
Lara Hurley Skin - Lara Hurley-Leah girly gloss/Pale (new!)
Nails: Miasnow - MIASNOW Nails - RED DARK glossy (buy "demo" box for $0L near nail display on 2nd floor; this demo is a non-prim "gloves" layer that you can wear as a normal nail) - free

on Gavin McGinnis:
T-shirt: Chicanery - (Chica) Spaceship - buy sign on floor, in middle of store for $0L; lucky chair here too - free

Gorgeous from Seldom Blue and Exile

OHAI Girls it's Gidge! I know I haven't been around much but I popped in with a couple of goodies.

Seldom Blue has a 1L lingerie bikini set that is very pretty and I think you probably need it.

And as part of their ongoing birthday wingding, EXILE has put out GACHA HAIRS! OMG! GACHA!

I'm totally a Gacha Hoar now.

I'm also wearing the Exile Birthday Group Gift Skin which I know you've seen at least once but, meh, it's pretty so I'm wearing it.


Have a lovely day girls!

Where to Get it:

Skin - Exile Group Gift September

Hair - Exile - Gacha Hair - TUTTI FRUTI

Lashes - NOT FREE - Exile - SAI

Eyes - NOT FREE - Ibanez - Moor

Lingerie - Seldom Blue - 1l

Boudouir Slippers- 5th and Oxford - Little Miss Maribou - NOT FREE

I am dashing out the door so I might come back in and add slurls later - but both Exile and Seldom Blue are EASY PEASY to find in search I promise. They aren't some random boutique you'd have to dig for. Search is your friend :) MUWAH!

Zipped Up

If you're ready to get your kink on, I know just where to go.

Free Latex & 75 Linden Shoes W/ Color Change Socks

This slick, teal latex short suit is free at Kayliwulf Kingdom. Sileny mentioned Kayliwulf to me recently and it made me realize I hadn't been there in a very long time! They have a giant table of freebies, probably 30 or more. It's well worth checking out.


These amazing zip stilettos come with a HUD to change the sock and the cuff and are on promo for just 75 lindens at The Dominion Fashion District.


Here's another freebie from Kayliwulf, this sexy, hot pink bodysuit. I've shown it with the latest group gift from Vinyl Cafe, these hot pink zip boots. Grab them at the shop here. Other colors are on sale this week only for just 75 lindens.

Now I'm ready for anything.

Style Notes
Skin & Lashes: Lelutka
Hair: Lamb

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

I will not make dirty references to the word SLOW

I was running over to DUunltd19 on the last day and I really liked the building it was housed in so I started to peak outside and discovered a whole bunch of my kind of happiness.  This is the first time in I can't tell you how long that I simply wandered around by myself and explored (shopped) with no particular mission in mind.  I wasn't blogging, I wasn't doing research for a post, I wasn't hunting or going to a lucky chair.  And I found great stuff, which I almost didn't blog, but it's too pretty and too sweet and the whole place is too tasteful to not share.  I am not showing you all the goodies I found so look around if you have the time.

Before I get too far into my tales of the SLOW sim, I wanted to gloat over the to-die-for jewelry that my awesome pal, Hempy Weezles from RIPE, is making for the upcoming jewelry fair.  The little bird skull pin is going to be a dollarbie and the hats (in other colors too) are going to be like insanely cheap unless she listens to me (which she probably won't do) and increases her price.  One of the reasons it's taken me three days to finish this post is I refused to take off this stuff.
The leggings are a dollarbie or cheapie at oyakin.  What I did was stretch the prims at the bottom to give them a slight flair.  They come in 3 different colors.  The babydoll top is not a freebie but at 90 L it's a good deal for adorable.

