Wednesday, 22 September 2010

London Calling

Cupcakes is beginning to open its remodeled stores and have also introduced a new skin line.  London comes with 2.0 layer eyebrows in a variety of styles and cleavage options.  To celebrate they have put up a Midnight Mania with one of the London skins in a sienna tone.  This skin would be 1000 L to buy right now but for about a week you can get this one for free.  I know that it has already locked for today but it will reopen tomorrow and I'm pretty sure it requires 350 slaps to lock.  That will fill up fast so get there early if you can.  Because we are foremost a respectable blog I did not show a full body shot here but there is one in my flickr if you care to check out more of the skin.  The details are great.  Thanks Rosemary and Mimi!  You did it again!
Skin: Cupcakes: London: Sienna - Dolled: Midnight Mania
Hair: W&Y: NEW Hair 147 "Type" A