Sunday, 30 August 2009

Replicants and Goth Girls Like Fashion TOO!

One of my favorite stores (new to me) on the grid has a lovely selection of free goodness that I am compelled to show you. This first item from Donna Flora is 10L but it's CLOSE to free and it's sooo pretty!

I was shopping at Donna Flora the other night, and her traffic wasn't all it should be. How can this be, when she makes such sweet little morsels? Back on her freebie wall, there are also shoes, hair and a skin (maybe two) - I saw a chocolate one that I didn't have time to pick up and shoot.

Each of these outfits are available at Donna Flora mainstore for 1L!
Now let's talk about the skin. You know we all keep telling you to join Tuli's group! It's 250L to join but as always it's worth it, she recently gave us Pris (a la BLADE RUNNER) and Goth as gifts.
The hair is a lucky chair prize from Little Heaven.

Where to get it?


Hair - Little Heaven

All Clothes - Donna Flora (hey I pulled this slurl off of someone elses post So I'm crossing my fingers it's right - but she is CLEARLY listed in SEARCH - Donna Flora - go to the MAINSTORE)

Even more from Hodgepodge


Oyyyy allergies are eating my BRAIN. Despite that, I bring you free goodness. The jeans and shirt and skin, above, are opening gifts from bffae's Hodgepodge store. The jewelry is from U&R Dogs -- gorgeous camp chair necklace with charms, and freebie earrings. The boots are a sneaky preview of the Lazy Places Demonology hunt gift. The armlets, tattoos, and hair are not free, but I love them, so you get to see them anyway.

***Shirt: bffae (faire) Ombre top (pink) - Hodgepodge opening gift
***Skin: bffae Audri (Systematic) E - Hodgepodge opening gift
***Eyes: HooT halftone eyes - Hodgepodge opening gift
***Earring: U&R Dogs Cinderella pierced earring - store gift
***Necklace: U&R Dogs Cyerny necklace - store camp chair item
From demonology hunt:
***Boots: Lazy Places Myth - Satyr -- hunt starts Sept. 1. (info)
Not free:
***Tattoo: ATOMIC Tattoo_lucky basterd (black)
***Hair: ATOMIC hair_roxxie - beige
***Armlets: Dark Eden Empress Armlets in Mushroom

Little Black Dress

Hotch Potch
Little black dress - Hotch Potch free. There's another freebie in store.
Hair - Hal Hina lucky board prize
Skin - fd not free

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Clean Your Sn@tch.

Ah yes. Sn@tch. If anyone was going to give the freshness of summer to a whole new meaning it would be Sn@tch. There is a douche hunt going on right now where you can get some pretty fabulous prizes. Like, A TON of fabulous prizes. I have six outfits here and that doesn't even cover all the Sn@tch items, plus more vendors are taking part as well.All clothes/hair/shoes/accessories/tattoos: Sn@tch douche hunt prizes

There are tattoos, manicures, shoes, hair, female clothes, and male clothes as well (even a pair of shoes that fit men!!!). Really just an ass load of good stuff.Clothes/Shoes/Tattoos/Hair on right: Sn@tch hunt
Hair On Left: Stringer Mausoleum, past gift no longer free

Just want to take a moment out here to say thank you to Ivey and all of the great designers in SL who make such fabulous things for us all the ooh and aah at. My second life would have been dead on arrival if I hadn't spotted some pretties I wanted to dress my pixel doll in. Now I have lots of great pals, a shop of my own, and a massive wardrobe. And for designers to give these items away for free on occassion...well, it's just really awesome. Making clothes this nice takes a ton of time and effort so please remember to say thank you when you can and support the designers you love.All Clothes/Tattoos/Shoes: Sn@tch hunt
Hair: Stringer Mausoleum, no longer free

Anyway, back to business. The skin I am wearing is a new release from Tuli, here is a close up! It's so pretty I want to take it and plaster it to my eyes so I can only see it and nothing else. OK, not really, but it is really cute. Not free but I am showing it anyway :P

Here are some close ups of some other fun makeups in the line which are not free, but just really different from normal Tuli so worth a peek!
So go out this "summer's eve" and find some douche. And buy some shit too.

OK, with that I go on my month long leave of absence from SL. Don't have too much fun without me!! Miss me! LOL.

IMPORTANT EDIT: Apparently not everyone reads the hunt signs but not every item in the Sn@tch hunt is 100% free. There are like 30 items and only 5 of those are not free (and all under 50L). The ones that aren't free are FATPACKS. And you can't blame a store owner for you not reading before clicking buy. Or reading signs. Or hunt note cards.

