Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Purple Powah!

Found some goodies for ya! This cute dress is from the Autre subscriber. I am currently addicted to this store.Next, check out my cute skin and hair!! The hair is from the Alice Project mini mania board and the skin is a subscriber gift from CandyDoll. Both very awesome and generous stores :) The hair is a color change scripted fat pack by the way, hehe.These adorable shoes are the Snow White hunt gift from R2. Love the little heart detail on the back!!
Sorry the pictures aren't bigger, my dumb Flickr is full for the month already xD

Dress: Autre, subscriber gift
Hair: Alice Project, mini mania (also a midnight mania board in store!)
Shoes: R2, hunt gift
Skin: CandyDoll, subscriber gift (I had to unsub and then subscribe again to get it redelivered)
Fishnets: Sheer, not free
Necklace: Miao, not free (but it's so cute and says "I Do Believe in Fairies!" Aww!