Before I forget, I completely forgot to shoot the adorable pink stripe flats that are the sim opening gift at oyakin so this is what I suggest.  When you get inside the store, stop at the table in the front room and get the darling shoes.  Then head to the back of the store and turn right down the hallway.  In the back of the next room there is a shelf with a bunch of freebies and dollarbies.  The leggings above and the dress and stockings in the photo below are items on the shelf.
The cute jewelry set is a new freebie at Beatnik and the old boots (in sky blue and grey) are are only 28 L at Clemantis. Every three days the color boot will change and on 10/1 they will be pink and green.  The boots don't seem to be mod or size change and they are size 0 so fair warning.
This fabulous, most excellent dress is a new group gift at Couverture, to celebrate the opening of SLOW.   There are so many ways to wear this sweet, flowy dress but I went casual and paired it with free leopard leggings from Beatnik as well a the darling feathers bag from RibboN.  Then to further delay me (<3), Sileny asked me my opinion on her skin for Humpday tomorrow and it's so cute!  Then Sabina Gully from Magika sent out an amazing subscriber gift of a fatpack of her new hair in the Delora style.
Sileny's new Twiggy skin has awesome painted on lashes which makes me very happy as I recently did some changes to my shape, not thinking that all my lashes would now have to be refitted.  While you are looking at my face, I wanted to tell you about this amazing little tat layer available for only 10 L at PXL. It is called a Skin smoother/lightener and it smoothes out all the unevenness of many skin tones.  If you are one of those people who have difficulty matching your skin tone to prim footed shoes you will find this especially helpful.  It can be used by either gender and is available thru this week.  Look for the box under the tree.  Magika's new hair is complete with all new textures and each color pack now contains 8 tones.  Color changes are now done thru a hud, reducing your inventory size.  The Delora style has 2 tones so what I did in the brown haired picture was use the blond hud for the secondary color to show how you can get additional effects if you have more than one color pack per style.

I'm usually quick and dirty so I hope you can forgive my yacking. Here are slurls and prices for all this stuff:
   Black blouse: 90 L
   Gift dress: 0 L
   Leggings: 1 L
   Knit stockings: 0 L
   cle: green: group gift
   Leopard pants: white: 0 L
   Sacred Wood Parure: 0 L
Skin: Mango Mango: twiggy: 69 L: available on Weds for Humpday Happiness
Skin Toner: PXL: 10 L this week only
   Atomic: Im a Lady: not free
   Magika: Delora: subscriber gift
Nails: Miasnow: Dark Red glossy: 0 L at Starlust location
RIPE: preview of Jewelry Fair stuff: oh yes!
RibboN: Feathers Bag: 20 L
   Ordinary: Caraca: not free
   Clemanitis: old boots: 28 L (3 days)
   Kookie: Lazies: not free

Purple Powah!

Found some goodies for ya! This cute dress is from the Autre subscriber. I am currently addicted to this store.Next, check out my cute skin and hair!! The hair is from the Alice Project mini mania board and the skin is a subscriber gift from CandyDoll. Both very awesome and generous stores :) The hair is a color change scripted fat pack by the way, hehe.These adorable shoes are the Snow White hunt gift from R2. Love the little heart detail on the back!!
Sorry the pictures aren't bigger, my dumb Flickr is full for the month already xD

Dress: Autre, subscriber gift
Hair: Alice Project, mini mania (also a midnight mania board in store!)
Shoes: R2, hunt gift
Skin: CandyDoll, subscriber gift (I had to unsub and then subscribe again to get it redelivered)
Fishnets: Sheer, not free
Necklace: Miao, not free (but it's so cute and says "I Do Believe in Fairies!" Aww!

Monday, 27 September 2010


Lelutka gave away some spectacular freebies in their group this weekend including an amazing skin.


I love the green shadow AND there are a bunch of different shades of lipstick and two chignon hairs included! Check past notices.


I've shown it with this fab dress from Ghost, on sale for just 50 lindens. There are other sale items as well. Check it out!

Style Notes
Earrings: Paper Couture
Shoes and Hair: Maitreya

Shot in Leezu's AMAZING new house. Yes, Leezu does houses now! Make sure to check them out.



From Mystic Sky!
A gorgeous puffy gown in an elegant purple color with gold trimmings :D

~Mystic Sky~ Autumn Gown: Purple

Thank you Skyler for the gown! :D

Suri x

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Likka Me!

Likka House has some great new gifts in their lucky board and item camp as well as this great free dress on the front counter to celebrate the opening of their new main store. There is a rose collar and a long skirt version as well.
The skin is the Dressing Room cheapie from Tuli. *Swoon*
Dress and Thigh-High Stockings: Likka House, free
Skin: Tuli @ The Dressing Room, cheapie
Tintable Bow Belt: {Boutique}, no longer for sale
Necklace: YS&YS, not free
Hair: Fashionably Dead, not free
Fishnets: Sheer, not free