Happy tattoos and a happy hat


Above is an amazing group gift hat from Curious Kitties. I put it on and realized that there wouldn't be room to photo both me and the hat! It IS a happy hat -- complete with bound-up plushes and trees and everything. Also happy is the freebie tattoo, below, from Huz Tattoos. It comes on three layers, and is far too lovely for the 0L price. (SLURL to HUZ Tattoos) (SLURL to Curious Kitties).


***Skin: Mother Goose's Emma SkiNE (1L)
***Tattoo: HUZ Tattoos Cuteness Freebie (on three layers!)
***Earrings: U&R Dogs Cinderella Pierced Earrings - store freebie
***Panties: BP* ribbon under pants from the Starlust Panty Raid
***Hat: Curious Kitties Group Gift Happie Hat

Not free:
***Hair: Hair [OH] oh my honey BL

Friday, 28 August 2009

Do the Bustle!

I'm back from the depths of computer repair hell. Don't ever let them tell you it will be only 1 - 2 days to put a new fan in your iMac because they lie! It stretched out for a week, so I called them at least twice a day to make their lives as miserable as mine was without my comp.

It was nice to come back and hear from Skyler John who has a new gown in her Lucky Chair at Mystic Sky. Skyler continues to show her increasing range of style with the exceptional Serendipity gown. It features a brocade bodice and pink satin skirt and sleeves. The skirt features a bustle that extends around the back. Bustles were popular during the Victorian era (mid to late 1800's with a 6 year haitus out of style) so this is a perfect gown to have for special balls and such. (Morbid Outlook)
Bustles were considered very appealing to the opposite sex during this sexually repressed period of time. They were also a sign of wealth because the lower classes could not afford the excess fabric needed to make this embellishment. It also would be a bit foolish to do your chores in a bustle. And I just wanted to show you my back end like Winter did below. :)
Also, quickly, the skin and hair I am wearing are available only til midnight SLT tonight as they are part of 50 Linden Fridays. (I love 50 L Fridays!) Details below.


Gown: Mystic Sky: Serendipity Gown: free in the Lucky Chair or 400 to buy
Skin: Tyranny Designs: Sweet Augustine Poppy in 3 tones: 50 L til 12:30 AM SLT
Hair: Tiny Bird: I hate Camera: 50 L til 12 AM SLT (can't slurl because SL has decided not to load map info. Its on the Festivale sim, home of the Poop Hunt.

AyYaiYai Caramba!

Okay, lets see... it's been so long since I've done an Free*Style post....

Take a long shot of the outfit - check.


Slot in a close up of how it looks on the front - ahhh... nope, all those pics have black lines over them, hmmm.... remember to check your pics as you are TAKING them, dumbass.

At least I can use the opportunity to get in another buttshot on the premise that I can show off the back of the collar, right? And the jeans have great pocketage.

FS 1

Note - check to see if pocketage is actually a word. And if not, use it and convince people it always was.

And tell the Free*Style readers that this is a really nicely made dollarbie unisex outfit, hidden at AyYaiYai - along with more Lucky boards, chairs, and camping prizes than they'll ever need. Slide something in about the Biker Boots from HoC still being only 40l with four colour options... and there you have a Free*Style blog. What took you so long?

And pin a note to your forehead for next time, Winter - you don't have to spend the obscene amounts of money you do to look good.

You look damn good anyways.

SySy Dollarbie Goodness

SySy has one of my fave dollarbie dresses I have gotten for a while. First off, it's lace-y. Second, it's retro-tastic. Third, it's green. I LOVE green. Yay! All the makings for a ton of win.

The bolero is removable for a more summery look. This dress could be dressed down as I have done, or dressed up with sexy heels and whatnot. I'm totally digging it and I think you will too!

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Lounge Set

Just a very quick one this time!!
I am hanging out with my friends here in her store, she is giving away a lounge set including a coffee table!

70 slaps needed for midnight mania, we are on 4/70 already!
Come get it if you like the design!

NOTE: Girls & boys not included ;P

(Click the picture to enlarge!)

[MC] Poolside Lounger Set, $0L (midnight mania)

Suri, xoxo

Group Gift & Picks Reward Frocks; 50L goodies!


