Saturday, 18 September 2010


Probably not, but lately I am having a horrible time thinking up names for my posts.  Recently I had the great pleasure of meeting Nava Valois, designer and owner of Envied.  This sweet dress with a darling drop skirt is available as a subscriber gift at the store.  It should deliver to you as soon as you subscribe, but if not, it is item 5 on the history list.  The crimson version is exclusively available to subscribers and other colors are available for 150 L.  Also available for us frugalistas are dresses in both the lucky chair and midnight mania.  This weekend there are some darling dresses available for 60 L Sunday.
While I have your attention I want to show you a few other steals I found this weekend.  Ploom has out the finest, hottest, sexiest Beehive available this weekend only for Project Themeory.  I bought several color packs because I am unsure if it will ever be available after this weekend.  Also, LouLou&Co. has a sale on Amore Mia collection is on sale for the weekend.  It is available is several color options and you can purchase either the bracelets or the headband...or you can buy them but, cuz I'm you are an adult and can do what you want <3 (I think).
Dress: Envied: Allure in Crimson: Subscriber Gift
Hair: ploom: Dusty Beehive: Auburn from the Reds I pack: 75 L
Bracelets: LouLou&Co: Amore Mia bracelets - black: 50 L
Collar: Favole: Past Ties: not free
Skin: Laq: Tess2: not free
Eyes: Glam Affair: Stella V2: not free