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Underground Pin-Up

Autre has lots of goodies in store for free and cheap but one of my faves is the 99 Balloons dress subscriber gift. It's meant to be a shirt but as you see it can be modded into a very short dress. Just make sure you have panties on!
The skin is a subscriber gift from Exile that I loooove and am wearing with one of the MiaSnow riot vend tattoo layer eye liners. Oh! Check out my hair! Only 1L at Darkerside :O I love the Elvira meets pin-up meets psychobilly feel of it. I even changed the letters on my awesome collar from Yabusaka to say "Pinup" hehe.
The boots are not free but I had to show them close up because they're so cute! New release from Dilly Dolls, yay!
Dress/Shirt: Autre, subcriber gift
Hair: Darkerside, 1L
Skin: Exile, subscriber gift (if no longer in notices you can still grab it from the regular group but there is a join fee on that one)
Eyeliner: MiaSnow, riot vend
Stockings: Sheer
Collar: Yabusaka
Boots: Dilly Dolls
Poses: Glitterati
Photo Taken at Filthy Cute. Make sure to check out Hybie's Blog for awesome photo opportunities!

Friday, 24 September 2010

Sage, 2 Ways

This free bandeau top by Crazy inspired me to put together a casual "glam punk" look, using the gemstone wrapped jewelry on sale by Mandala in the same sage green hue, which you still have time to grab for $50L today.
A free half-arm sleeve tat by Para, some shiny black sequin pants on sale at the Mimikri Outlet (lots o' nice sale finds here) + this crazy electrified hair by LALA Moon (these hair tendrils wave around gently in the air, like jellyfish!) completed this look.

Here's a better look at this crazy pendant necklace. The jewelry whore in me feels compelled to point out the meticulous wire-wrapping details here.
TGIF love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who can never resist a good jewelry bargain)


Bandeau top: Crazy - *Crazy* Free Tops - *Crazy* Bab Green (buy fallen gift bag on floor for $0L; 2 other colors included) - free
Arm sleeves tattoo: Para Designs - ::Para Designs:: Gypsy Gift Tattoo ~ Unisex (buy sign above counter for $0L; different ink strengths included) - free
Sequin pants: Mimikri Outlet - Mimikri - Star/Sequin Pants black - $60L (many other sale items here)
Earrings + necklace: Mandala - [MANDALA]Rocking Friday![SINRA jewelry set/moss green -
$50L Rockin Fridays (today only!)
Cuffs: Mandala - TAKARA Bangle/Buddha Cream/Ring&Nail
Hair: LALA Moon - +LALA Moon+ Burst Flare <> [ Black ]
Shoes: *RRS* - Domina Gold (worn with SLink - SLink Foot Invisiprim standard)
Skin: Tres Blah @ D unlimited 18 at SLOW - -tb- {Light} Space Mod - Dark Winged Brows (new!)
Nails: xtc - Vanity Nails [Gold] (store closed but some items available on xstreet; see creator
Baby Shortbread's profile) - previously free
Tattoo lashes: Adam n Eve - Painted Eyelashes (Gift) - buy mascara at the standalone "Makeup Counter" when you enter store for $0L - free
Prim lashes:
Redgrave - Eyelashes -11- Showgirl
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar Eyes - Clover
Poses: Tea

Thursday, 23 September 2010

.::La Flat::.

The Caproni Mini Bar

You still have a couple of days left to get this The Caproni Mini Bar from .::La Flat::. this is the newest dollarbie! Check out those bottles!!! Nice bright glass storage to keep your bottles looking pristine and totally drinkable!!! :P

.::La Flat::. - The Caproni Mini Bar, $1L


Madi's Secret Mango!

Madi's n Mango Mango 2

Madi's n Mango Mango 1
Cute lingerie sets from Madi's Secrets Lingerie. I love the soft pink cami set! And sorry for being a tad late but you have time! Both skins in this post are gorgeous and thrifty priced. Go grab them at a steal of a deal from Mango, Mango! for this weeks Humpday Happiness special.
Lingerie - Madi's Secrets Lingerie - HERE and HERE
Not Free
Skins - Mango, Mango! - 69L Each tone.
Hair - >TRUTH< 

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

London Calling

Cupcakes is beginning to open its remodeled stores and have also introduced a new skin line.  London comes with 2.0 layer eyebrows in a variety of styles and cleavage options.  To celebrate they have put up a Midnight Mania with one of the London skins in a sienna tone.  This skin would be 1000 L to buy right now but for about a week you can get this one for free.  I know that it has already locked for today but it will reopen tomorrow and I'm pretty sure it requires 350 slaps to lock.  That will fill up fast so get there early if you can.  Because we are foremost a respectable blog I did not show a full body shot here but there is one in my flickr if you care to check out more of the skin.  The details are great.  Thanks Rosemary and Mimi!  You did it again!
Skin: Cupcakes: London: Sienna - Dolled: Midnight Mania
Hair: W&Y: NEW Hair 147 "Type" A

