Thursday, 30 September 2010

The House that Creamy Built

Hi everyone!  I'm still around in SL after a long break during summer and have been attempting to do a bit more building.

Anyone want this house I built?
It's a sort of New England wooden style affair and has 3 rooms on 2 floors. It's 95 prims, which is not as low prim as I intended, but I got a bit carried away.

It's a 'pay what you wish' item (from 1L), you can TP to the actual house at the store before you buy it, so you can decide how much you think it is worth (or how much you can afford), anything is appreciated :)

(furniture NOT included)
 I really enjoyed building this house, hope you like it too!

Also I'm currently making a couple of 8 prim skyboxes, so if this house is too high prim for you, the skyboxes be ready soon.

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