I bring lots of lovely things! First, above, are three gorgeous free gowns. The left and middle are group gift chair items from Silver Rose. Don your Silver Rose group tag and camp for eight minutes each. (SLURL to Silver Rose)

The frock on the right is the new ~silentsparrow~ pick reward gown. Put the ~silentsparrow~ store into your picks, wait a day, and go retrieve this lovely dress. (SLURL to ~silentsparrow~)

All of the hair in this post is from the Philotic Energy 50L gift box, available in the store until Monday. The box has eight hairs in the beautiful Mochachino color -- four for men, four for women, or whatever works. The box also has two shoulder bags and a nice dark collar, very worth the 50L. (SLURL to Philotic Energy)


threedresses03 threedresses02


***Skin: Frick Fisticuffs - Noir (wearable demo)
***Dress: ~silentsparrow~ picks reward dress, (madder) Spider Babydoll
***Dress: Silver Rose Georgia (Moss-Gold) group camp chair item
***Dress: Silver Rose Angelique (Purple) group camp chair item

50L box from Philotic Energy:
***Hair: PE Pepper Mochachino
***Hair: PE Jessica Mochachino
***Hair: PE Vanora Mochachino
***Hair: PE Enda II Mochachino
***Hair: PE Harrison Mochachino
***Hair: PE Indy Mochachino
***Hair: PE Pace Mochachino
***Hair: PE Rae Mochachino
***Collar: Evolution Bleeding Heart Collar - Red
***Bag: PE Black Force Bag
***Bag: PE Victim Bag

Not free:
***Shoes: First Flower Hoya Strapped Ruby Red
***Shoes: First Flower Hoya Strapped Amethyst Purple
***Tattoos: KANIVAL TATTOO 89 Paisley

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Free dress at Curious Kitties!


This dress is a new freebie from Curious Kitties! It isn't group gift, simply free, and it's on a wall with a lot of other freebies. (SLURL to Curious Kitties here)

The skin is *cough* a personal mod of the new Starlight Another Skins. Thank you so much to Eloh Eliot for putting these out for public use -- you can pick up the templates and fuss with them to your heart's content (over here). (I'll be putting any skin mods I make into a free box at the Free*Style shop on Horst, just as soon as someone gives me permission to stick stuff there.)

The hair was a lovely (NOT FREE) buy from Hair [OH] -- Beanie Canning tugged me over to look at the pretty styles, and I purchased this one. I love the textures and the softness of the construction. There's a lucky board there that Beanie will undoubtedly write about on her blog! (SLURL to Hair [OH])

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Here, Fishy, Fishy...

Few words today. But I do have some pretties for you anyway :)
Hair w/Bow: TekuTeku, group gift
Dress w/Hair Piece: Cutie Honey, Black keys hunt gift (male gift also)
Window: BP, group gift
Boots: Mingo, not free
Skin: Fancy Fairy, past group gift


I know Winter will probably snarl like a goodun when he reads this......but I've been reading the Twilight saga. I just watched the movie too, but I was dissatisfied with that, it wasn't meaty enough (pardon the pun :P) Having finished the last book, I had an image in my mind of how Bella would look once she was a vampire, then my Ghani from Blueblood dropped her latest group gift on me.

It's called Death Princess, apt no? The black version shown here is the group gift, and there are loads of colours stuffed into the lucky boards at the main store.

I haven't had a chance to wear my amazing vampire skin from Den-Dou yet, but I thought this was the perfect moment. Do I look like I could lure you close enough to get a nibble at your neck? This is one of 3 versions you get, they get bloodier as you go along.

The hat hair is fucking incredible. I saw it here, and only logged in to get it, then promptly logged out again :P It's not free, but it is gorgeous, in fact the whole of Rozoregalia is well worth a look. Ash Out.

Blueblood group gift
Den-Dou Vampire Skin for CSR
Hat/hair (not free)

Monday, 24 August 2009

Kuri Style New L$2 items

Kuri Styleの恒例新作セールのお知らせです。 下の2点が期間限定でL$2になってます。



Kuri Style has 2 new L$2 items. A Brown Chiffon dress with long puff sleeves and high waist denim overalls. Limited time only.

Doubloons and such

What does one do when an amazing group of talented designers gets together, create a rocking pirate themed space, then invite some other talented designers to be part of said space? Well join them duh!! The Black Market features the following stores:
Vive9, Mudhoney, BOOM, Beetle Bones, SMP, Miel, Waffle Hair, =hoot=, Etoile, MayoNaise, Modd.G, Ohmai!, Madsy, Twosome,This is a Fawn, &bean, Thimbles, Milk Motion, Snooky Poses, Periquita Shoes, Sugarcube, My Ugly Dorothy, Doppleganger, Fabulous,Idiosyncrasy, GiGi Couture, Minettes, Hat Mechanic, Leafy, LaGyo, Tiny Bird, Duboo, Toastface, Miseria, Skream, Balaclava, DARE, Fishy Strawberry (shamlessly pinched that list from Ms Modd's blog :P)

As if having all these stores on one sim wasnt enough......there's gifts, special offers, exclusive releases....oh and rum! This dress from Sugarcube, and tights from Twosome a couple of the freebs you'll find in the little boats near the landing point.