My Humps are Posh

Little Mix of goodies today!
pink hump_003
This corset from Pink Posh is one of several colors in the lucky chair at the moment. There is also a cute 10L lingerie set near the front door that you must have! The hair is from RezIpsa Loc who recently joined Hump Day Happiness and the white color is only 69L!! This picture is tinted funny but the white in person is very clear and lovely.
pink hump_002
The shoes are from another new addition to Hump Day Happiness, Rose River Saloon. Only 69L and really fun! Yes, I know, it's a fashion faux pas to to tint your toes the color of your stockings but I like to do it so :P
pink hump_005
Hope you enjoy humping! Uh...I mean...doing the Hump Day Happiness rounds. Yeah.

Corset: Pink Posh, lucky chair prize
Hair: RezIpsa Loc, 69L
Shoes: *RRS*, 69L
Skin: Mango, Mango!, gray tone is 1L and other tones are 69L
Skirt, Stockings, Necklace, Belt, Manicure: Sn@tch, not free

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

I like being evil

Glam Affair has an amazing skin and a pair of eyes available for the Witch Hunt.  It is the Sofia skin in an exclusive tone...nearly a noir tone with lush midnight blue lips and heavy shadow.  I paired it with the Evil Queen outfit from Sassy for the Snow White Hunt.  I really dig this dark look!  Thank you to both stores for these fantastic gifts!

Other stuff:
Hair: MINA Hair Fashion: Thulani


When I saw it was group gift time at Rockberry my brain went all caps lock happy. I think you'll understand why! The skin is so young and fresh looking, I just can't get enough!
rockberry and stick page
It comes with light and dark brow options as well as freckles or no freckles. I loved the freckles with the green dress; green + freckles = love. Top it off with this adorable free hair from Raspberry Aristocrat and you should have yourself feeling fine and dandy!
rockberry gg page
Skin: Rockberry, group gift in store
Hair: Raspberry Aristocrat, hunt gift
Dress: Pretty Stick, hunt gift
Eyes: Rozena, 40L
Poses: Torridwear, no longer available

Monday, 20 September 2010

Romi Skin

Romi has this lovely new skin out for free! You can win it in the lucky board or you can join the group for 100L and just snatch it up right away :) The hair is the latest group gift from Ay.Line! Body suit free from Coco.
Skin: Romi, lucky board or group gift (join fee)
Hair: Ay.Line, group gift
Sheer Bodysuit: CoCo, group gift
Jabot: Donna Flora, not free


Something has happened to our blog template host and now I've lost all the tabs with blog links and wotnot, and also the layout has changed.

I've installed this white one temporarily and I'll be working on getting it back to some sort of normality over the next few days (hopefully) .

Making Him Over

The 4th installment of the Make Him Over Hunt starts today, and as usual, this hunt celebrates the guys.

Gavin McGinnis is showing the free hunt gift by CheerNo, this rounded spiky shoulder armor that recalls a post-modern armadillo. Or, as Gavin put it, "I feel like the male Lady Gaga." Heh.
Some free December glasses (the frames + glasses tint are color change), a $1L black T-shirt by KoQStar + some free gray leather pants (the MHOH gift by Wilson's Designs) completed this look. Gavin is also showing 1 of several free male poses (aptly entitled "Manly Man") by jasPOSE, that you don't even have to hunt for.

Hints + a participating stores list on the Make Him Over Hunt 4 hunt blog here. Manly makeover love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who would love to see more manly makeovers on the grid


Shoulder pads: CheerNo - [CheerNo] MODEWar Jamb - MHOH4 # 22 - CASACHEERNO - Make Him Over Hunt gift - free
Glasses: December - *December*:. Glasses No.53 Lucky Letter Prize - free
T-shirt: KoQStar S[KS] dollarbie - [KS] KoQStar 1 -
Gray pants: Wilson's Designs - MHOH4 # 35 - Wilson's Designs for Men - Wilson's - MHO4 leather gray pants - Make Him Over Hunt gift -
Pose: jasPOSE - Manly Man pack - jP - Mstand5 - free

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Hidden Glamour

How can I say this diplomatically. Well, sometimes people make great clothes but might be a little lacking in the photography and presentation departments. Joi has some fantastic designs but its easy to overlook them with the somewhat lacklustre photography. Don't be put off. These two items are worth the trip.

