Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Gorgeous from Seldom Blue and Exile

OHAI Girls it's Gidge! I know I haven't been around much but I popped in with a couple of goodies.

Seldom Blue has a 1L lingerie bikini set that is very pretty and I think you probably need it.

And as part of their ongoing birthday wingding, EXILE has put out GACHA HAIRS! OMG! GACHA!

I'm totally a Gacha Hoar now.

I'm also wearing the Exile Birthday Group Gift Skin which I know you've seen at least once but, meh, it's pretty so I'm wearing it.


Have a lovely day girls!

Where to Get it:

Skin - Exile Group Gift September

Hair - Exile - Gacha Hair - TUTTI FRUTI

Lashes - NOT FREE - Exile - SAI

Eyes - NOT FREE - Ibanez - Moor

Lingerie - Seldom Blue - 1l

Boudouir Slippers- 5th and Oxford - Little Miss Maribou - NOT FREE

I am dashing out the door so I might come back in and add slurls later - but both Exile and Seldom Blue are EASY PEASY to find in search I promise. They aren't some random boutique you'd have to dig for. Search is your friend :) MUWAH!