Isnt this top from MayoNaise the awesome. Guess who's store MayoNaise is? Our Tomyo's. Yes, she's ours now *evil laugh*

This gorgeous top is from Etoile, and the shorts are from our very own Anya. The shorts aint free, but I defy anyone to not want them instantly. Even after the gifts have gone, there will always be exclusives that you wont be able to get anywhere else, and they get changed out every 2-3 weeks, so always keep checking back. Now get yer scurvy butts to the Black Market .....aarrggh and such. Ash Out.

Pic 1
Sugarcube @ The Black Market
Twosome @ The Black Market

Pic 2
MayoNaise @ The Black Market
Balaclava @ The Black Market
Pants (not free)

Pic 3
Etoile @ The Black Market
Shorts (not free)
!Ohmai @ The Black Market

Hair and skin worn throughout (not free)
Tiny Bird-Kissy Kissy

Color Funderful!

Vanity hair has released a new hair, and as always, has made on of the colors 1L! The offer only lasts until the next release and considering that the owner is quite the prolific designer I would get to hustling if you want this.
Hair: Vanity Hair, 1L
Skin: Nuuna's Skins, 150L for a pack
Top: Cupcakes, not free
Jeans: RezIpsa Loc, lucky chair prize

Here is a close up of the fabulous skin. While it is not free, it is only 150L for a pack you can tell the makeups ROCK. They are located on the top floor of Vanity Hair.

Next is the group gift hair from DarkerSide! Wee! And don't worry pink haters, the gift is color change! If you don't have any free group spaces, or like color streaks instead of solids, check out the lucky board and riot vend (which goes down to 1L) for other colors.

Hair: DarkerSide, group gift
Bikini Top: Tuli, lucky chair prize
Skin: Nuuna's, 150L for a pack
Jeans: Same as above

And again a close up of the hair and skin. I'm a pretty dolly! YAAAY!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Helena stole pants, lots and lots of pants!


It's not every day you get bombarded with pants, and then have the promise of more pants. Now in sl I tend to wear alot of dresses, I only get to dress up a few times a year, and have often wished to be in a dress more often.

But these are some funky ass pants!


Treebie Withnail owns a store called U-neek, I blogged her last week, and I know it doesn't seem fair I'm doing it again, but I LOVE COLOUR. She was even sweet enough to tell me to delete all PINK items, Icky pink, blaaaaaaaa!

I did throw on these pink pants before deletion. These both are of her newest style.


So what is free what is free, I here the chants rolling in. Well there is a hunt at her store, before she has to move, yet again. She wanted you all to get a chance to get in the subscriber, so you all get the new landmarks.

You looking for 10 red ankhs set at L$1 each. Each has at least 1 pair of pants, but many have more. Stuff for guys, stuff for girls and stuff for crazies. XP

Here is my bootie, showing you a few of the finds.


The last pair here(on the right) have some really big ass bottoms.


If that wasn't enough tho, there is one of every item in the store set to L$1. Hair, skins, boots, clothing, and anything else in between.

These are the crazy ass boots you will find.


These are 2 of the skins you will find.


And this was my fav skin I found for L$1. It has a wicked crazy makeup, but is also blue! and the outfit matches well, the top and bottom are each L$1.

So get on down to U-Neek! These will only be out till Monday night, as she is moving to the new sim, so hurry hurry!

Not Free Items

Eyes in all pictures from House of Ruin, not yet released, but name Hell-ena! can't beat that. They also happen to be demon eyes, double bonus, and are so fun to mix and match.

Picture 1

Skin from Rockberry
Tat from InkD
Shirt from Tyranny Designs

***Why is there stuff not Credited? Find out why here!***

More from Hodgepodge


Three more presents from the Hodgepodge sim opening! The first two are necklaces from Otaku Designs. One is for men, the Shinigami necklace. The other is for women, the Pearl Dolphin Choker. Kaa Sera also made this awesome little candle arrangement as an opening gift for the sim! (SLURL to Kaa Sera). (SLURL to Otaku Designs).

(The skin is a dollarbie from Mother Goose, the mary skin, and the suit is a group gift from ~silentsparrow~ which will be blogged in more detail at another time!)



S@BBiA Exodi





Outfit - S@BBiA group gifts. Join the group and touch the group gift panels in store.
Skin - fd not free
Hair (pic 2) - Diva lucky board prize, Pic 1 and 3 - curio not free

Exodiの本店でできる7 Seas FishingでExodiオリジナルアイテムがもらえます。スキン(4トーン入り)、ネックレス、イヤリング、ビキニ、タトゥの全部で5点です。



You can get 5 fab prizes at Exodi by just fishing in their main store location. You need to get 7 Seas Fishing rod and bait if you don't already have one.

Skin (comes in 4 tones), kinis, necklace, earrings, koi tattoo - Exodi (7 Seas Fishing prizes)