Dollarbie Gown

I love this gown's arty glamour. It's the latest dollarbie at Joi. Find it on the second floor.

Dollarbie Gown Back

I love the daring back and jewelled detailing. Rawwwrrrrr!

Group Gift Gown

This truly stunning pink gown is the September group gift. Also available on the second floor.

Style Notes Photo One
Skin: Redgrave
Hair: Baiastice
Earrings: Gems & Kisses

Style Notes Photo Two
Skin: Tuli
Hair W & Y
Earrings: Muse




Dress: ::HH:: Hucci Lace Dress - Grey September Group Gift

Other stuff (not free) :
Hair: Dernier Cri - Taylor/Coat: AOHARU_BT_FurCoat_G2_WhiteFur/Shoes: Maitreya Gold - Aequus/Nails: [ Love Soul ] Prim nails*Rose Princess*Red

designer's united unlimited is open at the new slow sim! there are (not free, haters to the left) items from 19 designers, each using one of the following themes: metamorphosis, 60's space age, or origami. the bossy charming hallie galli and i did a tiny preview on young urban earlier (sorry men's fashion feeds), and shown below is kyoot's metamorphosis offering, "when dandelions die."

kyoot for DU unlimited!

other stuff
hair - lamb
skin - fashionably dead
eyes - tres blah

One For The Boys

How about a post more for the boys than the girls?
Haha, Joey sports a variety of things that are free for you to get, cool huh?

I haven't forgotten about you, girls, I am wearing this free tee from Emery ;p


Joey wears:
Hair: Uw.St Denis-Hair size-L black Hair Fair Gift
Skin: -Belleza- Ewan v2 SK 0 (hair) Not Free
Eyes: Poetic Colors eyes by LL - night rain - medium Not Free
Glasses: Bubblez Design- Unisex Glasses 1000 members free gift
Top: SHIKI-sleeveless shirt WHITE
Necklace: ::GB:: black bead necklace MENS
Bracelets: +grasp+ Leather Bracelets
Shorts: BB - Bubble Jeans
Boots: [CheerNo] For The Dressing Room -Male-Yaji Boots Low/Black_LowerFoot
Pose from LAP

Suri Wears:
Skin: LAQ Tess2 Not Free
Hair: Dernier Cri - Taylor Not Free
Necklace: Narwhal - Mirror Locket DU4 item
Jacket: "NINIKO" Long jacket (Black) Previous sale item
Top: Emery Gift Sweater Reno
Skirt: !Nayar - Destroyed Denim Mini Skirt [Dark Blue] Not Free
Shoes: [Docs V2]For The Unicef Project 8 Hole - Female - BLACK
Accessory: Node - iPad $0L
Pose: [doll.]™ Emma 06

Please support this event - last day today!!!


Saturday, 18 September 2010


Probably not, but lately I am having a horrible time thinking up names for my posts.  Recently I had the great pleasure of meeting Nava Valois, designer and owner of Envied.  This sweet dress with a darling drop skirt is available as a subscriber gift at the store.  It should deliver to you as soon as you subscribe, but if not, it is item 5 on the history list.  The crimson version is exclusively available to subscribers and other colors are available for 150 L.  Also available for us frugalistas are dresses in both the lucky chair and midnight mania.  This weekend there are some darling dresses available for 60 L Sunday.
While I have your attention I want to show you a few other steals I found this weekend.  Ploom has out the finest, hottest, sexiest Beehive available this weekend only for Project Themeory.  I bought several color packs because I am unsure if it will ever be available after this weekend.  Also, LouLou&Co. has a sale on Amore Mia collection is on sale for the weekend.  It is available is several color options and you can purchase either the bracelets or the headband...or you can buy them but, cuz I'm you are an adult and can do what you want <3 (I think).
Dress: Envied: Allure in Crimson: Subscriber Gift
Hair: ploom: Dusty Beehive: Auburn from the Reds I pack: 75 L
Bracelets: LouLou&Co: Amore Mia bracelets - black: 50 L
Collar: Favole: Past Ties: not free
Skin: Laq: Tess2: not free
Eyes: Glam Affair: Stella V2: not free