Monday, 24 August 2009

Kuri Style New L$2 items

Kuri Styleの恒例新作セールのお知らせです。 下の2点が期間限定でL$2になってます。



Kuri Style has 2 new L$2 items. A Brown Chiffon dress with long puff sleeves and high waist denim overalls. Limited time only.


Lunar said...

What a gorgeous skin! What is it called please? I must have it!

Tina said...

hi there, what and where is the long sleeved flower shirt with the high waist-ed denim pants purchased at? Thank you.

Miu Elfan said...

I cannot locate the store from the LM in the folder or the creator's profile pick. Sorry.

They both are by kuri style. The slurl is in the post.


Tina said...

Hi Miu, I have not been able to located the long-sleeved shirt at the Kuri shop.

Enigma Bombay said...

The long sleeved flowered top is to the right of the L$2 overalls at the Kuri shop. It costs L$70.

Tina said...

thank you! i finally found it with your help.